Duvet Cover Buying Guide, Part III

Percale Duvet

Percale Duvet

Cleaning and storing your duvet covers

Dry clean or wash?

A duvet cover will provide years of use depending on the quality of the material and the care you give it.  Some duvet covers are made of  Satin or Silk, which should ideally be professionally cleaned. Others are woven materials, similar to furniture throws, and these may stretch with washing.  Still others are cotton or poly-cotton blends and may be as safely laundered as your sheets.  The Trendy Bed.com recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to care for your particular duvet cover.


Storing a duvet cover is as easy as storing sheets and blankets, since duvet covers fold flat.  If you enjoy having several duvet covers to change the look of your bedrooms, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning or washing, then fold and store them with your other bedding.

Girl Carring Stack of Sheets

When you have several duvet covers, you can change them with the seasons.  Exchange a pastel, softly-patterned, cotton duvet cover you enjoy in spring and summer for a velvet duvet cover in a richer color for fall and winter.  Additionally, duvet covers will have a longer life if you alternate them between washes.

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Academy Awards Off-Site Gift Suite…

The Trendy Bed @ The Academy Awards

Last Friday and Saturday I was attending one of the many Academy Awards Off-Site Gift Suites that were being held all around Hollywood in preparation for the Oscars on Sunday afternoon.   It’s like a trade show to the celebrities where you show your products to the stars and you can take your picture with the stars, and of them holding your products.  It’s all about getting your name and your product out there.

At the event I was showing them our Bridal Satin line,  Egyptian Cotton Bamboo Sheets, and our 1200 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton sheets.  The product was received very well by the celebrities, I must say the Bamboo Sheets was the hands down winner.

They were gifted with a bridal satin pillow case and jelled hot/cold eye masks for their sleeping and relaxing pleasure.   It was our way of saying thank you for taking the time to come and visit with us and getting to know our products.

It was a great two days and I must say everyone was very nice,  down to earth, respectful, it was a lot of fun!

I have created a Celebrity Page on my web site,  please go to the link and enjoy the pictures.

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Duvet Cover Buying Guide, Part II

Satin Duvet Cover

Satin Duvet Cover

The Best Closures:

Duvet covers are usually fastened across the open end with buttons, snaps, ties, hoot-n-loop strips or a zipper.  This makes the covers easy to remove for washing.  Look for duvet covers with a quality zipper, strong snaps, color matched hoot-n-loop strips or buttons that are sewn tightly and reinforced at the stitching.  Make sure that the buttonholes are well stitched so they won’t fray in the laundry.  These are all signs of quality and will add to the life of your duvet cover.

Duvet Cover Fabrics:

Fabric preferences are different for everyone.  Some of the fabrics used in duvets are:

    Cotton:  Cotton is the most common material for duvet covers.  Cotton can be made into limitless patterns and textures.  It is easily dyed, easy to dare for, soft and has great breath ability.

    Blends:  Cotton-polyester combines the best of natural and synthetic fibers.  These blends – durable polyesters with soft, breathable cottons – are ideal for easy care, no iron bedding.

    Satin: Satin is luxurious, soft and ofter washable.  Satin will take vibrant dyes in the most gorgeous colors and is an elegant duvet cover choice.

    Faux suede:  Faux suede is usually a polyester fabric which feels and looks like the real suede.  Being imitation, it is more affordable and easier to clean than real suede, and it comes in hundreds of colors.

    Velvet:  Most velvets are polyester blends and washable.  This heavier look in a duvet cover may be better for the cooler months.

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Duvet Cover Buying Guide

Duvet” is the French word for the down of birds, the under-feathers that have no spine.

A duvet cover is like a huge pillowcase for your comforter.  Duvet covers can be changed as ofter as you want to wash them or whenever you change the style of your bedding.  They open on one end for inserting the comforter.  To put the duvet cover on, turn it inside out, place it at one end of your comforter, than pull it up over the comforter, turning it right-side out as you go.

You’ll find duvet covers in sizes to fit all comforters. They are sold in similar sizes as all other bedding, they are ofter generously sized to accommodate your particular comforter.  The approximate duvet cover sizes are:

  • Twin:  63 inches x 85 inches to 68 inches x 88 inches
  • Full/Queen:  85 inches x 91 inches to 90 inches x 92 inches
  • King:  104 inches x 92 inches to 106 inches x 92 inches
  • California King:  102 inches x 99 inches

Duvet covers come in thread counts (TC or tc) just as sheets do.  Thread count indicates the number of threads in each square inch the fabric.  You can find duvet covers with thread counts from 100 to 1000 and even higher.  A 300 TC Cotton Duvet Cover is good for a quality duvet cover, but the higher the thread count you buy, for more expensive it will be, and the softer the material it will be.

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What are Inseparable Sheets?

Inseparable Sheet Sets

The Inseparable Sheet Set is actually sewn together across the foot and up the entire wall side of the bed so the sheets are held firmly in place while you sleep.

Bunk beds are hard to make? Now make your bunk beds in a matter of seconds!  Lay the inseparable sheets on the bed, put the fitted sheet on.  The top and bottom sheets go on at the same time tucking in neatly along the wall side (there is no sheet to come un-tucked and hang down on the wall side of the top bunk).  Get up in the morning, pull the top sheet up, straight across, and the bed is made.  Even your children can made their own beds in the morning!

Let’s address those college students.  Dorm beds are difficult to make.  They are all against a wall!  With our Twin Inseparable Sheets,  students can make their beds in a matter of seconds.  Just pull the sheet up and straighten.  That’s all there is to it.

Inseparable Sheets

Inseparable Sheets

Daybeds are a great investment when you need extra space in a small room or a spare bedroom.  The daybed is encased on three sides and very difficult to make.  Withe the inseparable sheets all you do is put your fitted sheet on and both sheets go on at the same time!  You don’t have to fight tucking the top sheet in every time you make the bed.

Daybed Set @ The Trendy Bed

Daybed Set @ The Trendy Bed

You will enjoy the ease of getting up in the morning, pulling the top sheet up and your bed is easily made!

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What is Luxurious Satin?

Luxurious Satin is 100% seamless woven polyester satin that is the finest, smoothest,  and our most elegant satin available.    The smoothness of our luxurious satin sheets reduces friction and provides great comfort to even those with the most sensitive skin.   No center seem on these sheets like other satin sheets.

Our luxurious satin sheets feel cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  Our satin sheets are easy to care for, machine washable, colorfast and no ironing.

This is a new product line just introduced at The Trendy Bed.com, we also have bed skirts, comforters, and pillow shams all in this new Luxurious Satin for your enjoyment.

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Premium Bridal Luxury at its BEST!

Satin at its Best..

Satin at its Best..

I am very excited to have been invited as a participant of the 81st Annual Academy Awards Off-Site Gift Suite hosted by Nancee Borgnine and “Connected”.  This event will take place on February 20th and 21st at Universal Studios, Hollywood, California.

At the event I am planning to set up a bed to actually display some of our products.  I thought, being at a sound stage full of celebrities – I would go the sexy, sultry, satin look.   I ordered a Twin Bridal Satin Comforter in Gold and Burgundy, (Gold on one side, and Burgundy on the other) and one Gold Ruffled Pillow Sham and one Burgundy Ruffled Pillow Sham and a Gold 18″ drop bed skirt.

I received my shipment yesterday, and OMG!!  Beautiful…  I was so impressed, I can’t wait to put this bed together at the event.  Needless to say, we are going to have so much fun with this bed – pictures to follow so make sure you follow this blog.

I will be getting signed satin pillow cases from the stars – so stay tuned!

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