How to Keep Your Bed Skirt in Place!


This is a picture of the New and Improved Stay Tidy Bed Skirt pins that I have come across – they work great!

We all know that some bed skirts can slide around while you’re in the process of changing your sheets or even making the bed.  These bed skirts pins stop that from happening.

How to install:   Slide your mattress over about 4 – 6 inches, make sure your bed skirt is where you want it;  the top, the bottom, the drop is right, etc… then looking at the drawing above, you place the pin about 2″ from the end of the mattress and push it in and twist your wrist to make the bend in the pin and your done.  The bend in the pin is what actually stops the pin from falling out.   At The Trendy Bed we carry these “Stay Tidy Bed Skirt” 12 pins in a package - that’s 4 pins for each side and the end.   Each package should do one bed.

These can also be used to hold your sheets in place, if you are one of those people that toss and turn during the night and you feel like every morning it’s like making your bed all over again, these could be your saving grace.  They will hold your sheets in place and the pins will not pull out if installed correctly.    To test this, install the pin and then pull on the sheet, if it does pull out, turn the pin around and install the “bend” the other way.  The angle of the pin should anchor the pin against the force of the pull in installed correctly.

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Trendy Incog-Neato!!


I am always looking for new items for The Trendy Bed and I came across these Incog-Neato  Decorative Leak proof Pads and what a GREAT idea.

INCOG-NEATO leak proof protectors are comfortable, yet durable.  Designer style bed protectors that were originally intended for use by children with bed wetting challenges.  (I don’t like the word “problems”)    These not only make the children feel special, they aren’t embarrassed by the look.   It looks just like a cool cover with quilting for extra comfort that kids love.

Incog-Neato Bed protectors soak up bed wetting accidents, so sheets stay dry.  Simply lay the bed protector over the bottom sheet.  When an “accident” happens, just take the Incog-Neato off the bed and toss it in the laundry.  Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, non-chlorine bleach only, and tumble dry low.

Here’s just some of the other uses for the Incog-Neato:

Bedding:  Protects against all kinds of bed accidents – babies, children, children when sick,  Moms-T0-Be, sick adults, invalids, dogs sleeping on the bed, and more.

Baby/Changing pad:  Mat protects any surface and protects child from environment.  Is designed to be folder up in three sections to fit in you diaper bag, large purse, or carry on luggage.

Furniture:  Protects fine furniture from spills and pets.

Cars:  Protects seats from wet bathing suits, spills, and pets.

Dog use:  Protect any surface and great for dog beds.

Boat use:  Protects cabin seats from web bathing suites.

Chair use:  Protects chairs and wheel chairs.

Whether your a new mom, experienced mom,  or Grandmother, I’m sure you can come up with more great ideas to use these Incog-Neato pads to secure all your Trendy Bedding!

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Trendy Gift Giving..

Are you still looking for something for that person that has everything? 

Here at The Trendy Bed we have some great suggestions for that person that seems to have it all!


#1     Satin Pillow Cases.   Do you know that satin pillow cases are good for your skin, and your hair.  Cotton being a natural fiber draws the moisture out of your skin during the night and you hair gets caught in the cotton fibers and breaks off.  At the Trendy Bed you can order Standard, Queen,  King and 3 different  Body Pillow sizes in our Bridal Satin or Luxurious Satin in more than15 colors. 


#2   Bed Skirt Pins.  Great stocking stuffer for any Mom.  Keep that bed skirt in place and having that “just made” bed is any mothers dream.  Easy to use, you don’t have to move your mattress but only a inch or two to install these pins into your box spring to hold that bed skirt in place.

Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag

Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag

 #3   Bedding / Comforter Storage Bag.  These bags are great to store that down comforter in for the warmer months,  has front pockets for pillow cases or fitted sheet straps.  These are also a very helpful bag when taking your bedding to that summer vacation retreat.  Renting a house at the Beach, Lake, or going to the Mountains to enjoy the snow and you have to take your own bedding.   Do you have a RV or Boat, where do you store your bedding?  This bag say “Trendy Bedding” all over it!


T500 solid


#4   Sheet Set.   Our Egyptian cotton sheet sets come in 300 thread count, up to 1500 thread count.  Wrap yourself in the Softness of the luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton sheets like those found in World Class Hotels.  Imported from the Land of Cleopatra, these fine luxury bed linens are crafted from long staple Giza cotton grown in the lush Nile River valley since the time of the Pharaohs.  Comfort, quality and opulence set our luxury bedding in a class above the rest. Elegant yet durable, their softness is enhanced with each washing.


heirloomcomf 2

#5  Down Comforter.   At The Trendy Bed we carry some of the best Goose Down Comforters made today.  Imported from Germany, our Kolb & Schule down comforters are filled with Hypo Allergenic Hungarian or Polish White Goose Down and come with a lifetime warranty.  If you’re looking for that special gift for the newlywed couple in your family or you just want to bring this kind of luxury and comfort to your own bed, you can’t go wrong with a Kolb & Schule Goose Down Comforter from The Trendy Bed.

Here are 5 wonderful gift ideals all from The Trendy Bed, the one place to shop for all  your Trendy Bedding needs! 


Hard to Find Items at The Trendy Bed


At The Trendy Bed we try to bring you those hard to find items…  I had someone call and ask  about our Flannel Comforters and she said, “Do you know how hard it is to find Flannel Comforters”,   and of course our bed Skirts.  When looking for a black, navy, red, or a orange bed skirt it’s not a item you can find in any bedding store, so that’s why I started  The Trendy Bed.   You can get a bed skirt in over 20+ colors and from 14″ drop to 21″ drop in ruffled or tailored  all by it’s self  OR  with a matching comforter, duvet cover,  pillow shams, and window treatment.

Let your fingers do all the work, and you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in your PJ’s or your birthday suite, that’s the fun of shopping on the Internet!

We now have satin sheets and flannel sheets for a sofa bed, yes they are different.  The fitted sheet is made for the 6″ thick mattress on a sofa bed instead of using a regular fitted sheet that is made to fit a 16″ thick mattress.   Now, even on a sofa bed you can enjoy the feel of tight crisp sheets to sleep on instead of all that “extra” material that moves around with you every time you turn.

Everyone needs to have a little luxury in your life and sleeping in a beautiful, comfortable bed is a luxury we all can enjoy.

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What are “Stay Tidy Bed Skirt pins”?

Stay tidy bed skirt pins

Stay tidy bed skirt pins

Does part of your bed skirt end up on the floor? If so,  you need the new and improved Stay Tidy Bed Skirt Pins.

Stay Tidy The Cadillac of Bed Skirt Pins.  Designed for superior holding and secure vertical applications – made in the USA

Diagram shows how it curves at an angle creating a locking position, A flip of the wrist, push the TIDY pin through the fabric into the box springs and it’s done, neat as a pin.  Now sit back and enjoy the beauty of your bedroom with that lovely bed skirt always neatly in place.  The below picture shows how and where to install your bed skirt pins to securely hold your bed skirt in place.  This is a new product to The Trendy and I am anxiously awaiting reviews on this product for my customers.

Bed with Stay tidy bed skirt pins

Bed with Stay tidy bed skirt pins

IF you have that bed skirt that is too large for your bed – you purchased a King and you needed a California King – no problem with these pins. (King is 6″ wider than a California King, Cal King is longer)  Pleat the center fabric to fit the box spring, then push in the Stay Tidy Bed Skirt Pins through the pleat to hold in place and then place some Stay Tidy Bed Skirt Pins along the side to securely hold in place.
I have also been told you can also use these pins for securing area rugs to the carpeting and that they work wonderful for keeping slip covers in place.
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