Lift up Your Spirits with COLOR!

Too much snow for you?

I live in Southern California and we don’t get snow here where I live (valley),  BUT I can see it all around me in the mountains and I do watch the news.   I must say we have had a lot of rain this year in Southern California and that also keeps us indoors.   That gets us to the reason of this blog – Lift up your spirits with COLOR!

We all know that color can effect your mood, I’m sure some of you have even felt it.

How does a bright, well lite room with a lot of natural light make you feel?

Bright room wit natural light

Now compare that to a dark paneled, heavy furniture,  all artificial lighting make you feel?

library alt

For me the first makes me feel light in the mood, light in the step, full of fun and action;  the second makes me feel very serious,  no laughter in my heart it’s like I’m waiting to hear bad news!

Here’s some tips to brighten up your home with color.


Blank staircase?   Your not into having your family history up the wall, that’s OK!  But make a statement, paint it in a light cheerful color to give it a personality,  it wall say “Look At Me”!

Yellow eat in kitchen

This is a perfect example how to brighten up a room with color.  They have medium to dark wood kitchen cabinets,  hardwood flooring, wood beam ceiling, and wooden blinds. All this wood and there’s nothing masculine about this room with the addition of  yellow walls, blue and white accents on the wall and fabric chairs to brighten up this everyday look.   Now, this is a place I would enjoy sitting  drinking my morning coffee watching is snowing outside.    (I know, it’s the shoveling we all look forward too!)     And by the way:  I’m originally from Pennsylvania – spent the first 24 years of my life in York, PA…

Mix and Match style

One of the easiest ways to add color to any room in your home, and the less expensive is to add colorful pillows! Mix and Match your fabrics, colors, and style.

This is my first blog under our new name  ”The Trendy Home”…  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my blogs and taking advantage of some of the great decorating tips I bring to you – make your home “The Trendy Home”…

Enjoy, and have a GREAT day!

Cathy Campbell

The Trendy

The Trendy


Let’s go Trendy Gray…

Today’s blog is about decorating with a neutral color,  GRAY..

Do you think neutrals are boring?       When paired up with stylish furnishings and accessories, there is nothing boring about neutrals.

Gray is the ultimate neutral, it go’s along with almost ever color on the color wheel.

Trendy Gray Master Bed Room

Traditional Setting

Adding some cool orange accessories with this black poster bed really makes this room pop, nothing boring here!   Going with cream colored bedding and a gray satin duvet cover along with the cream colored shag rug pulls this room together to make a very nice traditional statement.

Trendy Modern Gray

Contemporary Setting

In this beautiful bedroom using a gray-blue hue on the walls, white molding and dark stained floors and doors are neutral complements to the gray-blue walls.   To go with the contemporary setting in this room they dressed the bed all in white bedding,  using Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover, Pillow Shams, and white sheet set.

Trend Twin Beds

Trendy Twin Beds

In this room gray is used as accents;  with the gray upholstered headboard along with the soft gray sheer curtains.  This room shows how you can really play with color bedding and create a very nice trendy bed room.

Each bed has a black pillow sham against the headboard and blue and white bedding.  At The Trendy Bed this look can easily be created by our wonderful Two-Tone Comforters.  Each bed is a mirror image, but opposite in color and style.  One can even have fun in the styles of the bedding,  one bed can be used for the “female” of the home with “ruffled” style bedding, while the other bed is in the more masculine “tailored”  style, each beautiful in design and adds a flare of character and fun to the room.

Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding.

Have a great day,

Cathy Campbell


Trendy Interior Designs from The New York Gift Fair

Brown Bed from New York large view


What’s new in Interior Design?  Well, the big  New York Gift Fair is currently going on (January 30th – February 3rd) at the Javits Convention Center and Pier 94.   The NYIGF is held in January and August and showcases gifts and goods for the home.  It’s one of the largest shows for retailers, buyers, distributors, importers, wholesalers and manufacturers’ representatives to bring their goods or come and see what’s Hot, and NEW!

From the Fair the reports are coming back on a big focus on handmade and whimsical design, and a lot of color:   Orange is hanging on, turquoise and browns are also showing up.    I’m glad to see Orange is still hanging on, I did  Trendy Teen Room-Bold and Beautiful talking about decorating with Orange.  At The Trendy Bed Orange has been a big seller this year in comforters and duvet covers.

Today’s article from is by Bridget A. Otto, The Oregonian called Interior design news direct from New York Gift Fair is where I actually got the picture of the brown and white bed above.   Why did this catch my eye?

Chocolate and Brown


Just yesterday The Trendy Bed just added this new product line Bloomingdale Bedding and I’m going to say this is The Trendy Bed’s FIRST print product and I just fell in love with it’s simplicity design and I loved that it’s reversible in the opposite design. (Two for the price of one, just flip it over!)

The Bloomingdale bedding is silky soft made from 100% Egyptian cotton 400 thread count woven with superior single ply yarn.  This kind of quality bedding is only found at selected Five Star Hotels;  now you too can enjoy and sleep on this kind of quality bedding!

It comes as a 9 piece luxurious ”Bed In A Bag”  in Full, Queen, King and California King with an Down Alternative comforter as a bonus.  Check out the other colors it comes in:

Black and White:

Black and White


Taupe & Black:

Taupe and Black


Blush and Chocolate

Blush and Chocolate


Navy and White

Navy and White


Hope you enjoyed seeing what’s new in Interior Design, regarding bedding, straight from the New York Gift Fair and be the first to order The Trendy Bed’s new Bloomingdale Bedding.

Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding!