Coverlets, Bed Skirts, and Shams Oh My!

Blue Coverlet and Shams, White Bed Skirt

Blue Coverlet and Shams, White Bed Skirt

Your Mother-In-Law is coming to visit and you want something light, crisp, feminine and a touch of Vintage.   This look has it all,  the blue coverlet and matching pillow shams along with white crisp bedding, and the bed skirt to dress it all up.  This is a room any Mother or Mother-In-Law would feel very blessed to have a Daughter or Daughter-In-Law that showed her comfort was considered.      Painting the walls a neutral color allowed the bedding and accents stand out and say “Look At Me”.

Romantic cottage Style bedroom

Romantic cottage Style bedroom

Romance is in the air, the floral prints are a staple in this cottage style room.  Adding a touch of vintage, the antique poster bed with the white coverlet and matching shams.  Pulling out the rose color in the floral print and adding rose colored sheets and matching bed skirt to create this beautiful, romantic look.

Painting the walls a light mint green, and the ceiling white is just the finishing touch this country cottage look needed.

Coverlets for Spring

Coverlets for Spring

Another beautiful vintage style being created with the use of a coverlet,  sham,  and a bed skirt.    Don’t get me wrong, coverlets are not just for the vintage, country cottage look, but today I wanted to show you some beautiful cottage style looks that you too can create at home.

Going to a swap meet,  flea market, yard sale to find an antique bed,  old maidens desk, are all beautiful accents to add to any room.   Adding the woven basket at the end of the bed adds storage and texture to this room.


Americana Coverlet and Shams

Add this beautiful coverlet,  shams, and  bed skirt to create a  Elegant Country Cottage look, this style goes back to the Civil War days.  At The Trendy Bed we have a full line of Americana look  Coverlets, Shams, and bedspreads.

You can transform any bedroom from drab to fabulous by adding a coverlet, bed skirt, and shams all in one day!

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Cathy Campbell


Trendy Bed’s “Made to Order” vs “Custom”


What is the difference between “Made to Order” and “Custom” and what does this mean for you?

The term “Made to order” describes products that are manufactured per request. These products are made with a pre-determined size and style in mind.  Each order is actually cut and produced for that individual customer.  Most companies that create made to order merchandise offer the highest quality products available.

Some consumers can be discouraged or order from a “made to order” on line companies, like The Trendy Bed because of the wait.  In reality, making a product to order not only preserves the quality of the merchandise, it prevents damage to the product, such as fading of fabrics, and ensures that the customer will receive a well made piece of merchandise.  Not to mention that, as a consumer, you can feel good about knowing that your order is especially made and packaged just for you!

The term “custom” refers to a company that will actually make a product to the discretion of the customer’s needs.  Custom work is often more costly and takes longer, but is worth the wait.    Custom work is a great way to recreate a product that has been discontinued, or no longer available retail.    Custom work is also an effective way to create an absolutely unique and original look to your room.  Most companies who offer custom work require that you contact them directly so they can provide a quote based on your individual needs.

I hope this helps in defining the difference between “Made to Order” and “Custom”,  at The Trendy Bed more than 50% of our products are “Made to Order” and most of them ship out within 10 to 15 business days.  We do offer rush shipment which actually means rush production at the textile mill and these orders will ship out within 72 business hours.   (No weekends)

Visit The Trendy Bed for all your made to order bedding items, we specialize in:  Bed Skirts, Comforters, Sheet Sets, Daybed bedding, Duvet Covers, Satin Sheets, Satin Comforters, Eyelet Comforters, Flannel Bedding,  Denim Comforters, Cap Comforters, Inseparable Sheet Sets,  2-Tone semi-custom comforters, down comforters, mattress pads, and Stay Tidy bed skirt pins and more…

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The Trendy and Easy Bedskirt!


