Flying The Flag!

Memorial Day And Flag Dates to Remember.

The American Flag

The American Flag

This Monday is Memorial Day, originally called “Decoration Day”,  it is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service.

The Trendy Bed would like to take this time to thank all of those who have given their life for their Country – U.S.A.


Memorial Day

Don’t forget to fly the flag on Monday, May 31, 2010.  Proudly display your patriotism with an American Flag.

It’s appropriate to display the flag everyday (as long as it flies in accordance with the rules of the U.S. Flag Code).

However, it’s particularly important to fly the flag on the following days:

  • New Year’s Day,  January 1
  • Inauguration Day, January 20
  • Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday,  third Monday in January
  • Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12
  • Washington’s Birthday, third Monday in February
  • East Sunday
  • Mother’s Day, Second Sunday in May
  • Armed Forces Day, third Saturday in May
  • Memorial Day (half-staff until noon), last Monday in May
  • Flag Day,   June 14
  • Independence Day, July 4
  • Labor Day, first Monday in September
  • Constitution Day, September 17
  • Columbus Day, second Monday in October
  • Navy Day,  October 27
  • Veterans Day,  November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day, fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day, December 25
  • and such other days as may be proclaimed by the President of the United States;  the birthdays of  States (date of admission); and on State holidays.

One Nation Under God

Peace be with us all.

Cathy C


Decorating Ideas For The Home

Decorating Challenges for your Bed, Bath, and Living Room.

Today’s challenge #1: Do you have too much jewelry?  Or is it you just don’t have enough room in your jewelry box, does it look like this?


Today’s solution #1:    Turn your tangled jewelry into artwork.   Use shadow boxes or frames to group pieces of your jewelry together to create great works of art, and when you want to wear it you open up the shadow box and put it on!

Wall Art

Not only will your bed room walls sparkle with color, but you may find out that you actually wear your unique pieces more often because you see them on a regular basis.     Doing this will free up your jewelry box for your  “better” jewelry to be placed in a safe place.

Today’s challenge #2: No Towel Rack

Wine Towel Rack

Today’s solution #2:   In this picture they are using a wine rack to place rolled towels on,  not only are the towels easy to reach, but they are an instant decoration.

basket-2-rt1Another look is a big decorative basket full of colorful towels.

Bath room towel racks 004

What I personally use is a Comforter Rack and I hang our bath towels and our hand towels, makes for a perfect towel rack when you don’t want to drill holes in the wall paper.

Today’s challenge #3: No Focal point in the room.

Boring living room

Today’s Solution #3:    If your room is lacking a built in focal point such as a fireplace,  or built in entertainment center one needs to be created.

Focused Design

In this picture they hung a large size mirror on the wall, and paired it up with two wall mounted swing arm lamps and a table below to create a point of interest on the far wall.    This gives a place  for the eyes to focus on first when you first walk into the room, and it also added height and definition to this room.

Another great decorating tip is in hanging a mirror in a smaller room will always make the room appear larger, and with mounting the two lamps on the wall will give the room light without taking up floor space.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenges having to do with your Bed, Bath, and Home;   I hope I have helped you in making your home….


Cathy C


Living Room Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #3:  Furniture lines every wall!

Today we will be looking at Living Rooms and how to make intimate groupings that encourage conversation.

Trendy Indoor Living Room Decorating

Living Room #1

This is a large beautiful Living room but is the furniture spread too far apart?  Can you reach the coffee table sitting on the sofa or chair?

Living Room Decorating Tips

Living Room #2

In this Large Living room they actually made two intimate groupings,  two identical sofa’s are lined up back to back with a sofa table between them to add height and separation between the two groupings.

Trendy Living Room

Living Room #3

In this living room you get a nice  close and Personal feeling,   nobody likes a wallflower, especially when it comes to furniture.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room #4

Moving the furniture away from the wall and making an intimate grouping will actually make your room seem larger.

Sofas Living Room

Living Room #5

In the United States, sometimes the living room is reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining while a separate recreation room or family room is used for more casual activities.

Decorative Living Room with Fire Place

Living Room #6

In most of these groupings they have something in common, two matching sofa’s facing each other with a coffee table in between to support the beverage and light snacks.

Small Living Room Design

Living Room #7

This last picture is a living room in a  Condominium or Townhouse where the rooms are not as large or defined as in your standard house,  but as you see they have created a very nice, intimate area for two people to enjoy a conversation and the ambiance of the fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge of creating a more personal,  intimate space in the Living Room and have helped you in making your home….

The Trendy Home You've Always Dreamed Of


Build-Ins Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #2: Blank Build-ins

Bland Built In

Bland Built In

To be honest with you this is an example of beautiful workmanship -  I sincerely hope this picture was posted before they were done, but for this blog this is a sample of a bland built in.

Add texture and Color

Add texture and Color

Add punch to a window seat or built in by adding texture and color.   Add your cushion and decorative pillows to give you your texture and comfort and top it off by a colorful throw.

Bedroom Window Seat

Bedroom Window Seat

What color do I choose for my throw?

Window Seat 3

Window Seat

Look for a predominant color on the dust jackets or spines of the books in your shelving and repeat it in your throw.

Window Seat

Window Seat

As attractive as window seats are, only a few older homes with deep dormers seem to have them.

window seat 7

Kitchen Window Seat

As we have seen in these pictures by adding texture and color the space demands attention, and is a beautiful addition to any room in your home.


Show house Window Seat

If you have a beautiful window seat,  built-in,  or just a boring corner in your home add a touch of color to splash it up.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today and I hope I have helped you in making your home…..


Cathy C


Window Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #1:  Low Ceilings

I can across some really cool tips for almost every room in your home, most of them are very inexpensive decorating tips that can generate a complete new mood to any room.

Thank you Better Homes and Garden for all your great ideals.

You have low ceilings in your home and you would like to generate a little height in your room.

Low Ceilings

Low Ceilings

Solution:  Make a room seem taller by installing the curtain rod ABOVE the window frame.  Draperies should graze the bottom of the window sill OR on the floor like the next picture.

Create elegance with length

Create elegance with length

You can also create Height and Elegance with length – in this picture they hung the decorative curtain rod above the window to take your eyes up,  and then down with the long drapes to the floor giving the room a high ceiling effect.

Cornice Box

Cornice Box

If you do not necessary like that look but you want to create height to your room you can make a Cornice Box to conceal your window hardware and give it a much needed face lift.   These cornice box’s can be made out of plywood and crown molding like the one above, or just plywood and be covered by matching fabric.  This little tip can be used in every room in your home.

Elegant Cornice Top

Elegant Cornice Top

In this Dinning Room they covered the Cornice Box’s with matching drapery fabric and fringe to create a very Formal and Elegant look;   they also installed  chair rail and wainscoting in this room that will also keep your eyes busy giving the room a much larger feel.

Hope this gave you an idea or two for the windows in your home, stay tuned for our Challenge #2

Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog and I hope they help you make your Home…thetrendyhomeBLOG-THUMBNAIL

Cathy C


Happy Mother’s Day from The Trendy Bed

The History of Mother’s Day!

I wanted to do something different for  Mother’s Day -  I hope you enjoy, I know I learned a lot.

Celebrating motherhood is a historical tradition dating back almost as far as mothers themselves.   A number of ancient cultures paid tribute to mothers as goddesses, including the ancient Greek, who celebrated Rhea, the mother of all Gods.


Rhea, Mother of All Gods

One of the earliest historical records of a society celebrating a Mother deity can be found among the ancient Egyptians, who held an annual festival to honor the goddess Isis, who was commonly regarded as the Mother of the pharaohs.


Isis, Mother of the Pharaoh's

So the story goes, after Isis’ brother-husband Osiris was slain and dismembered in 13 pieces by their jealous brother Seth, Isis re-assembled Osiris’ body and used it to impregnate herself. She then gave birth to Horus, whom she was forced to hide amongst the reeds lest he be slaughtered by Seth. Horus grew up and defeated Seth, and then became the first ruler of a unified Egypt. Thus Isis earned her stature as the Mother of the pharaohs.

Yet the Roman root of Mother’s Day is perhaps more precisely found in the celebration of the Phrygian goddess Cybele, or Magna Mater (Great Mother).


