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Trendy Bathrooms in Pastel…

When it comes to remodeling your house the Kitchen and the Bathroom are the two most popular rooms in your house.

Soft Aqua Bathroom

So, why is it that one of the smallest rooms in the house—the bathroom— can costs so much to upgrade?      This is the subject of today’s blog.  We have a little secret:   Bathroom overhauls don’t have to put the hurt on your wallet!   In fact, you can have fun adding personality and pretty touches without spending a fortune.   One good idea when remodeling or upgrading a bathroom is using wainscoting, the benefits are numerous, the look is beautiful, and you can do it your self. Here are some great bathrooms all using wainscoting, and a touch of color to brighten up the room.

Luxury in Lavender

Lavender in Luxury

Another great DIY idea is painting your bathroom,  yes the room is small and it is not the easiest to paint,  but never underestimate the power of paint!

If purple is your royal color, then this lavender bathroom exudes that same royal feeling.   The pale lavender walls,  white wainscoting,  a black sink to create some “drama”,  and a nice set of shelves to show case your bathroom accessories and beautiful towels.

Bubble Baths in Blue

Bubbles in Blue

If Baby Blue is your color, this is the bathroom for you.  Soft blue walls and creamy white wainscoting shimmer against sparkling chrome faucets and sconces.   While your upgrading your bathroom with new paint,   it’s the perfect time to upgrade those fixtures and towel racks.   When it’s all done, sit back and enjoy that bubble bath!

Goodlooking in Green

Grandeur in Green

Set at treetop level, this attic bath set in soft green walls, cool white wainscoting and white “Pegasus Versailles” sink.     Building a fake wall to hide the plumbing was also a great way to make a shelf behind the sink,  just another creative way to use the wainscoting and create a focal point in the room.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

What a beautiful Claw Foot Tub, painting the exterior black makes a beautiful statement along with pulling out the black in the floor design.   Adding the new “vintage” hardware makes it easy for daily cleansing rituals.  This black and white bath gets a shot of color from a soft pink paint color on the walls, along with the white wainscoting to give the bath a true vintage flare.

Yield in Youthful Yellow

Yield in Youthful Yellow

When I saw this yellow bathroom and reminded me of a previous blog when I said “Yellow” is the in color this year,  yellow has been very popular in home decorating this spring.

In this smaller bathroom,  they painted the upper walls in a pale yellow, lower walls in white wainscoting,  and added a new pedestal sink to give it a updated look.

Hope I inspired you to give your bathroom a face lift, or even a new color,  and turn your home into……


Cathy C


Let’s Make your Bathroom Trendy

Trendy Tile

If you are a avid reader of my blogs, you know I LOVE color…  This is a great “Trendy” work of tile and color.  Wonder where they found that towel?

This is a great look  and still within your budget,  include a few “hand painted” or “imported” tiles along with the affordable tiles,  make a random pattern to create a very rich, and trendy look to any bathroom.    Pull out the color from those hand painted tiles and carry that color through out your bathroom.   Love the chicken lamp in the bathroom, be creative and have fun!

color my walls

A little Do-It-Your-Self painting and see how you can wake up these walls and actually create a very spa like feel to your bathroom.   Remember, when you do paint a bathroom I would suggest using mold and mildew proof primers and paints.

Vanity idea

I just loved this look,  look at that floor!   Here they took a side hutch cabinet that they were not using,   made a cut out for a drop in sink and took off the back or cut out for the plumbing to create a very beautiful and one of a kind trendy look.

Handheld sprayer

If you have a bath tub I truly feel this is a must!    Not only does it give any bathroom that “Trendy” look, but let’s look at the functionality.   Easy to rinse out your tub, your hair,  your children, and even the family pet!

Hope you enjoyed this blog on some Trendy Bathroom ideas.

Cathy C @ The Trendy Home