Beautiful Trendy Bedspreads

Queen Elizabeth Bedspread

Queen Elizabeth Bedspread

Beautiful Trendy Bedspreads now at The Trendy Bed.     I have been looking for Beautiful,  Elegant, Trendy, and Americana bedspreads for some time and I am so happy to say, “There Here”..

What is a Bedspread really?

Bedspreads are a timeless and simple classic covering for your top of the bed.  Bedspreads usually cover the entire bed by hanging all the way to the floor and fold over your pillows.

Standard size beds have a drop of 21″, if you do have a higher bed you may want to purchase a bed skirt to give you that desired finished look, and that Trendy Bed look that we all love.

Shams are occasionally used to complement a bedspread.


Martha's Choice Coverlet

What is a Coverlet?

Coverlets are lightweight, like a quilt.  They tend to be used in warmer areas of the country and during the Summer season, instead of a comforter or bedspread.

Coverlets cover the top of the bed only, similar to a comforter.  Coverlets do not cover the bed pillows or hang to the floor like a bedspread, they are most often used with Shams and a Bed Skirt.   You will find that coverlets are often sold as an exact match in design to a bedspread.

They are lightweight, great for summer use or just for snuggling on your favorite sofa.

Martha’s Choice design also comes in a Bedspread,   this style is called Martha’s choice because George Washington purchased this style for his bride, Martha Dandridge.

Kingston Chenille Bedspread

Kingston Chenille Bedspread

Beautiful piece of Americana;   will go with Traditional, Colonial, and Heritage decor.  I’m originally from York, Pennsylvania, as a little girl I remember my Grandparents had a beautiful  bedspread just like this, that was the beginning of my love for these woven bedspreads.

Cape Cod Design

Cape Cod Design

What a beautiful bedspread for a home at the beach,  East Coast, or West Coast this will add elegance to any home.  Just enough weight for those cool summer nights at the beach.

Thank you, and visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for ALL your Trendy “Bedspread”  Bedding.



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