Why The Trendy Bed?

With this being www.thetrendybed.com ‘s first blog I would like to introduce my self, my name is Cathy Campbell and I started this business in June 2008.  I am married and have 2 grown sons and one daughter-in-law.  My husband and I reside in Southern California and it was time for a change in my career so I started The Trendy Bed as an online business.

Mom and Son

Mom and Son

Why did I decide to sale Bed Skirts?   My youngest son is in his 4th year at Cal State Fullerton and I was decorating his “bachelor pad” for him.  He wanted a Black and White theme, so we went out and got new bedding etc.,  and when we got home and put his bed together, I said, “ you need a Bed Skirt.”   Well, trying to find a Black Full Tailored Bed Skirt was all but impossible.  I came home and got on line and I found it to be very time consuming to just find a Black Full Tailored Bed Skirt.  With so many “Beds in a Bag”,  complete bed ensembles, it seemed that’s all that came up.  I just needed one Black Full Tailored Bed Skirt and then I figured if I was having this challenge, I couldn’t be alone.
So this is how I started The Trendy Bed and I am loving every minute of it.

I am adding new products to The Trendy Bed, so stay tuned.

Update:  February, 2010    OK, we have more than bed skirts now, full line of “trendy” bedding….   Comforters, Cap Comforters, Satin Bedding, Flannel Bedding, Denim Bedding, Designer Bedding, Egyptian Cotton Bedding, Duvet Covers,  Goose Down Comforters, and more…

My Goal:
My goal is to bring everyone the potential to have that professionally decorated look at a fraction of the costs, and it could be just as easy as adding a bed skirt to your bed to give your room a complete “Trendy Bed” look.

If your bed is a work of art, then the Bed Skirt is its pedestal upon which it sits.

Visit The Trendy Bed.com, the one site that’s all about Trendy Bedding…


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  1. Amazing idea admin. You just help my homework for next exam Thanks admin

  2. Cheers for this compelling blog post. I would like to come back in the future. Thanks again

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