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As of February 1st  The Trendy Bed will be Free Shipping within the Continent of The United States.

In making it easier for the customer to shop, no hidden fees,  no drop ship fees, and no shipping fees.  (Within the Continental USA, UPS Ground only.)

California residents will still have the State Sales Tax (I can’t take that away!)

I have another surprise for you… we have a new product…. and it’s not a SOLID color.   The Trendy Bed has added a printed product,   and here it is….

Taupe and Black

You are invited to experience the comfort, luxury, and softness of our new Luxurious Bloomingdale Bedding.  Silky soft made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, quality linens like this one are available only at selected Five Star Hotels.    The beauty of this 9 piece Bed In A Bag  is that you get one set with two looks.   The back colors of the duvet cover and shams are the opposite print of the front… so by turning the duvet cover and shams over, you will get a new look in 10 seconds.

This 9 piece ensemble includes:  Duvet Cover, Pillow Shams, Euro Shams, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Cases, and a Down Alternative comforter.  The Bloomingdale Bedding comes in five different 2-tone color combinations:  Taupe & Black,  Navy & White,  White & Black,  Chocolate & Blue, and Blush & Chocolate.

I have done other articles on the benefits of these ensembles, check out Trendy Bed In A Bag  as to why these are cost effective and trendy!

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Trendy RED Means GO!

Red Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and I was reading my Traditional Home magazine,  I came across this article that I wanted to share with my readers.

Do you love red?   When it comes to sports cars, lipstick, and decorating, you can’t go wrong with the color of LOVE…    Here’s some tips and actual color suggestions  on how to turn up the heat in style.

I came across this top picture and it agrees with a lot of the designers,  Red is a great color when used to accessorize a room.  Like a great nail polish, it provides a daring bit of allure.

They accessorized the bed with a tailored red bed skirt with kick pleats, a red throw along with red accent pillows, and a red headboard to complete the look.  They accessorized the room with a red chair, and  red and bone window treatment to create a beautiful master bedroom.

OK, so you want to try some red in your bedroom?   Try it on some accessories, paint a lamp, headboard, or even candle sticks for a glimmer of excitement.   Red accents go perfect with Grays, Lt. Blues, and pink.    Check out these colors when it comes to painting accessories;  Sherwin-Williams {Cherry Tomato},  Pratt & Lambert {Red Banner}, and Valspar {Bright Red}.

James Merrell red walls bedroom iron scroll headboard desk

If you are looking for a little bolder statement?   I found this beautiful  picture of a bedroom painted Red.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and Sassy, this red goes very well with the Deep chocolate brown furniture and the gold and wheat bedding.  Check out this Benjamin Moore (Caliente) for a beautiful bold, rich red for your bedroom, or any room in your home.


Adding a little color of  love may be just what your room was asking  for, enjoy!

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The Trendy Bed Video…

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Hi, this is Cathy, owner of The Trendy Bed.  This was a test for me to actually place my video in my blog.

Trying to improve my blogging, so please bear with me.  More video's to come.



Trendy Bed Terminology


Have you been shopping for some new bedding on line and seen a term that was totally foreign to you?   At The Trendy we’ll help you take the guess work out of your next shopping experience with this list of essential bedding terminology.

Bed Spread:  A bed cover with sides that do go to the floor, does not “require” a bed skirt.

Comforter:  A bed cover that is filled and quilted and usually reversible,  does require a bed skirt to complete that “Trendy Bed” look, sides go about halfway to floor.  (Picture above)

Thread Count:  The number of thread ends per square inch in a woven fabric.

Bed Skirt:  Also called Bed Ruffle or Dust Ruffle – a decorative piece of bedding used to cover the box spring and legs of the bed.  It usually fits between the mattress and box spring and hangs to the floor. 

Drop:  The length of the Bed Skirt.

Pleated:  Sew in folds like a fan.

Flanged:  A decorative band of fabric that is straight or “tailored”;  often used to describe pillow shams.

Pillow Shams:  A decorative covering for pillows, often designed with trims, ruffles, flanges or cording.  Shams are normally placed behind the pillows used to sleep on.

European Sham or (Euro Sham):  A decorative pillow covering which fits a large 26″ x 26″ pillow.

Tailored:  Simple in line or design.

Boudoir Pillows or Breakfast Pillows:  Small rectangular decorative throw pillows.

Duvet Cover:  A decorative and protective covering for a duvet (usually down), most duvet covers have a button or tie closure at one end.

Neck Roll:   Small cylindrical decorative throw pillows.

Swatches:  Sample cuttings of fabric.

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The Trendy Bed Room…


When it comes to sprucing up your home, we all want the rooms we entertain in to look great.   Because of this and our busy lives our master bedroom is often one of the most neglected rooms in the home.  However, your bedroom is your sanctuary, not your office, and it should be a place that is easy to relax in.  Here are some tips for sprucing up your bedroom.

First, look at your walls!  Have you actually painted your walls since you purchased your home?  If the answer is “NO”, or you’re just not happy with the color anymore, it may be worthwhile to consider repainting.  A new color on your walls will give your room a second wind.

If you do not have time for a full paint job, consider adding some new artwork,  mirrors, add a stencil or wallpaper border that coordinates with your bedroom decor.  Paint one wall in your room just to give it some depth, and a little change until you have the time to repaint the complete room.

Another instant pick-me-up for your bedroom is acquiring new bedding;  this will instantly breathe new life into your bedroom.   Change the color of your bed skirt, or ADD a bed skirt to your bed!   At The Trendy Bed we have it all…  made to order Bedding,  Bed Skirts,  Comforters,  Duvet Cover, Daybed Ensembles,  and those hard to find items.   If you can’t afford the whole new bedding ensemble,  replacing a few selected items can make a big difference.

Buy a few new plants and some interesting pots to bring some real life into your room, even just rearranging your furniture can make your room feel new again.

Lighting is another important aspect to relaxation,  having a lamp with several different light settings (3-Way) is always a good addition to a room.  A ceiling light on a dimmer is another great idea for the bedroom,  they can also be very stylish and don’t need to be expensive.

Last but not forgotten to complete your sanctuary, get a few aromatherapy candles in scents that your love and place them strategically throughout the room.  I enjoy Yankee Candles, they smell great and are very safe to burn for some extended time.

In our busy life, the key is to remember to take care of yourself, and create a space where you can really relax.

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Ordering Online at The Trendy Bed


Many people find themselves unsure when placing an Internet order.  Placing an order online can be easily perceived as difficult… your monitor may not reflect the true color of the products as each monitor is set differently.  Then you find yourself asking questions like:  Will I like the items when they arrive?  What will happen if I don’t?  How long will I have to decide if I like it or not?  How do I educate myself about the products and the company I am ordering from before I place my order?

First of all, before actually placing an order read all you can on the merchant’s website.  Look for the company’s policies, is there a return policy?  How long do I have once I receive the purchase?  What restrictions are there regarding returning?  What is considered a special order?  What are Non-returnable items?   How does the merchant charge you?   This way, when placing the order you agree to the terms and conditions of your order and understand what that is.

We have found the above to be the best advice we can offer to our customers and potential customers of The Trendy Bed, we truly want satisfied customers.

Many online businesses must charge a restocking fee for returned items.  This is because the vendors the merchant deals with will also charge them for returned items, and some will not accept returned bedding unless defective.  It is not uncommon for this fee to be upwards of 30%.    Due to the great savings and bonuses like free shipping, merchants cannot absorb the restocking fee.

Other things to keep in mind when ordering online…. when you do receive your purchase, inspect them thoroughly.  If you find a defect in any of your items report it immediately to The Trendy Bed, or your merchant.  If you wait too long there may be nothing customer service can do for you.  Hold on to your original packaging for a little while as many merchants require you to return your products in the original packaging.    Please confirm your merchant’s policy regarding returning items once opened.   I would like to note there are Federal Health restrictions regarding bedding once opened, just like restrictions on returning bathing suites.