Solid Color Wrap Around Bed Skirt... Simply place elastic band around bed without moving the box spring or mattress, adjust to desired length.   Can we make it any easier?    Easy to change color for all four seasons, easy to take off  to wash, and easy to put back on.   Bed skirt comes standard 14″ drop, but you can place it anywhere along your box spring or mattress for that Trendy Bed Look.     Suggestion;  I would use the Stay Tidy Bed Skirt pins to help to hold it in place in the corners just to secure the skirt to your desired drop length.

Comes in 2 different sizes  Twin/Full and Queen/King and it is available in 10 colors.  Fabric choice is a  blend of  70% polyester and 30% cotton, machine washable and dry-able on low heat.  No ironing required.

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Chintz Bedskirts new at The Trendy Bed

chintz dust ruffle

The Trendy welcomes a new product – 100% Cotton Chintz bed skirt.   The news in the decorating magazines:  Chintz Fabric is BACK!!

Chintz is a cotton fabric that can be either a solid or a printed floral or stripe. But what makes it desirable is the finish which allows it to be wiped clean.   In the 1980′s everyone wanted the English Country look with rooms filled with it.  Laura Ashley sold millions of dollars worth of the fabric.  But like many good things, its appeal came to an end until now.  It’s back with restraint.

At The Trendy Bed we added a full line of bed skirs in the standard drop length of 14″, but also available in 18′ and 21″ and special orders are also available in 12″, 16″, or 20″ in drop length.  That’s the beauty of made to order bed skirts that can be found at The Trendy

I am currently working on adding the matching comforters and duvet covers  in all sizes along with matching pillow shams and throw pillows, so keep watching for these marvelous new products.

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A Trendy Visual Treat…

A Trendy Visual Treat!

A Trendy Visual Treat!

I have been blogging about the HOT color this year “Orange” and I came across this picture and had to share it with my readers. 

What a delicious pairing of chocolate brown and orange to create this decadent visual treat in this modern bedroom.   In this room the designer stair-stepped the walls to carve out a niche for the bed and separated the sleeping area from the rest of the suite.   

You can create this same look with a Two-Tone cotton blend comforter in Chocolate and Orange along with Chocolate pillow shams from The Trendy  What is a two-tone comforter?  One color on one side and a second color on the reverse side – when you fold down the comforter it shows a different color, calling it a two-tone.

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Custom Trendy Bed Skirts.

In today’s decorating trends and styles, there is nothing standard anymore;   this is why at The Trendy Bed we truly specialize in Bed Skirts.

At the Trendy Bed we carry 14″, 18″, and 21″ drop as standard sizes in most of our bed skirts and in the Egyptian Cotton line, you have a 15″ drop.

For your convenience I have now added 16″ and 20″ drop, these are still custom order and do require a custom order charge, but this is now included in the price.  You don’t have to wait for a quote any more, order them right on line at The Trendy

You may match our prices, But you’ll never match our service.

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Five Secrets for Decorating a Girls’ Bedroom

Canopy White Eyelet Bed

Canopy White Eyelet Bed


Little girls love to spend time in their bedrooms.  It’s a place all of their own, a place where they can not only sleep, but dream.  In surrounding them with their favorite things decorating your child’s room can be both fun and rewarding for both of you. 

Here’s our five secrets:

HAVE FUN!  Take the stress out of decorating, it doesn’t have to be done over night.  If she has to sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor for a night or two, make it a camping adventure.  Remember that spending time together is what it’s truly about.

RECYCLE IF YOU CAN!  Make use of what you already have, you will be surprised what a little paint can do.  You have a wooden book case that holds her dolls and toys, paint it your accent color.  If her dresser has an attached mirror, remove if from the dresser base and place a new mirror directly to the wall.  Change the drawer knobs or handles on her furniture.  Changing her furniture around can give her the feel of a all new environment.  Instead of purchasing that new comforter, purchase a duvet cover for a new inexpensive look.

