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Sagin Sheets

Satin Sheets

Sleeping on satin sheets is a luxurious experience! You will find that sleeping on satin eliminates the pulling and bunching that you will often find with cotton sheets. You can find this type of sheet in all sizes and colors, and the look and feel is unbeatable. Satin sheets look and feel much like silk sheets but are a bit more affordable. In fact, many people will choose satin simply because it is gentle on the hair. Below are some examples of the types of satin sheets you will find.

Bridal Satin – Of all satin qualities, this is the highest. This type of satin sheets is made form 300 denier bridal satin, and will often be embellished with an elegant lace or ribbon trim. As you lie down on your Bridal satin sheets, you will literally feel your body sink down into a bed of smooth softness. If you are interested in sending someone special an amazing gift that will never be forgotten, this would be perfect. Bridal satin is machine washable on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild soap such as Woolite. You can tumble dry this silk or if you prefer, hang it to dry.

You can buy them in packages that include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two standard size pillowcases. The fitted sheets are typically made with 15-inch deep pockets or more. The entire package is gorgeous and comfortable, helping you sleep like a baby.The nice thing about satin sheets is that they are a wonderful option for everyday use. They are soft, smooth, elegant, and conform to your body. Just as satin sheets will keep you cool in the summertime, they also retain warmth, making them the perfect choice for both summer and winter. Keep in mind that if you have a mattress that is thicker than eight inches, you want to buy extra-deep satin sheets. These sheets are designed to add five inches. Additionally, you will find beautiful colors such as ivory, black, red, white, mauve, gold, sky blue, and hunter green among others.

You will fall in love with your satin sheets and before long, you will be interested in a satin duvet cover, satin bed ruffle, satin pillow shams, and a satin comforter.

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