Any questions you have regarding ordering, or returning can be answered by simply calling the merchant’s customer service department or emailing them with your concern.   At The Trendy Bed we would welcome your questions or concerns before you order, than after the fact.

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Trendy Tips on how to clean your new comforter!

Solid Color Comforter

How do I clean my new comforter?

There are many different options available for caring for your comforter and accent pieces.  Proper care will guarantee the longevity of your bedding, keeping it looking and feeling as good as the day you bought it.

First, it is very important to always follow the proper “Care Instructions” for your product.  You can be certain that 95% of fine bedding will recommend dry cleaning the product.    Dry Cleaning your bedding may seem overwhelming,  can be somewhat expensive, but it truly is the only way to insure it’s longevity and protect your investment.

Dry cleaning is so highly recommended because the process itself is less invasive and generally easier on fabric fibers.  Why we ask?  This is because fluids used to clean fabrics do not contain water so they do not fully penetrate the fibers.  This helps to eliminate fading, discoloration and distortion.

Some 100% Cotton and Cotton Blend comforters are machine washable, they must be washed in an oversize washer, and I would highly suggest the new he (high efficiency) front load washers, why you ask?   They do not have that middle agitator that the comforter could get caught on and it is hard on the fibers.  These new washers usually carry an oversizes drum and this washing process is easier on the garments.   Before you try to wash your comforter your self, please make sure your washer can handle the load weight, if in doubt please have it dry cleaned professionally.    (These new washers can usually handle a twin or full comforter)  When in doubt, always check the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Of course prevention is the first and most important step in extending the life of your bedding.  Keeping your comforters and accessories out of direct sunlight will prevent uneven fading.  The longer you wait to have your bedding dry cleaned, the longer you give the stain the opportunity to set into the fibers and it may not come out even after professionally dry cleaning.  Try to stay on a schedule with your dry cleaning to prevent permanent damage to the comforter.

Some people have a summer, light weight comforter and a winter, heavier comforter for the cooler months.  When you change your comforter for the seasons this is the perfect time to have it cleaned “before” you pack it away for the season.   And remember,  following preventative measures will extend the life of your “Trendy Bedding”.

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How to Keep Your Bed Skirt in Place!


This is a picture of the New and Improved Stay Tidy Bed Skirt pins that I have come across – they work great!

We all know that some bed skirts can slide around while you’re in the process of changing your sheets or even making the bed.  These bed skirts pins stop that from happening.

How to install:   Slide your mattress over about 4 – 6 inches, make sure your bed skirt is where you want it;  the top, the bottom, the drop is right, etc… then looking at the drawing above, you place the pin about 2″ from the end of the mattress and push it in and twist your wrist to make the bend in the pin and your done.  The bend in the pin is what actually stops the pin from falling out.   At The Trendy Bed we carry these “Stay Tidy Bed Skirt” 12 pins in a package - that’s 4 pins for each side and the end.   Each package should do one bed.

These can also be used to hold your sheets in place, if you are one of those people that toss and turn during the night and you feel like every morning it’s like making your bed all over again, these could be your saving grace.  They will hold your sheets in place and the pins will not pull out if installed correctly.    To test this, install the pin and then pull on the sheet, if it does pull out, turn the pin around and install the “bend” the other way.  The angle of the pin should anchor the pin against the force of the pull in installed correctly.

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Trendy, Healthy Bedding!


When shopping for bedding there are other factors to consider other than our personal style.    Something to think about:  Most people spend a third of their lives asleep.  The bed linens you sleep in stay next to your skin for up to eight hours at a time, that is longer than we wear most clothing.   Another fact is when you sleep you perspire and breath about 2 pounds of moisture and microbes that can grow germs, dust mites and molds.

Here are some helpful hints for you to have not only a stylish, but a healthy bed.