LISTEN!  Ask your daughter to sit down and either make a list or tell you her favorite things, like her favorite toy, favorite character, favorite TV show, favorite past time, (depending on age!) etc.  The idea here is to listen to what your daughter is telling you; after all it is “her” room you both are working on. 

SIMPLE IMPACT!  I also call this down and dirty (cheap).   You can change a room over night by just adding a splashes of color and texture.   Pick a color you want to add to the room,  now add Pillow shams,  throw pillows,  change the window treatments and throw down an accent rug.  DONE!

THINK AHEAD!   As the seasons change, so will your childs likes and dislikes, keep this in the back of your head when decorating.   Don’t go overboard unless you know you will have to completely redo the room in a year of two, and of course our pocketbook dictates that decission for a lot of us.  Ask yourself, Is she really going to love that hand painted mural of the fairy garden in a few months, or even a few years?  Should you really change the carpet to pink or white?   Try to explore less permanent options such as framed art and accent “pink” rugs.

Here’s the link to the bed in the picture above.

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Trendy Nights In White Satin

Sagin Sheets

Satin Sheets

Sleeping on satin sheets is a luxurious experience! You will find that sleeping on satin eliminates the pulling and bunching that you will often find with cotton sheets. You can find this type of sheet in all sizes and colors, and the look and feel is unbeatable. Satin sheets look and feel much like silk sheets but are a bit more affordable. In fact, many people will choose satin simply because it is gentle on the hair. Below are some examples of the types of satin sheets you will find.

Bridal Satin – Of all satin qualities, this is the highest. This type of satin sheets is made form 300 denier bridal satin, and will often be embellished with an elegant lace or ribbon trim. As you lie down on your Bridal satin sheets, you will literally feel your body sink down into a bed of smooth softness. If you are interested in sending someone special an amazing gift that will never be forgotten, this would be perfect. Bridal satin is machine washable on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild soap such as Woolite. You can tumble dry this silk or if you prefer, hang it to dry.

You can buy them in packages that include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two standard size pillowcases. The fitted sheets are typically made with 15-inch deep pockets or more. The entire package is gorgeous and comfortable, helping you sleep like a baby.The nice thing about satin sheets is that they are a wonderful option for everyday use. They are soft, smooth, elegant, and conform to your body. Just as satin sheets will keep you cool in the summertime, they also retain warmth, making them the perfect choice for both summer and winter. Keep in mind that if you have a mattress that is thicker than eight inches, you want to buy extra-deep satin sheets. These sheets are designed to add five inches. Additionally, you will find beautiful colors such as ivory, black, red, white, mauve, gold, sky blue, and hunter green among others.

You will fall in love with your satin sheets and before long, you will be interested in a satin duvet cover, satin bed ruffle, satin pillow shams, and a satin comforter.

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A Trendy American Bed….

Red - White - Blue

Red - White - Blue

The Trendy Bed is Proud To Be An American and wears it’s color’s proudly…

Have fun with those GREAT three colors…  Red, White, and Blue!!

In this picture we have a RED Cotton Blend Ruffled Bed Skirt, a 2-Tone Reversible Cotton Blend Comforter in Red and Blue, and a set of White sheets.  We finished off the bed with Red, White and Blue Cotton Blend Pillow shams.  And you can even get the window treatment to finish off your Trendy Americana Room.  And this great look can all be ordered at The Trendy

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In memory of 9-11-01….


Why a Bed Skirt?

Twin Bed for Glamour

Bed Skirts are designed to hide a bed’s box spring or foundation.  An additional benefit is that a bed skirt on a bed allows you to use the space under the bed for storage.  You can purchase “bed Risers” that are 4” or 6” tall that allows you to put those sweater boxes or other storage containers under your bed.  I personally have my table leafs under my bed. (laying flat so it does NOT warp)

For home decor, a bed skirt offers a way to add style, pattern, and color to the bedroom.

If your bed is a work of art, then the Bed Skirt is its pedestal upon which it sits.

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