I have been writing blogs on decorating your bedroom, your home in general and I figured it was about time I introduced my home to you.

Welcome to The Campbell Home

Welcome to The Campbell Home

I was the controller for a home builder here in S. Calif. and my husband and I purchased one of their model homes when the tract was sold out.  These doors are an upgrade – I saw them in a catalog and had to have them.   Every community has a theme and this one was all about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.  (You’ll understand more when you look inside)

Welcome to the Campbell home.

View once you open the front doors.

The is the view when you open the door – Welcome, Come on In.

Formal Living Room

Formal Living Room

This the our Formal Living Room and I added the Fireplace in the middle of that far wall,  Stone work on the wall to give it that “Castle” effect.

Living Room End Table - making a house a HOME!

Living Room End Table - making a house a HOME!

In the Living room – One of our end tables – to me this is what makes a house a Home,  adding that personal style.  ”C” monogrammed coasters, candles and of  course personal pictures – this picture is of my husband and I at a Company Christmas Party – they were always a fun time to get dressed up.

Our "Round Table"

Formal Dinning Room - Note the "Round" Table

This is the Formal Diving Room, we went with a “Round” table to go along with the theme of King Arthur and the Round Table.

Powder Room off the Living Room / Kitchen.

Powder Room

This is the little powder room right off the Formal Living and Dining room before you enter the “Great Room” (Kitchen/Family Room) –  again the rock walls and the dark wood is used to create that “castle”  look.

The "Great" Room.

We call this the "Great Room" - great room to entertain.

This is the “Great Room” – Kitchen/Family room all in one!  This is my husband’s favorite room, it’s got that masculine look that he wanted,  ( we had just sold a very feminine Victorian 1882 home) I call it my, ” Elegant Masculine Decor”.  Again, they carried out the theme with the high ceiling, wooden beams, and rock wall.

Family Room - above Fireplace / Entertainment Center

My little handy work above the entertainment center/fire place.

Close up of above the fireplace and Entertainment Center in the “Great Room”, wooden beams help to bring the theme throughout the home with this high ceiling.

Our Trendy Home 016

Kitchen, Center Island, and Kitchen Table

This is the kitchen center island and the large kitchen – the family room and kitchen are one long, large room along with high ceilings and wooden beams through out.   This home is a great example of eclectic wood finishes, we have honey oak kitchen cabinets  that pull out the honey in the slate floor, but there are dark doors, dark baseboards, and dark wooden beams; this shows off how it’s OK to really share wood finishes in the home.   And as you can see that touch of color in the back of the island, it looks grape but it’s really burgundy.   We went with Granite Counter Tops and Stainless Steel Appliances.

In between the Family Room and the Kitchen is a long dark wood kitchen table with 2 cloth end chairs and 4 rod-iron  with upholstery seat chairs.  I really have been looking for benches to go with this set instead of the 4 chairs, but have not found what I’m looking for yet!

The Pantry Doors

The Pantry Doors

These are my Pantry Doors – nice size pantry!  All the doors in this home are solid wood doors that really bring character to the home,  this was the final selling point for my husband.  Coming from an older Victorian home that had so much character and all  wooden doors, tall wooden baseboards, etc.  he fell in love again with this home.

Our Trendy Home 017

Kitchen Back Splash

When it came time to pick out out back splash I tried to pull all the colors together in the kitchen.  We have the light honey color to pull in the honey oak cabinets, the slate like color of the tile to pick up the color of the slate floor, and the black pulled in the dark wood that is in the house,  I think we were successful!

Hard Surface - Slate Floor.

Close up of Slate Floor - Dog's LOVE this floor in the summer time!

Hard surfaces were placed down in the most traveled areas – this a beautiful example of a slate floor.  Dark baseboards are used through out the whole home along  with dark  wood interior doors,  dark crown molding used in Formal Dinning Room, Formal Living Room and Master Bedroom,  shows how finished carpentry can really add warmth, and style to any home.

Bedroom #3

Bedroom #3 - This is the Boy's Room

This is Bedroom #3 – I have 2 twin beds – notice the gold satin pillow case!   When my son’s come home this is where they stay.

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #2 - This is the girls room.

This is Bedroom #2 – this room is ready for a grand-daughter, antique twin bed with my teddy bears.

Wall of Cabinets in Master Bedroom

Bank of Cabinets in Master Bedroom

Along the one big wall in the Master Bedroom instead of normal his and her dressers we opt to have a bank of cabinets built into the room, one of the smartest things we did.  So much more room to hold “stuff”…    At each end we left it open and placed glass shelves so that I could show case some of my collectibles, with a little picture light in the back for nice soft lightening during the evening.    Center was left open for TV.

Master Bed Room

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom again carried along the theme with the rock wall (great in the summer, keeps this room very cool) and of course the wall hangings.  We went with wooden shutter through out the home, they help to keep the Southern California heat out during those hot summer days and on weekends help to keep out the light so we can sleep in!

Master Bath Towel Shelf

Master Bath - Hanging Towel Rack

In the Master Bathroom we hung a metal bookcase on the wall to create a great look  and place bath and hand towels along with bath soaps on,  all easy to reach while you’re in the tub. Makes a better statement then a normal towel rack!

The Master Bedroom BED

Sample of 2-Tone comforter, Egyptian Sheets, and Kiki

This is just to show my readers that I too use my own products:  Cotton 2-Toned Oversized King Comforter – Burgundy and Gold, along with gold 1000 thread count Egyptian Cotton Sheets and I do have a burgundy Bridal Satin pillow cases behind that fat pillow sham.  That is Kiki gracing us with her presence.

Purse Tree

My Purse Tree - Great use for a coat rack!

This is one of my little tips, I hang my purses on this clothes tree – stuff them with paper or their bag to keep in shape and hang.  I think I have more than 15 purses – Love It!  I can change purses in minuets!

Laundry Room

Laundry Room

This is my Laundry Room – yes domestic duties do come with this home too,  just can’t get away for them.  This is where the dogs get fed, bathed, etc.   Long counter to fold clothes and sink to wash those “hand wash” items that we all have and of course wash the dogs!

My office!

The Office - where I spend too much time!

This is my office – note the two computers?  All this keeps me busy!   With this being one of models, this home was actually used as the Sales Office so the office was also built in and suited our needs,  if I had only known I would be running my business from this room one day!  I feel I have the most beautiful office / office building so I’m not complaining.

This is Kasey - the Baby!

The Campbell Kids - Kasey

Our little Princess - Katie and Kiki

The Campbell Kids - Katie and Kiki

Our Little Man - Kobe

The Campbell Kids - My little Man - Kobe

Thank you for entering my home,  hope you enjoyed your stay.   From all of us at the Campbell Home we wish you all the best and have a GREAT day!



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