Planning a Nursery?

I just found out I’m going to be a Grandmother so that sparked in interest in Nurseries again!

Planning a Nursery should be fun, just don’t wait till the last month to do it all.

This is not a “how too”,  this is just a great collection of  AWESOME  nurseries to be inspired and get the imagination going!

Baby Gone MOD!

By avoiding pastels you can create a place that can change easily as baby becomes a toddler.

Simple and Elegant

I don’t know about you but I wish I had a room like this when I was a new Mother, this is beautiful.   Nursery with a View, creating a soothing space accommodates both parents and child without sacrificing style.

Lovely Nursery

This crib it beautiful and commands  “Look At Me”,  beautiful floral carpeting harmonizes with the upholstery and valance.

Decor is the star of this Nursery

Beautiful mixture of pale pink, tan, and sage green along with some dark antique furniture for a beautiful blend of New and Old!  This room also is ready for growth going from baby to toddler with ease.

Baby's gone Paisley

I loved the bright colors and that window seat, makes a great Nursery and a beautiful room to grow up in.

Dreamy Nights

Cuddly chenille bedding and a white netting over the crib gives this room a sense of softness.  Notice the beautiful leaded glass design for a beautiful finishing touch to a beautifully done nursery.

Cheerful and heavenly!

Cheerful yellows and heavenly blues beam brightly in this  Beatrix Potter inspired nursery.  With a cloud dusted sky mural covering the ceiling and partway down the walls, this nursery works well for a baby boy or girl.

Storybook Nursery

Another beautiful Nursery using Sage, Mauve, and Cream for a bright cheerful room.

Fill it with TOYS!

I had to pull this picture into my mix because my Son and Daughter-In-Law’s old 1890′s home has walls like these and with using one’s imagination and being creative and most of all having fun I’m sure they will create a Nursery just an wonderful as the one’s I showed today.

I hope you enjoyed my grouping of wonderful Nurseries,  I know not all new parents have the resources to create beautiful rooms like these Nurseries,  but the most important thing is to have fun putting it together and fill it with LOVE!

I would like to thank Better Homes and Gardens for these great pictures and decorating suggestions – these can all be found on

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Tips for Remodeling A Bedroom

The Trendy Home has the pleasure of another guest blogger,  Megan Gates;  Megan Gates is an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to NY Rentals . The Hamptons, home improvement and the latest architecture, design and fashion. Follow her on twitter @MEGatesDesign.

Whether people remodel bedrooms for upgrading resale value of the house or just for their own comfort and pleasure, remodels can be fun.  Showcasing the room’s shape and aura with a mixture of color and texture not only adds beauty, but it adds personality to the room.

Transforming a bedroom with classical overtones or pure whimsy reflects the bedroom’s tenant in all his imaginative glory. It makes the people who enter the room want to remain to enjoy its effects.


Aside from space, the focus of any room will be its windows.  Windows allow light into a room while letting you enjoy the outdoors inside.  Window treatments are going to be important, therefore, in highlighting the beauty of the windows.

Conservatory blinds:  These are produced with reflective backing to block the sun’s harmful rays while letting in the light.  They can be made to order in any color, in addition to a variety of styles,  from roller blinds to woven to pleated blinds.

Folding shutters:  Unlatch the hook, fold back the shutters, and let the sun shine in.

Swags:  Swags can be arranged in pleats, folds or multiple hangings over rattan blinds, sheers or curtains.


Since bedrooms aren’t usually lit brightly for specific purposes, such as reading or sewing, the lighting is generally soft.  Lamps will be found typically for this purpose, or perhaps the light attached to a ceiling fan.

Recessed cans:  Recessed lighting provides the softness generally found in bedrooms, and they can be brightened with a twist of the switch.

Track lighting: This, too, can be brightened or dimmed as desired and adds panache to any room.

Tree lamps:  If you’re going to have a lamp, make a statement.  The cans or arms can be positioned to light up corners for reading or sewing, or just add a glow to a room.


Carpeting: Any upgrade to a house includes carpeting. But you can also think outside the box
Hardwood floors: Sprinkle them with area rugs in matching shades to your bed linens and watch the room come together.

Vinyl tile: This, too, can be strewn with area rugs, but you might not want the pretty pattern of the tile to be covered up.


Walls are fun. They can be outlined with a border, cut a niche into them for any purpose at all, such as holding a few books or collectible dolls, or walls can be built out to contain a corner fireplace/entertainment center. Walls can be lit with sconces to showcase paintings or they can support candelabra for a romantic evening.


Lighten up a room sporting dark woods in dressers, chests of drawers, armories or headboards with champagne satin coverlets for the bed and matching hangings for the window treatments.  

Area rugs on the hardwood or tiled floors can add the freshness of a garden with floral patterns in light colors. Fabrics and pretty blankets can be mounted on walls like a tapestry. If the room’s tenant aimed the lighting at these things, the room would look fresh and lovely.

Remodeling a bedroom,  for comfort or for resale value, is all about focus. Making the room look fresh and new is about color and texture, woods and fabrics, lighting and imaginative combinations. It’s about aura and personality. You might not even want to sell the house.

Thank you Megan for your blog, great tips and ideas for The Trendy Home readers, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for some of the great pictures  I used to showcase Megan’s tips.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this blog, what did you take away from it and did it inspire you to make any changes to your bedroom?

Thank You and come visit us also at The Trendy Bed,  and remember to make your home: