Trendy Spotting!

Orange bedding is cropping up all over lately.  Here’s how to gradually work this brave hue onto your bed.

1.  If you add just one colorful item to your bedding, let it be an orange throw.  You can be brave and add an ethnic textile of some kind, or it could be just a solid throw.

2.  For more color, add a duvet cover or comforter on which orange is the major player.  Keep the rest of your bedding white to play it safe.

3.  Build on the duvet cover with matching shams and throw pillows in an accent color or two.  The white sheets stay in place.

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12 Trendy Ways to Get Ready For Fall.

Add Accents to your Space

Add Accents to your Space

With the longer days and colder nights, the arrival of autumn sparks the urge to nest and nurture.  Here are some tips to prepare your home, and yourself, for the season ahead.

  1. Add Accents;   Spruce up your space with a few inexpensive additions that make a cheerful impact.
  2. Bring Nature Indoors;   Put fresh flowers in the home, gather branches, berries, and leaves to add a lovely element to your home.
  3. Clear The Air;   Replace your filter on your HVAC, add some indoor plants such as English ivy to help clear the air.
  4. Pare Down and Pack Up;   Rather than stow all your summer gear, determine what might last another season ans what won’t.  Cut your clutter and your storage space.
  5. Hang Mirrors;   Reflective surfaces get you more bang for your lighting buck, opening up the rooms of your home and expanding tight spaces.
  6. Overhaul The Pantry and Kitchen;  Clean out your cupboards and fridge, using up what’s there, throwing out the old and expired stuff, and assessing what I need.
  7. Revisit The Life List;  As we near the end of another calendar year, return to the bigger questions about what you’d most like to accomplish.  Jot down the goals, dreams, and ambitions that have been taking up the most mental real estate lately. Then plot steps to get there.
  8. Stoke The Hearth;  One of the best ways to make your house feel homey has nothing to do with decor.  Start cooking again!  Nothing creates a cozy indoor atmosphere, especially when it’s cold out, then the smell of a home-cooked meal.
  9. Get Grounded;  Before the hustle-bustle of the holidays, take some time to reconnect. It’s important to get back in touch with the ground beneath you.  Lie on your back and your eyes closed, listening to your breathe and feeling the earth support you and breathe.
  10. Breathe Deep;  In response to cold, dry weather, the lungs begin to constrict.  To keep yours healthy and strong as cold and flue season approaches, draw in a deep breath for a count of 10, expanding your abdomen and then filling your lungs then exhale, squeezing out all the air you can.
  11. Tap Your Inner Heat;  If you walk, walk more briskly;  if you lift weights, ass more reps to your session. If you do yoga, do more heat-building poses like plank and chair poses.
  12. Reach Out;  As the days get shorter, keep stress and depression at bay by nourishing your network and putting vital friends and family support in place.  Make coffee dates, play dates, and even potluck dates to bring everyone together.

I found this article in Martha Stewart’s Body and Soul October issue and wanted to share with my friends and readers.    From The Trendy Bed, I wish you all a great Fall experience in and out of your home!


A Trendy Hide A Way!

Create A Hide A Way
Create A Hide A Way

We all know that we can not control the outside world but you can create a world on the inside of your home that is good for you.

We are now in fall when you will be spending more time indoors, it is very important to carve out a corner for yourself.  Maybe it’s a corner in your living room or a hide a way corner in the Master Bed Room, make it your space.

Place a special photo of your friends or a special time in your life that brought you joy.  A small collection of shells, rocks, or candles are all simple things that are good for your soul.

Make time to read that book that you got recently, or read a magazine you have been stacking up.

When you are tired of reading you can slip right into your comfortable bed with the help of that beautiful Goose down Comforter to keep you warm during the cool, fall night’s breeze.

At The Trendy Bed we have Goose down Comforters for your selection, light weight for the warmer climates to heavier weight for the cooler climates; all filled with hypo-Allergenic down and carry a full Lifetime warranty.

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Trendy! Homemade! It’s a Canopy!

Home made Trendy Canopy

Home made Trendy Canopy

No Canopy bed?  No Problem?  A system of rods suspended from the ceiling is a great impostor…

Crisp panels are hung from the four corners and are mobile along the rods, just like curtains.

In the picture above, the robs are painted to match the picture frames on the wall below.

The white canopy enhances and airy feel of the white Duvet Cover and White Pillow Shams, all items that you can find at The Trendy Bed.

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What is a Bed Cap?

Bed Cap

Bed Cap

Bed Caps are designed to fit neatly over the mattress of a platform bed, but, we have found that people with conventional mattresses are using them too. Because a bed cap has tailored corners and simply slips over the top of the mattress, it eliminates the need for tucking your bedding under the mattress or having it hang over the sides of your bed.

If your bed is a beautiful piece of furniture that deserves to be showcased, a bed cap eliminates the extra bedding hanging over the sides covering up the side rails. Or. . .if you just like a neater look, are looking for a no-fuss look and easier way to make your bed in the morning, a bed cap may be the perfect option!  Bed caps are the perfect solution for Bunk Beds, college dorm beds, platform beds, RV’s and Boats.

Bed caps are made with an opening at the top end (or head of the bed) and with tailored corners at the bottom end (or foot of the bed). Some bed caps are elasticized around the corners and some are tailored corners, making removal quick and easy!

