Wall Art Styles for Your Living Room

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Wall art is the most common way to breathe life into an empty wall. These simple pieces are easy to install and require almost no maintenance whatsoever, apart from the occasional dusting.

The only real problem, however, is the choice of wall art.

It is said that all art is beautiful – except not all the time. This can’t be truer for wall art, since picking the wrong kind of wall art to go with your living room can actually make things cluttered and tasteless instead.

So what kind of wall art will you add to your living room?

Canvas Wall Art

Paintings are probably the first thing to pop up in most people’s heads when it comes to decorating the walls of a living room – and for good reason too.

James Rixner Interior Design (Canvas Wall Art)

‘Design Shuffle: James Rixner Interior Design’ (via)

Canvas opens a wide array of artistic possibilities, all within the confines of a symmetrical rectangle. Mismatching an artistic style with the living room’s décor, however, is a pretty common problem for those who fail to grasp the basics of artistic pairing.  Make sure that you have a solid understanding of your living room’s theme before picking out a painting and you should do just fine.

Wall Art Tapestry

Woven cloth has always been a favorite medium of art in many countries, and the exotic air about a tapestry piece will definitely add much to a living room’s design.

Fine Art Tapestries Formal Residences Italian Villa Wall Tapestry / Wall Hanging

‘Fine Art Tapestries Formal Residences Italian Villa Wall Tapestry / Wall Hanging’ (via)

Wall tapestry is something that adds an earthy, tribal feel to a wall – even if the tapestry itself is made from space-age materials. Even the manner by which art is portrayed on woven thread gives it an exotic aura, adding even more to its overall charm. Just make sure that the designs and colors on the tapestry will match well with the other pieces in the living room.

Metal Wall Art

The toughness and solidity of metal gives it an oppressively powerful aura, making it an ideal material for centerpieces meant to draw a person’s full focus.

Metal Wall Art

‘Butterfly Metal Wall Art’ (via)

There are many designs for metal wall art, but the material they are crafted from will never remove that powerful effect. This makes wall art very effective in filling up large chunks of space on the wall; providing a lot of aesthetic benefits even when only one piece sits on the said wall. This is something that you have to remember, lest you congest your living room’s wall with too many metal art pieces.

Abstract Wall Art

Are you fond of being unique? Do you like moving away from convention? Do you like to tickle people’s thoughts with baffling art? Then abstract art is just the thing for you!

Design Shuffle: Chris Judy Abstract Wall Art

‘Design Shuffle: Chris Judy Abstract Wall Art’ (via)

The puzzling interplay of shapes and colors is what defines this particular genre of art, and this puzzling effect can be brought about in your living room with abstract wall art. Abstract art, however, clashes violently with other more conventional styles. It is for this reason that you have to be very careful with how you integrate this particular art style with the rest of your living room.

Keep these art styles in mind and you’ll be able to pick out the right one for the walls of your living room!

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