Taylor Linens now at The Trendy Bed

New to The Trendy Bed – Taylor Linen Quilts, Bed Skirts,  Shams, and Pillows.

"Laura" Linens by Taylor Linens

Taylor Linens now @ The Trendy Bed.com

Last weekend Doug and I were down in Temecula, California  enjoying the “Wild West Days” and I wondered into a store called “Serendipity

"Abigal"  Quilt

"Abigal" by Taylor Lines now @ The Trendy Bed.com

Inside the store I came across some beautiful Quilts and Shams by “Taylor Linens”,  I called Doug (my husband) over and said “Look at these, aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!”   I’m going to tell you even HE was impressed with the workmanship and quality of this product.

"Beth"  by Taylor Linens now at The Trendy Bed

"Beth" by Taylor Lines now @ The Trendy Bed.com

I’m going to tell you I took a picture of the product tag with my cell phone and came home and goggled  “Taylor Linens“,   I HAD to have this product on The Trendy Bed!   I knew my customers would love these quilts, bed skirts,  shams, pillows, and Duvet Covers as much as I did!

Bryant Park

Bryant Park by Taylor Lines now @ The Trendy Bed.com

I am so excited and glad to say The Trendy Bed is now an authorized dealer for Taylor Linens.

Bed Skirts:  Did I say Bed Skirts,  The Trendy Bed started three years ago just selling bed skirts…I love bed skirts, they complete the look to any bed.

Prairie Bed Skirt by Taylor Linens @ The Trendy Bed.com

I fell in love with the Prairie Collection by Taylor Lines, reminds me of an Bed & Breakfast we went to in Sutter Creek called The Foxes Inn of  Sutter Creek.

Shams at The Trendy Bed.com

Shams by Taylor Linens now @ The Trendy Bed.com

The Daisy Dot Shams and Bed Skirt comes in White and Cream,   all of  Taylor Linens Bed skirts come with a 18″ drop.

Please drop on by The Trendy Bed and take a look at these beautiful quilts, shams, and Bed Skirts, and look out – more item will be coming soon!

See you soon at The Trendy Bed and remember to make your home:

Cathy Campbell



The Trendy Bed Say’s Thank You!

Taking time to Relax

Where do I start?

This is not the normal The Trendy Home blog, if you have noticed I haven’t been around writing my blogs that I used to LOVE to do much this year!

On January 27 I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer – Thank You Lord it was only Stage #1 but if you were ever told you have  “CANCER”  at first you think someone just signed your death notice.    It’s all you think about, 24/7.

On February 7th I had my surgery at Hoag Hospital here in Southern California,  complete hysterectomy along with the Lymph nodes  – they wanted to be sure they got it all and I was happy to oblige.

I’m so happy to say I don’t need Chemo or Radiation, all I need is to make sure I get my blood work every three months for the next 2 years, and every 6 months for the following 3 years until I hit that magical “5″ years.

I have been so blessed and I know it;   has there been dark days, sure I’m human but I also know they will pass.   I have seen the power of friends,  family and staying positive.

The Campbell's

My darling Husband.

I know it wasn’t easy on my Husband, his  Parents, and Siblings are all gone and the thought of losing his wife wasn’t something he wanted to even consider!


The YaYa Girls

The Ya Ya Girls

Us Girls just can’t make it in this world without our Best Friends,  these are my best friends:  Michelle, Laura, and Pamela.  Michelle and I were pregnant together 26 years ago,  Laura and I have something in common – Cancer.  She’s fighting her battle as well  and I’m happy to say things are looking up for her too;  and we have so much in common you would think we have been friends for life.   Then there’s Pamela – we have been neighbors for over 15 years now and there was even a move in there,  and they followed us and they are still the best neighbors, family by choice, and friends the Campbell family could ask for.

My Family

Matthew, Lindsey, and Michael

One of the hardest things I had to do was tell my “boy’s” that their Mother had Cancer!   And I add “HAD” cancer!   I’m looking forward to playing with my grandchildren and spooling them rotten and then giving them back!

My life today!    What’s it like living without your body’s thermostat?    I’m always hot or Cold,   NO in between!    Window’s open, ceiling fan on HIGH during the night and most of the time my dear husband is under the covers so tight and I’m on top with nothing on!    It reminds me of the musical  “Menopause“   if you haven’t seen it, it’s a good fun night out with the girls or even the husband.  (Mine laughed so hard!)   But it’s so TRUE!

So, I wanted to say  HI to my readers and I am feeling much better and have gained most of my strength back and ready to write some blogs.

The Trendy Bed has added some new products lately so look forward to some product updates.

There is a good life even after being told you have Cancer – keep it positive and lean on your friends and family, they just might surprise you!

Thank you and much LOVE!