Trendy Bedroom Designs

Create a relaxing and beautiful haven with these trendy bedroom tips;  add color and texture with bedding and window treatments.   Add character with furniture, and light and sparkle with mirrors.

If you have been following The Trendy Home you know I love to bring you pictures of beautiful homes and great decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your own Trendy Home.  Hope you enjoy these new pictures, and some old favorites.


A Touch of Class:   I found this one on Better Homes and Gardens,  Architectural relics, such as this dramatic old bar mirror to make a great beautiful headboard.  The oversize scale of the piece works in this room because the mirror reflects so much light, giving the appearance of spaciousness.   White matelasse  linens add interesting texture while allowing the mirror to shine.


Add Class with Glass


Do you live by the Beach?  This next picture is a beautiful “Beachy” bedroom that is not overdone.   The white beaded boards and navy walls make a beautiful frame for this handsome bedroom inspired by the beach.   Shell artwork and accessories reinforce the theme but it’s not over the top.  Beautiful, elegant, and inviting.    Check out our Black and White Bed in a Bag by Royal’s Hotel Collection to help you achieve the same look as in the picture below.


Bliss at the Beach

When Two Bed are better than one!     I love this look, can you tell which one is the Ladies Bed, and which one is the Mens?   Ruffled Shams vs Tailored Shams is a nice little decorating tip to separate the sexes.     Twin beds aligned along the same wall naturally lend themselves to a symmetrical scheme — are always pleasing to the eye.    Underscore the effect by dressing the beds with matching bedding  and treating the wall space above the headboards in the same manner.    Anchor the center of the duo with a singe table for this beautiful look.

When Two are better than One!



Would love to hear your thoughts on this blog, what did you take away from it and did it inspire you to make any changes in your home?

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