Interior Decorating Tips – Guest Room

Sometimes I Love when Guest are coming, or we are having a get-together,  It’s the only time my “Honey Do” List gets done completely!   It is a great motivator for home improvements,  or maybe it’s just a little sprucing up.

Is it time to declutter your home?


From that to this?

Up Close and Personal

Don’t get me wrong,  A home needs to look and feel comfortable and lived in but too much “lived in” can be a little over whelming for your house guest.

In decorating your guest bedroom, keep it simple.  I guest room can be very comfortable and accommodating without being over done.

two tone bedding

If you have only one guest room choose twin beds over a double or queen;  that way children, friends, or couples can occupy the room comfortably.    A shared, center table serves both beds as a place for a personal items and alarm clock or radio.


Another way to make your house guest comfortable is by installing a TV.   We all know the purpose of a house guest is to visit with the host,  but we all need some “down time”, this can come late at night when one goes to bed, or first thing in the morning with their first cup of coffee.

Install a TV

Make space for your guest with drawer space and closet space.    If you are like me, my guest room closet is full of winter coats – move them if you can or at least move them to the side and make it known that this open space is for them.  Make sure they have hangers available and a nice house/bath robe is a nice touch that your guests would surly appreciate.  At The Trendy Bed we have Bamboo Robes and 100% Organic Cotton House Robes made by Pure Fiber.

Make space in the closet

Please  make sure your guest have comfortable bedding.   You don’t have to have the best, but the one thing you do need is clean, comfortable, well fitted sheets.


At The Trendy Bed let us help you in this area, we have Sheet Sets from 300 thread count to 1500 thread count;   Satin Sheets,  100% Bamboo,  or Bamboo / Egyptian Cotton Blend.   Our 300 thread count – Beyond Bliss is heavenly, and affordable with matching Duvet Covers, Bed Skirts, and Shams.

Guest Rooms are one topic I enjoy writing on, it’s so nice to be spoiled;   and it’s even nicer to spoil someone we love!

I hope I’ve given you some ideas to help you to turn your home into….


Cathy C




Interior Decorating Tips – The Mud Room

The 21st Century Mud Room

Before we look at today’s mud room, lets look at the history of the Mud Room.   Farm and manor houses had a back room or porch where farmers would deposit their soiled clothes and boots and wash up at a pump before entering the main house.


Farm House Rear Mud Room

This is a perfect example of a farm house with the mud room attached to the back of the home.

In the late 1970′s, the laundry room moved up from the basement and the mud room/laundry room combination became the logical transition from the outside into the home.


Combination Mud Room/Laundry Room

The disadvantage to this arrangement was the obvious conflict between outside dirt and the need for cleanliness with the wash.  Today, the laundry rooms are usually separated from the mudroom and are built closer to the bedrooms.   This ideal has been well received by homeowners especially in two story or split-level  homes, or even in the larger single story home.


Family Mud Room

Ideally, today’s mudroom should serve as an entrance to the house from both the garage (if attached) and the rear of the house.   A well-designed mudroom serves as a great place for backpacks,  sports equipment,  purse,  car keys,  jackets, umbrella’s, brief cases,  boots, sneakers, beach bag, and more.


Mud Room and Family Pet

This keeps the clutter out of the kitchen and helps keep busy families better organized.  This is also a great place to hang a bulletin board with game schedules, or a chalk board to write short reminders to other family members.


Family Mud Room

Mudrooms can accommodate such things as hooks, hangers, storage cabinets, walk in closets, locker size cubbyholes, shoe racks, umbrella stand,  and built in desks.

Use Overhead Space

Keeping Family Organized

Mudrooms may even serve as a dog kennel when the family is away from the home.


Better Homes and Garden Mub Room

The mudroom should be where the FAMILY entrance to the home is, not at your front door where you receive your guest.

Impress Your Guests

Front Entrance

Where mudrooms are for the family and located at the back of the home, it’s a smart idea to have some accommodations at your front entrance as well.   This entry features a cozy recessed niche that offers a place for you or your guest to drop off a bag, purse, or briefcase and ample room for coats.

Mudroom Addition

Mud Room Addition

If your entry space is in short supply and you’re tired of entry turmoil, consider a mudroom addition to accommodate your family’s needs.  Here an addition provides just enough space for a mudroom to serve a full house.  Hooks hold purses, coats, and hats while a storage bench conceals winter-weather accessories. Reliable tile flooring makes cleanup easy.

Let us help you turn your home…


Cathy C