Tips for Remodeling A Bedroom

The Trendy Home has the pleasure of another guest blogger,  Megan Gates;  Megan Gates is an active blogger who provides written work to the blogosphere pertaining to NY Rentals . The Hamptons, home improvement and the latest architecture, design and fashion. Follow her on twitter @MEGatesDesign.

Whether people remodel bedrooms for upgrading resale value of the house or just for their own comfort and pleasure, remodels can be fun.  Showcasing the room’s shape and aura with a mixture of color and texture not only adds beauty, but it adds personality to the room.

Transforming a bedroom with classical overtones or pure whimsy reflects the bedroom’s tenant in all his imaginative glory. It makes the people who enter the room want to remain to enjoy its effects.


Aside from space, the focus of any room will be its windows.  Windows allow light into a room while letting you enjoy the outdoors inside.  Window treatments are going to be important, therefore, in highlighting the beauty of the windows.

Conservatory blinds:  These are produced with reflective backing to block the sun’s harmful rays while letting in the light.  They can be made to order in any color, in addition to a variety of styles,  from roller blinds to woven to pleated blinds.

Folding shutters:  Unlatch the hook, fold back the shutters, and let the sun shine in.

Swags:  Swags can be arranged in pleats, folds or multiple hangings over rattan blinds, sheers or curtains.


Since bedrooms aren’t usually lit brightly for specific purposes, such as reading or sewing, the lighting is generally soft.  Lamps will be found typically for this purpose, or perhaps the light attached to a ceiling fan.

Recessed cans:  Recessed lighting provides the softness generally found in bedrooms, and they can be brightened with a twist of the switch.

Track lighting: This, too, can be brightened or dimmed as desired and adds panache to any room.

Tree lamps:  If you’re going to have a lamp, make a statement.  The cans or arms can be positioned to light up corners for reading or sewing, or just add a glow to a room.


Carpeting: Any upgrade to a house includes carpeting. But you can also think outside the box
Hardwood floors: Sprinkle them with area rugs in matching shades to your bed linens and watch the room come together.

Vinyl tile: This, too, can be strewn with area rugs, but you might not want the pretty pattern of the tile to be covered up.


Walls are fun. They can be outlined with a border, cut a niche into them for any purpose at all, such as holding a few books or collectible dolls, or walls can be built out to contain a corner fireplace/entertainment center. Walls can be lit with sconces to showcase paintings or they can support candelabra for a romantic evening.


Lighten up a room sporting dark woods in dressers, chests of drawers, armories or headboards with champagne satin coverlets for the bed and matching hangings for the window treatments.  

Area rugs on the hardwood or tiled floors can add the freshness of a garden with floral patterns in light colors. Fabrics and pretty blankets can be mounted on walls like a tapestry. If the room’s tenant aimed the lighting at these things, the room would look fresh and lovely.

Remodeling a bedroom,  for comfort or for resale value, is all about focus. Making the room look fresh and new is about color and texture, woods and fabrics, lighting and imaginative combinations. It’s about aura and personality. You might not even want to sell the house.

Thank you Megan for your blog, great tips and ideas for The Trendy Home readers, thanks to Better Homes and Gardens for some of the great pictures  I used to showcase Megan’s tips.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this blog, what did you take away from it and did it inspire you to make any changes to your bedroom?

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How to Dress A Trendy Bed…

Beautiful Bed in Gold

Have you ever walked by a Linen Department and seen a bed in the middle of the department that was so magnificent in grandeur that it made you think,   how can I create this look in my home?   To be honest with you, it’s very easy!     It’s called “Dressing the Bed”,  just like you dress your self in the morning, you dress your bed.    When it’s cold out side you put on layers of clothing,  a bed requires layering, and the more layering, usually the more beautiful a bed becomes.

Romantic Bedroom

Designer looking bed

Looking at this photo;    Let’s start with the sheeting which includes the FLAT sheet (A), the  FITTED sheet (B), and the pillow cases (C).    Most  likely all of these pieces will match and are considered a Sheet Set. Sheets can be very basic from 300 thread count cotton, to 1500 thread count Egyptian Cotton,  or Satin Sheets – this is what you will be sleeping in between,   I say  make them comfortable and a dream to sleep against!     This is one area that I don’t mind spending a little more for higher thread count sheets, we all deserve a little luxury in our life!    Note:  your sheets “should” enhance the top of the bed components, such as the duvet cover, shams and coverlet.


Our next layer is a Coverlet, or matelasse. (D)  Coverlets are available in a variety of fabrics, weights, colors, and styles.  Selecting the “right” one is a matter of personal preference.    Coverlets are a great way to add depth to the bedding ensemble and some coverlets come in set’s with matching shams.  At The Trendy Bed we have a great selection of Egyptian Cotton Quilted Coverlets in seven different colors with matching shams.   Note:  If using a patterned Duvet Cover and Shams, a coordinating solid color Coverlet is the perfect way to break up a bold and busy pattern.


The Duvet Cover (E) and Shams are now added to the bed, some people like a Comforter instead of Duvet Cover, this is personal choice.   Your Duvet Cover and Shams  (or Comforter) is the inspiration for the entire look.   Most likely these 2 pieces are of the same pattern and tie together the entire ensemble.   While placing the duvet cover at the foot of the bed with a lofty Goose Down Comforter inside evokes the feeling of relaxation, comfort, and elegance.   Placing the Shams at the head of the bed are what adds the height to the bed.


Shams come in different sizes, with the European Sham (F) being a large square pillow placed against the headboards to the boudoir sham (G), which are smaller travel size pillows that add the “decorative” touch, along with dimension and character to the bed.  The more pillows used on a bed, the more elegant and luxurious of a feel it creates.

We are talking about the bed skirt next, but I must say… This goes on your bed FIRST between your box spring and mattress.   Some bed frames today are very decorative and do not require bed skirts, (H)  but I believe if your bed is a work of art, then the Bed Skirt is it’s pedestal upon which it sits.    Bed Skirts or Dust Ruffles come in many styles today;  Ruffled, Box Pleated or tailored are the most common.   Your bed skirt can match either the sheeting or the duvet cover and shams and create a very “finished” look to any bed.


To give your bed a creative and daring look, and making it your own is where you can throw on a couple of beaded or embroidered decorative pillows (I).  Like getting dressed in the morning and putting on a bracelet, necklace and earrings,  this is where you accessorize the look.

Garden bedroom

I hope you enjoyed “Dressing” the bed with me, now go and have fun and turn your Home into The Trendy Home you’ve always dreamed about!

Cathy C,  The Trendy Bed...


DIY Trendy Kids’ Dresser

chalkboard dresser

What an idea – letting kids write on their furniture…   I saw this in  Better Homes and Garden and I wanted to share this idea with my readers.

Refresh that old dresser with two coats of  RustOleum brush on chalkboard paint, perfect for your kids to doodle and when they grow up you can write on “Reminders” like clean your room,  make your bed.

You can also paint the dresser first with RustOleum Magnetic latex primer, then paint  with the chalkboard paint – now you have a surface that is magnetic AND writable.  This idea is great for the young child in your home,  or the teenager in the family.   Great place to hang those concert tickets or prom tickets for safe keeping.

chalkboard mirror

Let your child be creative, and when they get tired it all they have to do is erase it!

Other DIY idea:   Paint a wall in your child’s room with the Chalkboard paint, or paint a space and frame it with molding to create a picture frame look.   If you don’t want to paint your walls get a piece of  plywood, cut it to the size you want and paint it with the chalkboard paint and frame it and hang it on the wall.

chalkboard wall

Trendy Tips:

Paint over the magnetic paint with two coats of chalkboard paint to finish.
Give the chalkboard paint three full days to dry and cure. Then rub chalk over the entire painted surface and erase. Let the drawing begin!

Have fun and be creative.

Cathy @ The Trendy Home


Let’s go Trendy Gray…

Today’s blog is about decorating with a neutral color,  GRAY..

Do you think neutrals are boring?       When paired up with stylish furnishings and accessories, there is nothing boring about neutrals.

Gray is the ultimate neutral, it go’s along with almost ever color on the color wheel.

Trendy Gray Master Bed Room

Traditional Setting

Adding some cool orange accessories with this black poster bed really makes this room pop, nothing boring here!   Going with cream colored bedding and a gray satin duvet cover along with the cream colored shag rug pulls this room together to make a very nice traditional statement.

Trendy Modern Gray

Contemporary Setting

In this beautiful bedroom using a gray-blue hue on the walls, white molding and dark stained floors and doors are neutral complements to the gray-blue walls.   To go with the contemporary setting in this room they dressed the bed all in white bedding,  using Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover, Pillow Shams, and white sheet set.

Trend Twin Beds

Trendy Twin Beds

In this room gray is used as accents;  with the gray upholstered headboard along with the soft gray sheer curtains.  This room shows how you can really play with color bedding and create a very nice trendy bed room.

Each bed has a black pillow sham against the headboard and blue and white bedding.  At The Trendy Bed this look can easily be created by our wonderful Two-Tone Comforters.  Each bed is a mirror image, but opposite in color and style.  One can even have fun in the styles of the bedding,  one bed can be used for the “female” of the home with “ruffled” style bedding, while the other bed is in the more masculine “tailored”  style, each beautiful in design and adds a flare of character and fun to the room.

Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding.

Have a great day,

Cathy Campbell


Trendy RED Means GO!

Red Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and I was reading my Traditional Home magazine,  I came across this article that I wanted to share with my readers.

Do you love red?   When it comes to sports cars, lipstick, and decorating, you can’t go wrong with the color of LOVE…    Here’s some tips and actual color suggestions  on how to turn up the heat in style.

I came across this top picture and it agrees with a lot of the designers,  Red is a great color when used to accessorize a room.  Like a great nail polish, it provides a daring bit of allure.

They accessorized the bed with a tailored red bed skirt with kick pleats, a red throw along with red accent pillows, and a red headboard to complete the look.  They accessorized the room with a red chair, and  red and bone window treatment to create a beautiful master bedroom.

OK, so you want to try some red in your bedroom?   Try it on some accessories, paint a lamp, headboard, or even candle sticks for a glimmer of excitement.   Red accents go perfect with Grays, Lt. Blues, and pink.    Check out these colors when it comes to painting accessories;  Sherwin-Williams {Cherry Tomato},  Pratt & Lambert {Red Banner}, and Valspar {Bright Red}.

James Merrell red walls bedroom iron scroll headboard desk

If you are looking for a little bolder statement?   I found this beautiful  picture of a bedroom painted Red.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and Sassy, this red goes very well with the Deep chocolate brown furniture and the gold and wheat bedding.  Check out this Benjamin Moore (Caliente) for a beautiful bold, rich red for your bedroom, or any room in your home.


Adding a little color of  love may be just what your room was asking  for, enjoy!

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The Trendy Bed Room…


When it comes to sprucing up your home, we all want the rooms we entertain in to look great.   Because of this and our busy lives our master bedroom is often one of the most neglected rooms in the home.  However, your bedroom is your sanctuary, not your office, and it should be a place that is easy to relax in.  Here are some tips for sprucing up your bedroom.

First, look at your walls!  Have you actually painted your walls since you purchased your home?  If the answer is “NO”, or you’re just not happy with the color anymore, it may be worthwhile to consider repainting.  A new color on your walls will give your room a second wind.

