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Many people find themselves unsure when placing an Internet order.  Placing an order online can be easily perceived as difficult… your monitor may not reflect the true color of the products as each monitor is set differently.  Then you find yourself asking questions like:  Will I like the items when they arrive?  What will happen if I don’t?  How long will I have to decide if I like it or not?  How do I educate myself about the products and the company I am ordering from before I place my order?

First of all, before actually placing an order read all you can on the merchant’s website.  Look for the company’s policies, is there a return policy?  How long do I have once I receive the purchase?  What restrictions are there regarding returning?  What is considered a special order?  What are Non-returnable items?   How does the merchant charge you?   This way, when placing the order you agree to the terms and conditions of your order and understand what that is.

We have found the above to be the best advice we can offer to our customers and potential customers of The Trendy Bed, we truly want satisfied customers.

Many online businesses must charge a restocking fee for returned items.  This is because the vendors the merchant deals with will also charge them for returned items, and some will not accept returned bedding unless defective.  It is not uncommon for this fee to be upwards of 30%.    Due to the great savings and bonuses like free shipping, merchants cannot absorb the restocking fee.

Other things to keep in mind when ordering online…. when you do receive your purchase, inspect them thoroughly.  If you find a defect in any of your items report it immediately to The Trendy Bed, or your merchant.  If you wait too long there may be nothing customer service can do for you.  Hold on to your original packaging for a little while as many merchants require you to return your products in the original packaging.    Please confirm your merchant’s policy regarding returning items once opened.   I would like to note there are Federal Health restrictions regarding bedding once opened, just like restrictions on returning bathing suites.

Any questions you have regarding ordering, or returning can be answered by simply calling the merchant’s customer service department or emailing them with your concern.   At The Trendy Bed we would welcome your questions or concerns before you order, than after the fact.

Visit The Trendy Bed, the once place for all your Trendy Bedding and the only place for Happy Customers!


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