Happy Trendy Easter…DIY Decorating

I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and share some of these “Trendy” Easter ideas I found on Better Homes and Garden.

Egg Flower Cup

What a way to show your family and friends you care about them with one of these Egg Flower Cups at plate side.

How to make these:  Blown-out raw egg with small hole in top to hold individual tulip,  then prop your egg inside a silver napkin ring.   You can also use a tiny votive holder or an egg cup.

Time to do the Eggs:

Scrapebook eggs

These eggs are decorated with scrapbooking materials;  impress your kids with this idea and you all can be creative.   Pull out your stash of trims, stickers, rub-ons, and gems and let the fun begin.   Dye the eggs first, let them dry before you try to embellish them.

Trendy Easter Eggs

This super easy egg decorating is again with your scrapbooking supplies, you don’t even have to dye the eggs first!   Let the stickers give your white eggs all the flower power.  The deeply cut flower petals are easy to wrap around a egg because they cling to the curves.   These eggs are placed in little clay pots, use the pots later to plant your favorite spices.

Trendy Easter "Eraser" Decorating

This one I really liked.   Dye the eggs first, let them dry again before you start your eraser decorating.    Place some paint onto a disposable plate, dip just the end of the eraser into the paint and dot your egg.   Poke- A- Dot- Eggs, fun and simple for the whole family.  Tip:  you can also use Q-tips to make  small dots on your eggs.

"Trendy" Tootpick Egg Decorating

Here’s another great ideal that maybe the “older”  kids may enjoy.   Pour your paint on a disposable plate, picking your two color choices.   To make the petals of the flower, dip about 1/4 inch of the toothpick into the paint, then lay the toothpick down onto the egg.   Repeat making petals,  leaving a space in the middle for the center.  Using a new toothpick and a different color of paint, dip just the tip on the toothpick in the paint and dot the center two or three times.  Let the egg dry.   This can be done on white eggs or dyed eggs.

Hope you enjoyed these little tips, enjoy egg decorating with your family and have a very enjoyable Easter weekend.

Brought to you with love from Cathy @ The Trendy Home


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