Cybele, Great Mother

The Roman celebration of Magna Mater fell between March 15 and March 22, just around the same time as the Greek festival in honor of Rhea. Referred to as Hilario, games were held in honor of the Mother of the gods.  Also customary was a procession through the streets with a statue of the goddess carried at the head,  followed by a display of elaborate arts and crafts.

In the 1600′s a clerical decree in England broadened the celebration to include real Mothers, earning the name Mothering Day.  Mothering Day became an especially compassionate holiday toward the working classes of England.  During this Lenten Sunday,  servants and trade workers were allowed to travel back to their towns of origin to visit their families.

Mothering Day in United Kingdome

Mothering Day in UK

Mothering Day also provided a one-day reprieve from the fasting and penance of Lent so that families across England could enjoy a sumptuous family feast—Mother was the guest of honor.  Mothers were presented with cakes and flowers, as well as a visit from their beloved and distant children.


When the first English settlers came to America, they discontinued the tradition of Mothering Day.  While the British holiday would live on, the American Mother’s Day would be invented—with an entirely new history—centuries later.  One explanation for the settlers’ discontinuation of Mothering Day was that they just didn’t have time; they lived under harsh conditions and were forced to work long hours in order to survive.

Another possibility, however,  is that Mothering Day conflicted with their Puritan ideals.  Fleeing England to practice a more conservative Christianity without being persecuted, the pilgrims ignored the more secular holidays,  focusing instead on a no-frills devotion to God.  For example, even holidays such as Christmas and Easter were much more somber occasions for the pilgrims, usually taking place in a Church that was stripped of all extraneous ornamentation.

The first North American Mother’s Day was conceptualized with Julia Ward Howe’s  Mother’s Day Proclamation in 1870.  Despite having penned The Battle Hymn of the Republic 12 years earlier, Howe had become so distraught by the death and carnage of the Civil War that she called on Mother’s to come together and protest what she saw as the futility of their Sons killing the Sons of other Mothers.


Julia Ward Howe

In 1873  women’s  groups in 18 North American cities observed this new Mother’s holiday.   Howe initially funded many of these celebrations,  but most of them died out once she stopped footing the bill.   The city of Boston, however, would continue celebrating Howe’s holiday for 10 more years.

A West Virginia women’s group (Mother’s Work Day Club) led by Anna Reeves Jarvis began to celebrate an adaptation of Howe’s holiday.  In order to re-unite families and neighbors that had been divided between the Union and Confederate sides of the Civil War, the group held a Mother’s Friendship Day.

Anna Reeves jarvis and Daughter

Anna Reeves Jarvis and Daughter

Anna Reeves Jarvis helped spearhead the national movement of activist motherhood.   She aided BOTH sides of the Civil War with camp sanitation and medical care, promoted universal access of medicine to the poor, and organized Mother’s Work Day Clubs in 1858.

After Anna Reeves Jarvis died, her daughter Anna M. Jarvis campaigned for the creation of an official Mother’s Day in remembrance of her mother and in honor of peace.

Anna M. Jarvis

In 1908, Anna petitioned the superintendent of the church where her Mother had spent over 20 years teaching Sunday School.  Her request was honored,  and on May 10, 1908,  the first official Mother’s Day celebration took place at Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia and a church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Anna Jarvis quit working and devoted herself full time to the creation of Mother’s Day, endlessly petitioning state governments, business leaders, women groups, churches and other institutions and organizations.   She finally convinced the World’s Sunday School Association to back her,  a key influence over state legislators and congress.

In 1912 West Virginia became the first state to officially recognize Mother’s Day, and in 1914  Woodrow Wilson signed it into national observance,  declaring the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

I learned a lot today on this subject and I’m glad I wrote this…  I wish I could tell my Mom “Happy Mother’s Day” today and every other day.    She is gone of this world and I’m 100% sure she is happy being back in her lovers arms, my Dad!

To all you Mothers,   please have a GREAT day and take this one day and be specially nice to yourself,  you deserve it.

Flowers from my Heart to You!

Flowers from my Heart to You!

Cathy C



Bathroom Remodeling – Interior Ideas and Tips

Trendy Bathrooms in Pastel…

When it comes to remodeling your house the Kitchen and the Bathroom are the two most popular rooms in your house.

Soft Aqua Bathroom

So, why is it that one of the smallest rooms in the house—the bathroom— can costs so much to upgrade?      This is the subject of today’s blog.  We have a little secret:   Bathroom overhauls don’t have to put the hurt on your wallet!   In fact, you can have fun adding personality and pretty touches without spending a fortune.   One good idea when remodeling or upgrading a bathroom is using wainscoting, the benefits are numerous, the look is beautiful, and you can do it your self. Here are some great bathrooms all using wainscoting, and a touch of color to brighten up the room.

Luxury in Lavender

Lavender in Luxury

Another great DIY idea is painting your bathroom,  yes the room is small and it is not the easiest to paint,  but never underestimate the power of paint!

If purple is your royal color, then this lavender bathroom exudes that same royal feeling.   The pale lavender walls,  white wainscoting,  a black sink to create some “drama”,  and a nice set of shelves to show case your bathroom accessories and beautiful towels.

Bubble Baths in Blue

Bubbles in Blue

If Baby Blue is your color, this is the bathroom for you.  Soft blue walls and creamy white wainscoting shimmer against sparkling chrome faucets and sconces.   While your upgrading your bathroom with new paint,   it’s the perfect time to upgrade those fixtures and towel racks.   When it’s all done, sit back and enjoy that bubble bath!

Goodlooking in Green

Grandeur in Green

Set at treetop level, this attic bath set in soft green walls, cool white wainscoting and white “Pegasus Versailles” sink.     Building a fake wall to hide the plumbing was also a great way to make a shelf behind the sink,  just another creative way to use the wainscoting and create a focal point in the room.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

What a beautiful Claw Foot Tub, painting the exterior black makes a beautiful statement along with pulling out the black in the floor design.   Adding the new “vintage” hardware makes it easy for daily cleansing rituals.  This black and white bath gets a shot of color from a soft pink paint color on the walls, along with the white wainscoting to give the bath a true vintage flare.

Yield in Youthful Yellow

Yield in Youthful Yellow

When I saw this yellow bathroom and reminded me of a previous blog when I said “Yellow” is the in color this year,  yellow has been very popular in home decorating this spring.

In this smaller bathroom,  they painted the upper walls in a pale yellow, lower walls in white wainscoting,  and added a new pedestal sink to give it a updated look.

Hope I inspired you to give your bathroom a face lift, or even a new color,  and turn your home into……


Cathy C


The Trendy Bed – Making the Bed!

Sheets Attached or Fitted?

People in bed 3

I’m all about getting a good nights sleep these days… and my husband is a very restless sleeper. I’m one of those people that you put to bed, come back in the morning and “most of the time” it will look like I didn’t even move!   Now, I know I do… but I like sheets that don’t stick to me and sleep wear (PJ’s) that are not binding.

Where am I going with this?

All most EVERY morning I have to make the bed, and I mean “make the bed” on my husbands side due to his restless sleep habits.   I’m sure one day we’ll have separate bed’s, but I’m not there yet!   OK, you are allowed to have a good laugh,   I never thought I would EVER say that…

Unhappy people in bed

The other day while making the bed,  I was wondering  if they actually make  “Fitted”  top sheets?   I never really thought of it, but like most things that are invented,  it’s usually out of necessity.  So I started talking to my suppliers and Oh My Gosh!  They do.   They even make “attached” sheets for conventional mattresses!!   I knew they made attached sheets for water beds, but I learned something new that day.

Then I asked my readers on facebook,  “If they made  “Fitted Top Sheets”  would it be something you would purchase,  AND should I add them to The Trendy Bed?”     And the response was 100% YES!       And yes, they are already on The Trendy Bed for your shopping convenience, click here.

So, needless to say I have two sets of  fitted Top Sheets coming my way,  AND I have added them as an option on our new 300 thread count “Beyond Bliss”  combed cotton sheet sets.    I have also included the option to have them attached at the bottom for those that like that idea.

