How to Keep Your Bed Skirt in Place!


This is a picture of the New and Improved Stay Tidy Bed Skirt pins that I have come across – they work great!

We all know that some bed skirts can slide around while you’re in the process of changing your sheets or even making the bed.  These bed skirts pins stop that from happening.

How to install:   Slide your mattress over about 4 – 6 inches, make sure your bed skirt is where you want it;  the top, the bottom, the drop is right, etc… then looking at the drawing above, you place the pin about 2″ from the end of the mattress and push it in and twist your wrist to make the bend in the pin and your done.  The bend in the pin is what actually stops the pin from falling out.   At The Trendy Bed we carry these “Stay Tidy Bed Skirt” 12 pins in a package - that’s 4 pins for each side and the end.   Each package should do one bed.

These can also be used to hold your sheets in place, if you are one of those people that toss and turn during the night and you feel like every morning it’s like making your bed all over again, these could be your saving grace.  They will hold your sheets in place and the pins will not pull out if installed correctly.    To test this, install the pin and then pull on the sheet, if it does pull out, turn the pin around and install the “bend” the other way.  The angle of the pin should anchor the pin against the force of the pull in installed correctly.

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