How do you store your winter comforter?

How do you store your “winter” comforters?

Some of us like to pile on the covers when it’s cold outside..  I know I enjoy the weight of a nice down comforter, along with my top lite-weight comforter for decorating purposes.   But when it gets warm, off comes the down comforter and I just keep the lite-weight comforter on for the spring-summer month.

Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag

Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag

I came across these great Comforter / Bedding Storage Bags that I fell in love with and had to add them to The Trendy Bed.   They work great for storing your winter comforter BUT they also work great for storing your bedding in your RV, Boat, or when you go on vacation and need to take your own bedding.  What better way to organize the bedding for that summer rental..

Last summer my family rented a home in North Carolina on the beach and we held our Family Reunion there - it had like 12 bed rooms, two kitchens, three stories, and a “swim-spa” on the roof.  It was Great…   The name of the home is “Memories” so check it out.

We had to bring our own bedding and bath towels..  These Bedding /Comforter Storage Bags would have come in handy, check them out…

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Cathy @ The Trendy Bed


A Lesson on Egyptian Cotton..

Percale Duvet Sheet Set

Throughout the past two centuries, Egyptian cotton has prevailed as one of Egypt’s biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation of being the “best” cotton in the world, its softness, strength and superior characteristics, have positioned products made of Egyptian cotton as the world’s finest.

Egyptian cotton sheets has not gained such a reputation without reason. Egyptian cotton “is” the world’s finest cotton and the following characteristics are what sets Egyptian cotton apart from other natural fibers:

1-The length of the fiber makes it possible to make the finest of yarns without sacrificing the strength of the yarn

2-The strength of the fiber makes fabrics more solid and more resistant to stress

3-Its ability to absorb liquids gives fabrics made of Egyptian cotton deeper, brighter and more resistant colors

4-Its softness increases with each washing

Egyptian cotton is hand picked which guarantees the highest levels of purity. In addition, hand picking puts no stress on the fibers – as opposed to mechanical picking – leaving the fibers straight and intact. All these factors have resulted in the Egyptian cotton being by far the best cotton in the world. Fabrics made of Egyptian Cotton are softer, finer and last longer than any other cotton in the world.

It was thought for ages that cotton was cotton and thread count was king when choosing quality sheets. That is no longer true. Consumer guidelines for buying bedding suggest that cotton from Egypt is superior to other cotton. Is this true and, if so, what is the big difference?

Egyptian cottons are used to create bedding of all types from sheets to pillowcases to comforters. The long staple or long fiber of Egyptian-grown cotton means that there is more continuous fiber to use when creating threads or yarns. This yarn is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons. Smaller yarn means that more threads per square inch can be use to create stronger fabric which is light in weight yet breathes well.

More threads per inch mean that the thread count on the bedding label will be higher. Many buyers think that choosing high thread count sheets is the only gauge of quality. This is not true, but in the case of cotton grown in Egypt, the higher thread count means the fabric will be incredibly strong and will last for years and years. If cared for properly, Egyptian produced cotton fabric used for creating bedding products can last for decades.

The feel of the sheets created from Egyptian grown cotton is a bit harder than other cottons when the bedding is new. However, with every single laundering, the cotton sheets from Egyptian fibers become softer and softer. Like a fine wine, age improves the Egyptian fiber cotton bedding and, unlike many products, you will prize your Egyptian sheets more and more as they age and become soft and cuddly.

Cotton grown in the Egyptian fields will also produce less lint and therefore will not pill after repeated washings as some materials may do. At one time, the only way to obtain Egyptian fiber cotton sheets was to shop in high-end expensive stores. This is no longer true and most department stores and online bedding stores carry a selection of Egyptian produced cotton sheets and other bedding items for the buyer seeking this quality product.

King Cotton was once the name for the cotton grown in the Deep South of the United States. This cotton has much shorter fibers or staple than the Egyptian produced cotton. Egyptian fiber is now considered the king of all cottons for its durability and luxurious feel. After all, we spend almost one-third of our lives in our beds and our bedding should be comfortable and durable. Choosing the right sheets made from the king of cotton, Egyptian produced fibers, you will experience a bed that is comfortable and cozy.

A word of caution regarding bedding labels: if the package says “cotton rich” the actual amount of cotton, whether Egyptian or other cotton, is not stated and can be a very small amount. It is better to select products that state 100% cotton or, if choosing a blend fabric, that clearly state the exact proportion of cotton in the bedding. This will ensure your product composition is one that you will be pleased with.

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The Trendy Bed gets a Logo!

The Trendy Bed

Well, it was about time that ”The Trendy Bed” got an actual logo!

Thanks to the people and FRIENDS at, they came up with a logo for my web site and I wanted to introduce it on my blog.

So, What is The Trendy Bed?

The Trendy Bed is an online bedding store that truly specializes on the BED!

I started out just selling bed skirts due to my own search for a bed skirt almost a year ago – that’s what gave me the idea.

It has grown to what it is today because of my customers.  They keep asking me to find them good quality merchandise to go along with the bed skirts.

I am very pleased with the Egyptian Cotton Line we carry, I personally have the 1200 thread count sheets on my bed and the Bamboo Cotton sheets are truly the best I have come across.   With living in California the Bamboo Cotton Sheets are going on soon!

I welcome you to let your fingers do the work and take a look at all the products that we have to offer at The Trendy Bed.

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Pillows, Pillows, and More Pillows..

Using your comforter to make a statment.

Bed full of Pillows

Need Extra Pillow cases?

Are you one of those people that love to have a bed full of pillows?  (I’m in this category)     I love the look and I enjoy sitting on my bed and arranging those pillows “just right” to read a good book or watch a different program than the rest of my family.  (I know a lot of you can associate with that last statement)

At The Trendy we now give you the choice to order additional Cotton Pillow Cases to go along with your 100% Egyptian cotton sheet sets.  All cotton pillow cases are sold in pairs and we have added for your selection pillow cases from 300 thread count, 550 thread count, 600 thread count, and  1000 thread count.  The selection also carries sateen finish, sateen striped, and solid cotton in up to thirteen different colors.

For those that want the Satin pillow cases for your hair and skin, we now have Bridal Satin pillow cases (sold separately) and Luxurious Satin that is sold in pairs.

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When Color makes a statement!

Mix n Match

Mix n Match

I’ve done a lot of blogs on “color”,  I personally love a kids bed room like this.  I did my son’s bedroom in the Blue N Red theme,  painted the walls a navy blue with red shelves for all their baseball and hockey trophies, with a white ceiling so that it didn’t look too dark.   It was that way until they left home for college and marriage.   Granted, it was a nice size bedroom with 2 twin beds – but all I can say is go for the color – It truly makes a Statement!

The Trendy Bed has Cotton Blend Comforters in 20 different colors with the option of making them 2-Tone like the comforters in this picture.  Let your child’s imagination run wild and give him the room he’ll remember all his life.

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The 1-2-3 in Buying A Bedskirt.

long bed skirt

long bed skirt

Let’s talk about some of the 1-2-3 in buying a bed skirts.  What does “Drop” mean when ordering a bed skirt?
DROP:  When speaking of the drop of a bed skirt, we are referring to the measurement from the top of the foundation to the floor.  The standard measurement drop for a bed skirts is 14” or 15″, but they can also be found in 18”, and 21” drop for your convenience.
Please be careful when ordering your bed skirt, you do not want your bed skirt to be too high off the floor and you don’t want it to drag on the floor either. The picture on this page reflects a bed skirt that is too long.

Antique Treasures Bedroom

This is a picture of a tailored style bed skirt that just is touching the floor creating a beautiful finishing touch to this antique bed.

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Tips on buying a Bed Skit

Gold Bed

When you are planning to purchase a Bed Skirt for your bed, there are  things to consider.

SIZE:  Don’t just guess that your queen size bed is 60” wide and 80” long.  Mattresses, box springs and foundations can vary slightly in size.  It’s important to get the right size of bed skirt so that it will hang properly on your bed.  Here is a link to my Bed Sizes and Information page,

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11 Tips for Spring Cleaning…

I saw this in the Home and Gardens newsletter that I get and I wanted to share,  great Spring Cleaning check list.   Don’t expect to get it done in one weekend – Make it a goal for the month of April..

Get Organized:   Kick off your spring cleaning by getting organized:  Pick up and eliminate clutter in each room before you start cleaning.   Try placing a cardboard box and two or three garbage bags in each room you’re de-cluttering.  Fill the bags while you sort through your shelves, cabinets, and closets.

Donate and Store:  Donate old books, magazines, toys, and clothes that you do not wear to charity, or fill a box for your next garage sale and use the money to take the family out to dinner as a reward for the hard work.   If you can’t bear to give away the old magazines and book, box them up and store them in a good dry location.

Make a Wardrobe Transition:  Now that the warm weather is almost upon us, have your winter clothes cleaned and stored until next year.  Consider storing clothes at a dry cleaner if you don’t have enough space – check first if they do this, and what the costs – hate to have them sell your clothes because you didn’t pick them up for six months…  Put away all the gloves, winter clothing items, and boots so you’ll have plenty of space for spring clothing.

Women making bed

Women making bed

Freshen Bedroom:   Rotate and flip your mattresses.  Wash blankets or comforters or take them to be cleaned.   Pull out your Down or heavy comforter from your Duvet Cover, wash Duvet Cover and store your Comforter in a good Bedding Storage Bag for the Spring and Summer months.   Wash mattress pad and bed skirt.  Now is the time to change that bed skirt if you need a new one!   Freshen up your room with a new color by adding a bed skirt, pillow shams, and some new window treatment to give your room a new look.

Clean Floors & More:  Wash and / or wax floors, depending on their material. Deep clean rugs or have them professionally cleaned.  Wash the baseboards, vacuum upholstery and draperies.  Dust and wax Wood furniture, and flip sofa and chair cushions.


Clean Up, Down, and All Around:  Clean light fixtures, ceiling  fans, and mirrors.  Dust or wash window blinds, replace bent or worn mini blinds.  Now is a good time to wash and iron curtains or have them cleaned.

Clean Your Bathrooms:  You may scrub your bathroom every week, but now it’s time to battle clutter and refresh old products.  Go through your medicine cabinet and safely discard any outdated products.  Replace worn bath mats, shower curtains, and liners, or wash and dry shower curtains and liners.

Clean Your Kitchen:  Take the time to clean out your pantry, kitchen cabinets, and drawers.  Wipe out and install fresh shelf paper.  Store or donate equipment – small appliances or cookware that you no longer use.  Discard stale spices or dated items such as baking powder.  Turn over your toaster and empty all the old bread crumbs or pull out the crumb trays if your toaster has them – could start fire!

Clean the refrigerator and freezer:  Vacuum the cooling coils under or behind your refrigerator.

Wash Your Windows:  Wash your windows inside and out. Use a commercial glass spray, or try a homemade solution of two tablespoons of ammonia or vinegar and a quart of water.  Then use lint-free cloths, strong paper towels, or crumpled newspapers to rub away streaks.  Don’t forget to clean storm windows and screens.

Evaluate Your Storage:  Assess the state of your storage areas, whether you have an attic, basement, garage, or storage shed.  Add shelving units and containers to create order.

Check Batteries and Stay Safe:  Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Perform all required safety checks.  If you do not own a fire extinguisher, purchase one.   Learn how to use it and keep it in the kitchen.

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Why a Bed Skirt?


Bed Skirts are designed to hide a bed’s box spring or foundation.  An additional benefit is that a bed skirt on a bed allows you to use the space under the bed for storage.  You can purchase “bed Risers” that are 4” or 6” tall that allows you to put those sweater boxes or other storage containers under your bed.

I personally have my table leafs under my bed. (laying flat so it does NOT warp)

For home décor, a bed skirt offers a way to add style, pattern, and color to the bedroom.   Like the pictures I selected, could you vision these beds without bed skirts?  boring!!

Cotton 2-Tone Comforters

Cotton 2-Tone Comforters

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Individual Sheets Now Available…


Why would some one what to purchase a flat and/or fitted sheet separately?

We all know buying in sets usually save you money..  I said “usually”..  What if you want to mix and match your colors..  Even though the above bed is using a white fitted and white flat,  but what if you wanted to use a red flat and a white fitted?   If you wanted to do this decorating option, you would have to purchase 2 complete sets of sheets, 1 set in red and 1 set in white.   At The Trendy Bed we have now made it available to order individual flat or fitted sheets in 100% cotton, cotton blend, and flannel so if you want to play with colors, your choices are almost endless.

Reason #2  I was at a ladies home party over the weekend and I was asked if I had this option available, two days ago I did not, so I said, “No, not yet anyway!”….   After some talk and laughter, it became apparent to me that this could solve a problem in many marriages.   Your spouse is a “Sheet Hog”, you wake up with no covers….   You have a Queen size bed, put a KING size flat sheet on your bed – and the extra width of sheet could be just what keeps you warm at night.

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