The attached sheets would be very close to the Inseparable Sheets that we already carry, but those are also attached along one side for bunk beds, or a bed that are up against a wall for easy comfort and making of the bed.

Inseparable Sheets

Inseparable Sheets

I personally am looking forward to the fitted top sheets as I do like to split my sheet sets  for a totally different look to my bed.   I’ll use a gold top sheet and a burgundy fitted sheet because those are the two colors of my 2-Tone Cotton Comforter.     I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep with our new “Beyond Bliss”  sheet set, and waking up in the morning and having my sheets still on the bed.    I’ll keep everyone posted as to how they work.

CoupleInBed small

I hope you all enjoyed the little “humor” in this blog today.

Have a GREAT day, and a day with out humor is a day with out sun shine!

Cathy C


Designer Bedding – Bed In A Bag

New Designer Bed In A Bag’s @ The Trendy Bed

Julian Bed In A Bag

Julian Bed In A Bag

This week has been the week for New Designer Style Bed In A Bag’s at The Trendy Bed.   I have done a lot of blogs on the benefits of purchasing a Bed In A Bag,  they are an economic investment,  every thing matches, and usually a designer has put them together, so we all know they look good.    Our Julian Bed In A Bag set is a 8 piece set with Comforter, 14″ Drop tailored bed skirt with kick pleats,  comes with 2 matching standard size pillow shams,  2 matching Euro pillow shams,  1 breakfast pillow, 1 decorative 18 x 18 firm filled cushion.

Beautiful Quilt Bed In A Bag

Beautiful Quilt Bed In A Bag

At this point it’s just finding the one with your right colors, and the one that says “That’s It”….    The new Chocolate Quilted Set is a 9 piece set  with beautiful diamond pattern Quilt that is Brown on one side and Gold on the reverse giving you dual options in this Bed In A Bag.   Also comes with matching box pleated 14″ drop bed skirt, 2 standard shams, 2 matching Euro pillow shams, 1 breakfast pillow, 1 decorative 18 x 18 firm filled cushion and 1 beautiful matching throw measuring 50 x 60″.

Dual Colverdale Option 1

Dual Cloverdale Option 1

Dual Cloverdale Option 2

Dual Cloverdale Option 2

I am finding this years new Bed In A Bag’s are giving us options.  Like the new Cloverdale, 100% Egyptian Cotton 400 thread count bedding.  This is a 12 piece set that the Duvet Cover and all shams are made with dual prints.    If you enjoy the colors of deep wine and white, this could be the one for you.  These designs are brand new and will become available on May 15th for shipping.

Lilian Bed In A Bag Option One

Lilian Bed In A Bag Option 1

Lilian 2 BIB

Lilian Bed In A Bag Option 2

The Lilian Bed In A Bag is also a Dual Option Designer Set, 12 piece, 100% Egyptian Cotton and this is a beautiful flowery / contemporary design mixing the flowers on Navy Blue background along with matching color strips for a very “Trendy” look.     These 12 piece sets also come with a White Down Alternative comforter for your Duvet cover.

Hamption Bed In A Bag Option 1

Hampton Bed In A Bag Option 1

Hampton Bed In A Bag Option 2

Hampton Bed In A Bag Option 2

I was really taken by this new “Hampton” Bed in A Bag -  Paisley designs are coming back in style with a vengeance and this 12 piece Bed In A Bag gives you a bright beautiful Paisley design along with a softer design.    Flip it over to match your mood,  bedding with an attitude!      Trendy at it’s BEST!

Tabley Bed In A Bag by Regency

Tabley Bed In A Bag by Regency

This “Tabley”  Bed In A Bag set is from our new Regency Collection at The Trendy Bed.  I saw this and it brought me back to when I was 16 years old, wishing  I had a bed like this.   I loved the design of the comforter and the striped 14″ Drop bed ruffle and the poke-a-doted  complete sheet set,  what teenager wouldn’t like this?    Dorm room?   This just says “FUN” to me.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at our new Designer  Bed In A Bag’s from The Trendy Bed this morning.    All of these great designs can be found in our “Designer Style”,  Bed In A Bag section.

Make your HOME………