The best fabrics that you can use are the natural ones, these will draw the moisture away from your body and will dry quickly.   At The Trendy Bed we carry a great selection in Bamboo/Egyptian Cotton Blend bedding as well as 100% Cotton / Egyptian Cotton bedding.    Cotton is the most popular mostly due to the fact that they are the easiest to care for, very durable, and the most cost effective.   One of the most popular cottons is the  Egyptian Cotton.

The most important part of healthy bedding is the proper care once you get your new bedding home.  New sheets should be washed before putting them on your bed.   It is very important to wash your bedding frequently, your bedding should be washed at least once a week and I like to change my pillow case about every 4 days.   I also use Satin Pillow Cases instead of Cotton. (that’s another blog)     With washing your bedding every week, it is greatly advised to have at least three sets of bedding.  One on your bed, one in the laundry, and one in your linen closet ready for your next changing.   Take advantage of the White Sale currently going at The Trendy Bed, it’s a great time to stock up on your bedding and those satin pillow cases.

By keeping these things in mind while making your bedding choices you can make sure that your bed will not only be stylish, but can also be a place in which you can get a healthy nights sleep.

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Trendy Facts About Sleeping

People in bed 3

Here are some interesting facts about sleeping…

If you can’t sleep, what’s better:  counting backwards or just getting out of bed? It is recommended getting out of bed if you can’t sleep.  They say if you stay in bed and do non-sleeping activities like watching TV, reading, you can subconsciously train yourself to not be able to sleep in your bedroom.  It is even advised NOT to count in your sleep, as counting stimulates your brain.

Why do we yawn? Med students are taught that when we yarn it is due to low levels of oxygen in our lungs.  When the air sacs in our lungs don’t get fresh air, they stiffen the lungs by collapsing a bit, which signals the brain to instruct the body to sigh, or yarn in order to receive more air into the lungs.

Why do animals walk in a circle before they lie down? Certain animals (dog, for example) walk in circles, or create “dog drop circles” before lying down because this behavior was hard-wired into them.  It’s a natural behavior their ancestors did in order to flatten down grass to make for a comfy.

Why do our bodies twitch before we fall asleep? They say 70% of people have a “hypnagogic myoclonic twitch” as they fall asleep.  This twitch is most likely the result of your brain misinterpreting the relaxation of your muscles as they prepare for sleep.

Is there any effect of eating before you go to bed? There have been a lot of studies as to what happens if you eat right before bedtime.   Studies showed that the couple who ate a few hours before they went to bed slept fine, whereas the couple who ate right before they went to sleep reported “tossing and turning all night”.  The poor sleep was attributed to your body digesting food when it should be winding down in preparation for sleeping, which results in reflux.  Going to bed on an empty stomach will also result in disruptive sleep they say, specifically missing the “deep sleep” stage that allows your body to rest and repair.  It is advised to have a light snack before going to bed, which will provide fuel for your body as it rest for the night.

How many dust mites are there in bed?  Are they harmful? Per the Environment, Health, and Safety Online 100,000 to upwards to 10 million mites can live in your mattress.  They sustain off dead skin cells, making beds a veritable smorgasbord for these microscopic critters.  Some people are allergic to a protein found in dust mites’ droppings (meaning they get itchy eyes, their asthma flares up, etc.)  but otherwise dust mites pose no harm to health risk.

Why do kids wet the Bed? Children wet the bed NOT because of emotional problems or faulty kidneys, but simply because their bladders are still too small to hold the amont of urine their bodies make overnight.   Furthermore,  the U of M Health Systems adds that a lot of children are heavy sleepers, so they may not yet be able to wake up when it’s time to go to the bathroom.     At The Trendy Bed I just found these really cool Mattress Pads just for this reason.  They are called Incog-Neato Leakproof Decorative Pads and we have them at The Trendy Bed, they are also great for pet owners,  check them out!

Hope you enjoyed these Interesting facts abut Sleeping and don’t forget – Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding!