How do you store your winter comforter?

How do you store your “winter” comforters?

Some of us like to pile on the covers when it’s cold outside..  I know I enjoy the weight of a nice down comforter, along with my top lite-weight comforter for decorating purposes.   But when it gets warm, off comes the down comforter and I just keep the lite-weight comforter on for the spring-summer month.

Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag

Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag

I came across these great Comforter / Bedding Storage Bags that I fell in love with and had to add them to The Trendy Bed.   They work great for storing your winter comforter BUT they also work great for storing your bedding in your RV, Boat, or when you go on vacation and need to take your own bedding.  What better way to organize the bedding for that summer rental..

Last summer my family rented a home in North Carolina on the beach and we held our Family Reunion there - it had like 12 bed rooms, two kitchens, three stories, and a “swim-spa” on the roof.  It was Great…   The name of the home is “Memories” so check it out.

We had to bring our own bedding and bath towels..  These Bedding /Comforter Storage Bags would have come in handy, check them out…

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