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A Trendy Window!

Regular View

Up Close











Turn your window treatment into a Trendy Window by Topping it with a Scarf!

Scarves are a great way to add color and texture to your window treatment, yet still maintaining a tailored look. 

At The Trendy Bed we now have window treatment to match most of our cotton blend and 100% cotton comforters, along with matching bed skirts, and pillow shams.

How to Make it:

  • Purchase two women’s dress scarves in patterns and colors that fix your decor.
  • Cut in half, hem.
  • Lay them over top of panel and pin in place.
  • Sew one at a time in place (sew bottom scarf first).

The idea here is to give your room some additional color and texture, but most of all have fun!

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Five Secrets for Decorating a Girls’ Bedroom

Canopy White Eyelet Bed

Canopy White Eyelet Bed


Little girls love to spend time in their bedrooms.  It’s a place all of their own, a place where they can not only sleep, but dream.  In surrounding them with their favorite things decorating your child’s room can be both fun and rewarding for both of you. 

Here’s our five secrets:

HAVE FUN!  Take the stress out of decorating, it doesn’t have to be done over night.  If she has to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor for a night or two, make it a camping adventure.  Remember that spending time together is what it’s truly about.

RECYCLE IF YOU CAN!  Make use of what you already have, you will be surprised what a little paint can do.  You have a wooden book case that holds her dolls and toys, paint it your accent color.  If her dresser has an attached mirror, remove if from the dresser base and place a new mirror directly to the wall.  Change the drawer knobs or handles on her furniture.  Changing her furniture around can give her the feel of a all new environment.  Instead of purchasing that new comforter, purchase a duvet cover for a new inexpensive look.

LISTEN!  Ask your daughter to sit down and either make a list or tell you her favorite things, like her favorite toy, favorite character, favorite TV show, favorite past time, (depending on age!) etc.  The idea here is to listen to what your daughter is telling you; after all it is “her” room you both are working on. 

SIMPLE IMPACT!  I also call this down and dirty (cheap).   You can change a room over night by just adding a splashes of color and texture.   Pick a color you want to add to the room,  now add Pillow shams,  throw pillows,  change the window treatments and throw down an accent rug.  DONE!

THINK AHEAD!   As the seasons change, so will your childs likes and dislikes, keep this in the back of your head when decorating.   Don’t go overboard unless you know you will have to completely redo the room in a year of two, and of course our pocketbook dictates that decission for a lot of us.  Ask yourself, Is she really going to love that hand painted mural of the fairy garden in a few months, or even a few years?  Should you really change the carpet to pink or white?   Try to explore less permanent options such as framed art and accent “pink” rugs.

Here’s the link to the bed in the picture above.

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Trendy Solution for A Small Bedroom…

Instead of using space-eating bed frames,  your room will seem larger than it is if you think Long and Low.   In keeping the focus at about eye level or below with simple artwork, no headboard, and a low, streamlined dresser this will encourage your eyes to stay horizontal instead of vertical.

Here’s how to do it:  Built a platform bed using two (2) 36″ wide solid core slab doors, this will accommodate a California King mattress.  Use two (2) 30″ wide solid core slab doors for queen or full size bed.   The platform rests on a sturdy base of 2 x 12′s and appears to float above the floor, enlarging the room visually.

The contract with the free wall area above eye level has a subtle, space-enhancing effect to the over all look of the room.

At The Trendy Bed we have Cap Comforters in Twin, Full, Queen, and King in over 20 different colors.   Cap Comforters are the perfect solution for a platform bed.

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Trendy Nights In White Satin

Sagin Sheets

Satin Sheets

Sleeping on satin sheets is a luxurious experience! You will find that sleeping on satin eliminates the pulling and bunching that you will often find with cotton sheets. You can find this type of sheet in all sizes and colors, and the look and feel is unbeatable. Satin sheets look and feel much like silk sheets but are a bit more affordable. In fact, many people will choose satin simply because it is gentle on the hair. Below are some examples of the types of satin sheets you will find.

Bridal Satin – Of all satin qualities, this is the highest. This type of satin sheets is made form 300 denier bridal satin, and will often be embellished with an elegant lace or ribbon trim. As you lie down on your Bridal satin sheets, you will literally feel your body sink down into a bed of smooth softness. If you are interested in sending someone special an amazing gift that will never be forgotten, this would be perfect. Bridal satin is machine washable on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild soap such as Woolite. You can tumble dry this silk or if you prefer, hang it to dry.

You can buy them in packages that include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two standard size pillowcases. The fitted sheets are typically made with 15-inch deep pockets or more. The entire package is gorgeous and comfortable, helping you sleep like a baby.The nice thing about satin sheets is that they are a wonderful option for everyday use. They are soft, smooth, elegant, and conform to your body. Just as satin sheets will keep you cool in the summertime, they also retain warmth, making them the perfect choice for both summer and winter. Keep in mind that if you have a mattress that is thicker than eight inches, you want to buy extra-deep satin sheets. These sheets are designed to add five inches. Additionally, you will find beautiful colors such as ivory, black, red, white, mauve, gold, sky blue, and hunter green among others.

You will fall in love with your satin sheets and before long, you will be interested in a satin duvet cover, satin bed ruffle, satin pillow shams, and a satin comforter.

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