Need Outdoor Fencing? Things to Know before you Start…

We all know that adding a fence around your home,  or just the family yard provides security, privacy, protection, and can improve your home’s curb appeal.

What are your fencing needs?

What kind of fencing do you really need?

What kind of fencing do you really need?    Is the fence for keeping in the family pet?  Are you looking to block noise and add privacy?   Or are your wishes complex:   You need to protect the family pets and family from the surroundings,  but you also want to add a decorative element to your home’s exterior.

Do Your Homework!

Do Your Homework!

Do your Homework! If you live in a gated community or in an association check with the officials regarding covenants that could dictate fencing materials, height limitations,  and overall look and placement of your fence.   Check with your local city hall regarding building codes to inquire if a fencing – building permit is required.

Do You Need to Hire a Professional?

Do You Need to Hire a Professional?

Do You need to Hire a Professional? If you do need a building permit to build your fence, along with  drawings and renderings of what the fence will look like when completed to get it approved by the City you may need to hire a professional.    This process could be more than what you want to take on, visit The American Fence Association they can help you find a licensed contractor in your area.

If you do hire a contractor, ask to see fencing jobs that they have completed,  and not in just the last year.  You want to see how there work also stood up to the test of time and climate.   Feel free to call the State Contractors Board and check against their contractors license to see if there are any complaints filed against them with the agency.

Be a Considerate Neighbor!

Be a Considerate Neighbor!

Be a considerate Neighbor! My advise is to be open and up front with your neighbors about your fencing plans, and needs – you may find out you have a lot in common.  A Common or Party fence can be built and shared by two or more neighbors, but such agreements “should” be made in writing and only after the property boundaries have been professionally determined.   You may be the best of friends with your current neighbors, but if they move you will want to have good documentation for any future neighbors.                                                Tip:  Do not block your neighbors views unnecessarily!

Installation-Hardscape-Precast block wall_small

Choosing your Material

Choosing your Materials! You may want to go with the classic White Picket Fence, but before you decide to purchase those wood posts and whitewash, think about the maintenance!    Wood will require painting almost every other year, wood rot, and warping.    You may want to consider the new low-maintenance vinyl fencing that offers the look of wood, or other material options such as wrought iron,  chain link, steel, or a block wall.    Some material may cost more upfront but may be cost effective when considering maintenance and duration.


Consider Your Climate - all vinyl fencing

Consider Your Climate!    Where do you live?  Cold northern climates that experience front, concrete anchors are necessary for fence posts.   Post should be secured 36″ deep to avoid cracking in a cold snap.  For warmer, damper climates,  the experts feel that the new vinyl is your best material choice, as wood would be more susceptible to the climate conditions.

Create Your Entrances

Create Your Entrances

Create Your Entrances! For convenience and safety your fenced area “should”  have at least two gates.  Plan ahead and make sure one gate can accommodate bulky outdoor equipment such as a lawn mower,  Bar-B-Q grill, patio furniture,  large garbage cans, etc.  (You get the picture)

Mix It Up

Mix It Up

Mix it Up – Mix your materials! You just moved into your new home and you want to add fencing to the front to create that curb appeal, and you also need fencing in the back to secure the family pet.    This is the perfect time to mix your materials, add that white picket fence out front in either wood or the vinyl and do the back yard with 5′ high chain link fencing.   Not only will this combination save on the installation costs, but it also will reduce the amount of fencing that might require repainting.

The Finishing Touch!

The Finishing Touch!

The finishing Touch! Once your fencing is in place make your statement by adding a Arbor / Pergola over your walk way to create your curb appeal.  Add color to your front yard by planting a row of flowers in front of the fence for a truly welcoming facade,  and you will always have fresh cut flowers for your home.

I hope I helped you and gave you some things to think about before you build your fence,  most of these tips came from Better Homes and Garden and some are from my 30+ years experience working in the Construction industry.

Turn your Home into The Trendy Home you’ve always dreamed of




How to Dress A Trendy Bed…

Beautiful Bed in Gold

Have you ever walked by a Linen Department and seen a bed in the middle of the department that was so magnificent in grandeur that it made you think,   how can I create this look in my home?   To be honest with you, it’s very easy!     It’s called “Dressing the Bed”,  just like you dress your self in the morning, you dress your bed.    When it’s cold out side you put on layers of clothing,  a bed requires layering, and the more layering, usually the more beautiful a bed becomes.

Romantic Bedroom

Designer looking bed

Looking at this photo;    Let’s start with the sheeting which includes the FLAT sheet (A), the  FITTED sheet (B), and the pillow cases (C).    Most  likely all of these pieces will match and are considered a Sheet Set. Sheets can be very basic from 300 thread count cotton, to 1500 thread count Egyptian Cotton,  or Satin Sheets – this is what you will be sleeping in between,   I say  make them comfortable and a dream to sleep against!     This is one area that I don’t mind spending a little more for higher thread count sheets, we all deserve a little luxury in our life!    Note:  your sheets “should” enhance the top of the bed components, such as the duvet cover, shams and coverlet.


Our next layer is a Coverlet, or matelasse. (D)  Coverlets are available in a variety of fabrics, weights, colors, and styles.  Selecting the “right” one is a matter of personal preference.    Coverlets are a great way to add depth to the bedding ensemble and some coverlets come in set’s with matching shams.  At The Trendy Bed we have a great selection of Egyptian Cotton Quilted Coverlets in seven different colors with matching shams.   Note:  If using a patterned Duvet Cover and Shams, a coordinating solid color Coverlet is the perfect way to break up a bold and busy pattern.


The Duvet Cover (E) and Shams are now added to the bed, some people like a Comforter instead of Duvet Cover, this is personal choice.   Your Duvet Cover and Shams  (or Comforter) is the inspiration for the entire look.   Most likely these 2 pieces are of the same pattern and tie together the entire ensemble.   While placing the duvet cover at the foot of the bed with a lofty Goose Down Comforter inside evokes the feeling of relaxation, comfort, and elegance.   Placing the Shams at the head of the bed are what adds the height to the bed.


Shams come in different sizes, with the European Sham (F) being a large square pillow placed against the headboards to the boudoir sham (G), which are smaller travel size pillows that add the “decorative” touch, along with dimension and character to the bed.  The more pillows used on a bed, the more elegant and luxurious of a feel it creates.

We are talking about the bed skirt next, but I must say… This goes on your bed FIRST between your box spring and mattress.   Some bed frames today are very decorative and do not require bed skirts, (H)  but I believe if your bed is a work of art, then the Bed Skirt is it’s pedestal upon which it sits.    Bed Skirts or Dust Ruffles come in many styles today;  Ruffled, Box Pleated or tailored are the most common.   Your bed skirt can match either the sheeting or the duvet cover and shams and create a very “finished” look to any bed.


To give your bed a creative and daring look, and making it your own is where you can throw on a couple of beaded or embroidered decorative pillows (I).  Like getting dressed in the morning and putting on a bracelet, necklace and earrings,  this is where you accessorize the look.

Garden bedroom

I hope you enjoyed “Dressing” the bed with me, now go and have fun and turn your Home into The Trendy Home you’ve always dreamed about!

Cathy C,  The Trendy Bed...


April’s Celebrity Trendy Home…

This month’s Celebrity home is that of Kara DioGuardi’s,  her Spanish- style home is nestled high in the Hills above Hollywood.   We all know her as a prolific songwriter and one of the judges on American Idol.
Connect Gift Suite 2009 076

Kara DioGuardi - this month's Celebrity Home Showcase

This a picture of Kara DioGuardi, and my girlfriend Laura Thompson, at The Connected Celebrity Gift Suite that The Trendy Bed show cased their bedding.   I must say Kara was very friendly and stood and talked to Laura and I about the contestants on last season’s American Idol.   Laura was just a little star struck when I said,   “smile for a picture”.

Inside Kara DioGuardi's Hollywood Hills Home

The gated house, built in 1964,  has city and canyon views, wood-beamed ceilings, an open floor plan, extensive decks and a spa.   Kara home has 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, and sit in 3,40 square feet.    The living spaces in Kara DioGuardi’s open plan home blend seamlessly as seen in this picture.


The Spanish-style house has two fireplaces and beamed wooden ceilings.    The quest unit has its own entrance, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Celebrity Show Case - Kara DioGuardi

Celebrity Show Case - Kara DioGuardi

The entertaining and living area extends to the deck, which has city and mountain views.    Kara has written hundred of songs, including more than 165 on multiplatinum  albums, and worked with Celine Dion, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Pink and  “Idol” winner Kris Allen, among others.    A record producer and singer too, she owns Arthouse Entertainment, a publishing company.


This patio provides the song writer and TV personality with a shady spot to write some lyrics,  or for a little  al fresco dining.

Kara currently has this home on the market for $1,649,000,  all these pictures were brought to you by “Hot Property” of the LA

Thank you for visiting The Trendy Home,   I hope you enjoyed this months celebrity show case home that of Kara DioGuardi’s.


Beverly Hills Polo Club Bedding comes to The Trendy Bed

Beverly Hills Polo Club Thoroughbred Bedding

Beverly Hills Polo Club Thoroughbred Bed In A Bag

At The Trendy Bed we are so excited to be able to bring to you our new “Beverly Hills Polo Club” designer bedding.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Thoroughbread Window Treatment

Beverly Hills Polo Club Thoroughbred Window Treatment

Nautically inspired broad horizontal stripes define this all cotton stylish Bed In A Bag in these beautiful vivid colors.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Harbor Bedding

Beverly Hills Polo Club Harbor Bed In A Bag

The Thoroughbred and  Harbor are both dramatic and sporty, and these two great designer styles also have matching tab style drapery available to assist you in creating that “Trendy Bed” look.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Harbor Window Treatment

Beverly Hills Polo Club Harbor Window Treatment

The Thoroughbred and Harbor Bed In A Bag set comes complete with Comforter, Box Pleat Bed Skirt,  Standard Size Shams,  Euro Size Shams,  18″ Color-Blocked Square Toss Pillow, and   13″ x 18″ Breakfast Pillow.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Blue Comforter Set

Beverly Hills Polo Club Blue Bed In A Bag

If stripes are not your decorating choice,  The  Beverly Hills Polo Club Bedding also comes in these 4 great, colorful Comforter Sets.   Each set comes with Comforter, Shams, and matching tailored style Bed Skirt for a very nice clean look.    This is the Indigo / French Blue design.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Grass Green Comforter Set

Beverly Hills Polo Club Grass Green Bed In A Bag

Casual and sporty, these reversible comforter sets are tailored in brushed polyester for a cozy and comfortable feeling.  Contrasting stitch color, accent border and solid reverse adds a pop of fashion to this apparel driven design.    This is the Grass Green / Magenta design.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Brick Red Bed In A Bag

Beverly Hills Polo Club Brick Red Bed In A Bag

This is the Brick Red / Chocolate design.  All sets are machine washable for easy care.

Beverly Hills Polo Club Turquoise Bed In A Bag

Beverly Hills Polo Club Turquoise Bed In A Bag

This is their Turquoise / Papaya design.

The Beverly Hills Polo Club Bedding would add a touch of color and comfort to any room along with that classic designer appeal.

At The Trendy Bed we try to bring you great designs, and styles for every taste.    I sincerely hope you enjoyed taking the first look at our new Beverly Hills Polo Club Bedding and please visit The Trendy Bed,  the one place for all your Trendy Bedding.

Thank you for visiting The Trendy Home,  make your home The Trendy Home you’ve always dreamed of…

Cathy Campbell



Coverlets, Bed Skirts, and Shams Oh My!

Blue Coverlet and Shams, White Bed Skirt

Blue Coverlet and Shams, White Bed Skirt

Your Mother-In-Law is coming to visit and you want something light, crisp, feminine and a touch of Vintage.   This look has it all,  the blue coverlet and matching pillow shams along with white crisp bedding, and the bed skirt to dress it all up.  This is a room any Mother or Mother-In-Law would feel very blessed to have a Daughter or Daughter-In-Law that showed her comfort was considered.      Painting the walls a neutral color allowed the bedding and accents stand out and say “Look At Me”.

Romantic cottage Style bedroom

Romantic cottage Style bedroom

Romance is in the air, the floral prints are a staple in this cottage style room.  Adding a touch of vintage, the antique poster bed with the white coverlet and matching shams.  Pulling out the rose color in the floral print and adding rose colored sheets and matching bed skirt to create this beautiful, romantic look.

Painting the walls a light mint green, and the ceiling white is just the finishing touch this country cottage look needed.

Coverlets for Spring

Coverlets for Spring

Another beautiful vintage style being created with the use of a coverlet,  sham,  and a bed skirt.    Don’t get me wrong, coverlets are not just for the vintage, country cottage look, but today I wanted to show you some beautiful cottage style looks that you too can create at home.

Going to a swap meet,  flea market, yard sale to find an antique bed,  old maidens desk, are all beautiful accents to add to any room.   Adding the woven basket at the end of the bed adds storage and texture to this room.


Americana Coverlet and Shams

Add this beautiful coverlet,  shams, and  bed skirt to create a  Elegant Country Cottage look, this style goes back to the Civil War days.  At The Trendy Bed we have a full line of Americana look  Coverlets, Shams, and bedspreads.

You can transform any bedroom from drab to fabulous by adding a coverlet, bed skirt, and shams all in one day!

Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding.

Cathy Campbell


Happy Trendy Easter…DIY Decorating

I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and share some of these “Trendy” Easter ideas I found on Better Homes and Garden.

Egg Flower Cup

What a way to show your family and friends you care about them with one of these Egg Flower Cups at plate side.

How to make these:  Blown-out raw egg with small hole in top to hold individual tulip,  then prop your egg inside a silver napkin ring.   You can also use a tiny votive holder or an egg cup.

Time to do the Eggs:

Scrapebook eggs

These eggs are decorated with scrapbooking materials;  impress your kids with this idea and you all can be creative.   Pull out your stash of trims, stickers, rub-ons, and gems and let the fun begin.   Dye the eggs first, let them dry before you try to embellish them.

Trendy Easter Eggs

This super easy egg decorating is again with your scrapbooking supplies, you don’t even have to dye the eggs first!   Let the stickers give your white eggs all the flower power.  The deeply cut flower petals are easy to wrap around a egg because they cling to the curves.   These eggs are placed in little clay pots, use the pots later to plant your favorite spices.

Trendy Easter "Eraser" Decorating

This one I really liked.   Dye the eggs first, let them dry again before you start your eraser decorating.    Place some paint onto a disposable plate, dip just the end of the eraser into the paint and dot your egg.   Poke- A- Dot- Eggs, fun and simple for the whole family.  Tip:  you can also use Q-tips to make  small dots on your eggs.

"Trendy" Tootpick Egg Decorating

Here’s another great ideal that maybe the “older”  kids may enjoy.   Pour your paint on a disposable plate, picking your two color choices.   To make the petals of the flower, dip about 1/4 inch of the toothpick into the paint, then lay the toothpick down onto the egg.   Repeat making petals,  leaving a space in the middle for the center.  Using a new toothpick and a different color of paint, dip just the tip on the toothpick in the paint and dot the center two or three times.  Let the egg dry.   This can be done on white eggs or dyed eggs.

Hope you enjoyed these little tips, enjoy egg decorating with your family and have a very enjoyable Easter weekend.

Brought to you with love from Cathy @ The Trendy Home


Beautiful Trendy Bedspreads

Queen Elizabeth Bedspread

Queen Elizabeth Bedspread

Beautiful Trendy Bedspreads now at The Trendy Bed.     I have been looking for Beautiful,  Elegant, Trendy, and Americana bedspreads for some time and I am so happy to say, “There Here”..

What is a Bedspread really?

Bedspreads are a timeless and simple classic covering for your top of the bed.  Bedspreads usually cover the entire bed by hanging all the way to the floor and fold over your pillows.

Standard size beds have a drop of 21″, if you do have a higher bed you may want to purchase a bed skirt to give you that desired finished look, and that Trendy Bed look that we all love.

Shams are occasionally used to complement a bedspread.


Martha's Choice Coverlet

What is a Coverlet?

Coverlets are lightweight, like a quilt.  They tend to be used in warmer areas of the country and during the Summer season, instead of a comforter or bedspread.

Coverlets cover the top of the bed only, similar to a comforter.  Coverlets do not cover the bed pillows or hang to the floor like a bedspread, they are most often used with Shams and a Bed Skirt.   You will find that coverlets are often sold as an exact match in design to a bedspread.

They are lightweight, great for summer use or just for snuggling on your favorite sofa.

Martha’s Choice design also comes in a Bedspread,   this style is called Martha’s choice because George Washington purchased this style for his bride, Martha Dandridge.

Kingston Chenille Bedspread

Kingston Chenille Bedspread

Beautiful piece of Americana;   will go with Traditional, Colonial, and Heritage decor.  I’m originally from York, Pennsylvania, as a little girl I remember my Grandparents had a beautiful  bedspread just like this, that was the beginning of my love for these woven bedspreads.

Cape Cod Design

Cape Cod Design

What a beautiful bedspread for a home at the beach,  East Coast, or West Coast this will add elegance to any home.  Just enough weight for those cool summer nights at the beach.

Thank you, and visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for ALL your Trendy “Bedspread”  Bedding.