Trendy Fall Decorating Tips

Trendy decorating tips to take your home from Summer to Fall.

The transition from summer to fall can be a good time to get your home organized and in shape since most of us shift our focus indoors.   If you’re like me, I’ll take my bedding from white to color.

Let’s not be fooled by all the attention paid to “Spring Cleaning”,  in the fall your home will need just as much attention due to being closed up.   This is the perfect time to infuse your space with color and warmth to carry you through the winter months.

Bring the outside in with mums and pumpkins,   decorate your dinning table with a decorative centerpiece and update accessories to fall colors.   There are many ways to bring in the warm, deep colors and cozy textures of fall,  Bedding, Bath linens,  accent pillows, place mats, and cloth napkins.

To really make a statement without too much work focus your seasonal decorating to what your guest see first when they walk in your home.

It’s OK to be bold,  bold stands out and Say’s Notice Me!

When decorating try to focus on a big ticket item in a room such as the comforter or quilt in the bedroom or pillows, lamps or rug in the living room.

This years colors are bold and bright, especially deep reds and purples and can be a nice complement to the normal subdued and darker tones that are usual for fall.

Add a vase,  candle stick, or bowl to make your room pop with color.

Enjoy, be creative, and most of all have fun in making your HOME

Cathy C