Trendy Incog-Neato!!


I am always looking for new items for The Trendy Bed and I came across these Incog-Neato  Decorative Leak proof Pads and what a GREAT idea.

INCOG-NEATO leak proof protectors are comfortable, yet durable.  Designer style bed protectors that were originally intended for use by children with bed wetting challenges.  (I don’t like the word “problems”)    These not only make the children feel special, they aren’t embarrassed by the look.   It looks just like a cool cover with quilting for extra comfort that kids love.

Incog-Neato Bed protectors soak up bed wetting accidents, so sheets stay dry.  Simply lay the bed protector over the bottom sheet.  When an “accident” happens, just take the Incog-Neato off the bed and toss it in the laundry.  Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, non-chlorine bleach only, and tumble dry low.

Here’s just some of the other uses for the Incog-Neato:

Bedding:  Protects against all kinds of bed accidents – babies, children, children when sick,  Moms-T0-Be, sick adults, invalids, dogs sleeping on the bed, and more.

Baby/Changing pad:  Mat protects any surface and protects child from environment.  Is designed to be folder up in three sections to fit in you diaper bag, large purse, or carry on luggage.

Furniture:  Protects fine furniture from spills and pets.

Cars:  Protects seats from wet bathing suits, spills, and pets.

Dog use:  Protect any surface and great for dog beds.

Boat use:  Protects cabin seats from web bathing suites.

Chair use:  Protects chairs and wheel chairs.

Whether your a new mom, experienced mom,  or Grandmother, I’m sure you can come up with more great ideas to use these Incog-Neato pads to secure all your Trendy Bedding!

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