Trendy Garden Tips for March


March can be a busy month for gardeners and I came across some tips for us “Home Gardeners”.

Bulbs:   Once them bloom cut the faded flowers from the spring builds.  The unsightly foliage of daffodils and other spring bulbs should NOT be removed or tied up yet as the bulb needs the nourishment from these leaves for the food energy to produce next year’s flowers.

Clumps of perennials can be divided this month that are just showing new growth.

Perennial Plant

Perennial Plant - Coreopsis

Prune flowering fruit trees and other deciduous spring flowering shrubs as soon as the blossoms are finished.  Prune, shape and thin, direct the growth pattern outward, and to open the center to light to promote heavy new growth to bloom next year.

Clean out dead leaves and branches from evergreen shrubs and trees.  Hold off until the end of the month or April to prune sub-tropicals  such as hibiscus, bougainvillea, fuchsia and other frost damaged plants.


Pest Control:  Look out for those pesty aphids and white flies on the new leaves of your roses and other shrubs.  For a few troubled plants wash with a strong jet of water.  You can also use an insecticidal soap or vinegar in a sprayer with a hose attachment applied at the rate of two tablespoons per gallon.  For a few bushes with mildew, spray household Lysol or the vinegar solution.   It is advised to spray roses with this vinegar solution three times a year, spring, late May, and August.    Keep a scheduled regime to get rid of snails and slugs.

Fertilizing is a must for blooming plants.  It is advised to use a light solution of a balanced or high bloom fertilizer (one-half strength) twice a month.  Don’t forget to fertilize your acid loving plants this month ans use a dose of chelated iron if the leaves are turning yellow.   It is advised to keep a record as to when you do fertilize your plants, too much to worse than not at all!

LAWNS:   March is a good time to renovate your old lawn or sow a new one.    Both established lawns and winter-dormant lawns could use a good high nitrogen feeding fertilizer 21-0-0. Don’t use a weed and feed product with an insecticide as it kills good insects as well.   Treat lawns that the European crane fly has infested.  This is also a good time to renovate and thatch your lawn.


Don’t forget to change your clocks and your sprinkler system clocks ahead for Sunday, March 14th.

Note:   This advise is more for your warmer climate gardens, (Southern California, Florida, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico) but some is just general good gardening tips as well.

Thank you and hope you enjoyed my blog on “Trendy Garden Tips for March”.

Cathy Campbell

The Trendy and The Trendy