If you do not have time for a full paint job, consider adding some new artwork,  mirrors, add a stencil or wallpaper border that coordinates with your bedroom decor.  Paint one wall in your room just to give it some depth, and a little change until you have the time to repaint the complete room.

Another instant pick-me-up for your bedroom is acquiring new bedding;  this will instantly breathe new life into your bedroom.   Change the color of your bed skirt, or ADD a bed skirt to your bed!   At The Trendy Bed we have it all…  made to order Bedding,  Bed Skirts,  Comforters,  Duvet Cover, Daybed Ensembles,  and those hard to find items.   If you can’t afford the whole new bedding ensemble,  replacing a few selected items can make a big difference.

Buy a few new plants and some interesting pots to bring some real life into your room, even just rearranging your furniture can make your room feel new again.

Lighting is another important aspect to relaxation,  having a lamp with several different light settings (3-Way) is always a good addition to a room.  A ceiling light on a dimmer is another great idea for the bedroom,  they can also be very stylish and don’t need to be expensive.

Last but not forgotten to complete your sanctuary, get a few aromatherapy candles in scents that your love and place them strategically throughout the room.  I enjoy Yankee Candles, they smell great and are very safe to burn for some extended time.

In our busy life, the key is to remember to take care of yourself, and create a space where you can really relax.

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Trendy Facts About Sleeping

People in bed 3

Here are some interesting facts about sleeping…

If you can’t sleep, what’s better:  counting backwards or just getting out of bed? It is recommended getting out of bed if you can’t sleep.  They say if you stay in bed and do non-sleeping activities like watching TV, reading, you can subconsciously train yourself to not be able to sleep in your bedroom.  It is even advised NOT to count in your sleep, as counting stimulates your brain.

Why do we yawn? Med students are taught that when we yarn it is due to low levels of oxygen in our lungs.  When the air sacs in our lungs don’t get fresh air, they stiffen the lungs by collapsing a bit, which signals the brain to instruct the body to sigh, or yarn in order to receive more air into the lungs.

Why do animals walk in a circle before they lie down? Certain animals (dog, for example) walk in circles, or create “dog drop circles” before lying down because this behavior was hard-wired into them.  It’s a natural behavior their ancestors did in order to flatten down grass to make for a comfy.

Why do our bodies twitch before we fall asleep? They say 70% of people have a “hypnagogic myoclonic twitch” as they fall asleep.  This twitch is most likely the result of your brain misinterpreting the relaxation of your muscles as they prepare for sleep.

Is there any effect of eating before you go to bed? There have been a lot of studies as to what happens if you eat right before bedtime.   Studies showed that the couple who ate a few hours before they went to bed slept fine, whereas the couple who ate right before they went to sleep reported “tossing and turning all night”.  The poor sleep was attributed to your body digesting food when it should be winding down in preparation for sleeping, which results in reflux.  Going to bed on an empty stomach will also result in disruptive sleep they say, specifically missing the “deep sleep” stage that allows your body to rest and repair.  It is advised to have a light snack before going to bed, which will provide fuel for your body as it rest for the night.

How many dust mites are there in bed?  Are they harmful? Per the Environment, Health, and Safety Online 100,000 to upwards to 10 million mites can live in your mattress.  They sustain off dead skin cells, making beds a veritable smorgasbord for these microscopic critters.  Some people are allergic to a protein found in dust mites’ droppings (meaning they get itchy eyes, their asthma flares up, etc.)  but otherwise dust mites pose no harm to health risk.

Why do kids wet the Bed? Children wet the bed NOT because of emotional problems or faulty kidneys, but simply because their bladders are still too small to hold the amont of urine their bodies make overnight.   Furthermore,  the U of M Health Systems adds that a lot of children are heavy sleepers, so they may not yet be able to wake up when it’s time to go to the bathroom.     At The Trendy Bed I just found these really cool Mattress Pads just for this reason.  They are called Incog-Neato Leakproof Decorative Pads and we have them at The Trendy Bed, they are also great for pet owners,  check them out!

Hope you enjoyed these Interesting facts abut Sleeping and don’t forget – Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding!


Trendy Projects for the New Year

Refresh you Bedroom

Here’s some great Trendy, easy weekend decorating projects to start of the New Year with a new look.

1.  Refresh your bedroom:  New bedding, a fresh coat of paint, and unique lighting will give a bedroom a new personality for the New Year, and it can be finished in a weekend.

2.  Update your Window Treatment:  Take down the old, add a new color, add a Valance with shutters, and it can be finished in a weekend.

3.  Pain Fun Stripes:   Stripes are the perfect way to add pizazz to a space.  While they’re not difficult to achieve, be sure to spend the time prepping so our stripes turn out perfect, and it can be finished in a weekend.

4.  Add Wallpaper:  With wallpaper’s recent comeback – look for oversize patters to create a Sophisticated and Dramatic look, and it can be finished in a weekend.

5.  Add or Upgrade Molding:  From grand Crown Molding to handsome baseboards – mill work can really elevate a room, and it can be finished in a weekend.

6.  Big Impact with Little Fabric:  If you love your lamp base but the shade needs help, give it a face lift with a modern fabric.  Working with a dram shade allows you to use almost any textile;  a tapered shade looks best with a small print or a solid fabric that doesn’t require a pattern match, and it can be done in a weekend.

7.  Create a Custom Shelf:   Make a custom shelf with a piece of wood and shelf brackets  from your local hardware store,  in just a few hours to finish off an entryway, bathroom, or bedroom wall with custom pictures and a small flower vase, and it can be done in a weekend.

8.  Make a new Headboard:  Be creative, take an old window from an antique store, take the glass out and replace with fiberboard or foam board to cover with any fabric or wallpaper design to add color and style to any bedroom.  Leave the window frame rustic or paint it RED or BLACK to give a dramatic look, and it can be finished in a weekend.

9.  Dress up your Bedroom with Mirrors:   Mirrors can make a room seem larger and brighter.  A symmetrical arrangement stands out for both its space-enlarging reflections and its graphic simplicity, and it also can be finished in a weekend.

10:  Change your Bed Skirt:   Change the color, change the style, change the fabric – going from a tailored bed skirt to a new ruffled in Satin or Chintz will add sophistication to any bedroom.  Dress up that bed and have fun doing it.  Pull out a color from your comforter or wallpaper and add a bed skirt, pillow shams and even your lamp shades in this new color to give your room a fun new look.   Visit The Trendy Bed for a great selection in Bed Skirts, Pillow Shams, and even throw pillows to accent any bed.

Have fun and remember,  Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding needs.


Trendy Colonial Guest Bedroom.

Guest Room colonial style

Create comfort for your guest with this colonial style bedroom.   The Holidays are upon us with Thanksgiving right around the corner and guest from out of town will be arriving and we all like to make them feel welcome.

When you’re expecting guest for more than an overnight stay, it’s always nice to make some room for them in a dresser drawer so they don’t have to live out of their suitcase.

Make guest feel welcome with a comfy bed dressed in a plump duvet and crisp sheets.  The Trendy Bed has Sateen Striped or bamboo cotton sheets that are silky soft to the touch;  all-white bedding conveys hotel-style luxury.

Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your trendy bedding.


Trendy Guest Bedroom Ideas…

Twin Bed for Glamour

High ceilings and a large room like this can offer an elegant welcome to any guest.  These twin beds are dressed to make a statement along with the ceiling mounted linen valance and draperies over the two twin beds.  Instead of more draperies at the windows, Roman shades provide privacy and light control.

At The Trendy Bed we enjoy bringing these trendy ideas  along with our trendy bedding.  Our Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set will make any guest want to stay,  along with our assortment of comforters in cotton, down, silk, denim, eyelet, and Chintz.   To finish the bed they used a pleated, tailored bed skirt for that trendy, finished look!

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