The Trendy and Easy Bedskirt!


Solid Color Wrap Around Bed Skirt... Simply place elastic band around bed without moving the box spring or mattress, adjust to desired length.   Can we make it any easier?    Easy to change color for all four seasons, easy to take off  to wash, and easy to put back on.   Bed skirt comes standard 14″ drop, but you can place it anywhere along your box spring or mattress for that Trendy Bed Look.     Suggestion;  I would use the Stay Tidy Bed Skirt pins to help to hold it in place in the corners just to secure the skirt to your desired drop length.

Comes in 2 different sizes  Twin/Full and Queen/King and it is available in 10 colors.  Fabric choice is a  blend of  70% polyester and 30% cotton, machine washable and dry-able on low heat.  No ironing required.

Visit The Trendy Bed,  the one site for all your Trendy Bedding needs.


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