A NEW Look at The Trendy Bed!

The Trendy Bed Get’s a face lift…




The Trendy Bed was started in August, 2008 all because I couldn’t find a BLACK bed skirt for my son’s bed and in these three years it has grown from just bed skirts to a full on-line bedding store.   Never to forgot my original idea you can still get bed skirts in over 20 some colors, fabric choices, custom drop lengths, styles, and designs but now with matching comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and shams for a complete Trendy Bed look.

The Trendy Bed has been with Mayfield Manufacturing from the beginning bringing us our custom sizes, 2-Tone comforters, and matching window treatment.

Also new at The Trendy Bed is some new bedding styles from Royal Plaza Textiles, Royal Plaza Textiles brings us our great Egyptian Cotton bedding along with beautiful Duvet Cover Sets and this fall some beautiful Comforter sets in the new Fall colors.

With the Winter months soon approaching it’s time to get those heavy Down Comforters out.   The Trendy Bed has a great selection of Down and Alternative Down comforters and pillows in Light, Medium, and Heavy weight from Royal Plaza and Downright.

At The Trendy Bed we strive to give our customers a complete shopping experience bringing you new products from some old traditions taught to them by their parents in the skill of weaving America’s favorite terry / candlewick and matelasse bedspreads from Maine Heritage Weavers.

Our newest addition to The Trendy Bed is our partnership with Taylor Linens here in Southern California.   We feel we have found a quality of bedding that will last for years, if not generations with their beautiful Quilts,  Duvet Covers, Shams, Sheets, and Bed Skirts.

White Laura's Quilt

Hope you enjoy the new look of The Trendy Bed along with our new products,  keep coming back as I am always working to bring you new products and new ideas.


Cathy Campbell


Trendy, Healthy Bedding!


When shopping for bedding there are other factors to consider other than our personal style.    Something to think about:  Most people spend a third of their lives asleep.  The bed linens you sleep in stay next to your skin for up to eight hours at a time, that is longer than we wear most clothing.   Another fact is when you sleep you perspire and breath about 2 pounds of moisture and microbes that can grow germs, dust mites and molds.

Here are some helpful hints for you to have not only a stylish, but a healthy bed.

The best fabrics that you can use are the natural ones, these will draw the moisture away from your body and will dry quickly.   At The Trendy Bed we carry a great selection in Bamboo/Egyptian Cotton Blend bedding as well as 100% Cotton / Egyptian Cotton bedding.    Cotton is the most popular mostly due to the fact that they are the easiest to care for, very durable, and the most cost effective.   One of the most popular cottons is the  Egyptian Cotton.

The most important part of healthy bedding is the proper care once you get your new bedding home.  New sheets should be washed before putting them on your bed.   It is very important to wash your bedding frequently, your bedding should be washed at least once a week and I like to change my pillow case about every 4 days.   I also use Satin Pillow Cases instead of Cotton. (that’s another blog)     With washing your bedding every week, it is greatly advised to have at least three sets of bedding.  One on your bed, one in the laundry, and one in your linen closet ready for your next changing.   Take advantage of the White Sale currently going at The Trendy Bed, it’s a great time to stock up on your bedding and those satin pillow cases.

By keeping these things in mind while making your bedding choices you can make sure that your bed will not only be stylish, but can also be a place in which you can get a healthy nights sleep.

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Trendy Down for all Seasons!


Down Comforters are not just for the winter months, down can be a surprisingly favorable choice for warm weather as well.  There are many different weights and fills available for down comforters today, and down is a natural temperature regulator which means a more comfortable night’s sleep for you.

We now offer down comforters in the “summer weight” which have less fill and are made specifically for warmer temperatures.  These products are a perfect choice for summer if you like to be covered even when it is warm outside.  Down has a very lightweight feel which lends itself perfectly to the summer months.

When shopping  for down, you will probably want to protect your new comforter and investment with a duvet cover.    As constant washings will cause the down to lose some of its loft.   A duvet cover will keep your new purchase free from stains, pet hair, and odors.   When considering washing your down comforter, look to the manufactures instruction regarding this procedure.  It is always a good practice to hang your comforter outside for a good airing out and then shake it real good.  I have also read that tossing in a couple of tennis balls in the dryer on “air” will help to keep the fill from clumping together.

Some features you will want to look for in a down comforter are box-stitching and baffle.  Box-stitching refers to stitching square pockets in the comforter which holds the fill in place.  A baffle is a divider in the comforter which separates the fill into layers.  These two attributes will ensure that the fill of a comforter reaches maximum loft while holding the fill in contained areas to prevent clumping.

At The Trendy Bed we carry Goose down comforters that are rated as Supreme and Ultimate and carry a lifetime warranty.

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Trendy Bed’s “Made to Order” vs “Custom”


What is the difference between “Made to Order” and “Custom” and what does this mean for you?

The term “Made to order” describes products that are manufactured per request. These products are made with a pre-determined size and style in mind.  Each order is actually cut and produced for that individual customer.  Most companies that create made to order merchandise offer the highest quality products available.

Some consumers can be discouraged or order from a “made to order” on line companies, like The Trendy Bed because of the wait.  In reality, making a product to order not only preserves the quality of the merchandise, it prevents damage to the product, such as fading of fabrics, and ensures that the customer will receive a well made piece of merchandise.  Not to mention that, as a consumer, you can feel good about knowing that your order is especially made and packaged just for you!

The term “custom” refers to a company that will actually make a product to the discretion of the customer’s needs.  Custom work is often more costly and takes longer, but is worth the wait.    Custom work is a great way to recreate a product that has been discontinued, or no longer available retail.    Custom work is also an effective way to create an absolutely unique and original look to your room.  Most companies who offer custom work require that you contact them directly so they can provide a quote based on your individual needs.

I hope this helps in defining the difference between “Made to Order” and “Custom”,  at The Trendy Bed more than 50% of our products are “Made to Order” and most of them ship out within 10 to 15 business days.  We do offer rush shipment which actually means rush production at the textile mill and these orders will ship out within 72 business hours.   (No weekends)

Visit The Trendy Bed for all your made to order bedding items, we specialize in:  Bed Skirts, Comforters, Sheet Sets, Daybed bedding, Duvet Covers, Satin Sheets, Satin Comforters, Eyelet Comforters, Flannel Bedding,  Denim Comforters, Cap Comforters, Inseparable Sheet Sets,  2-Tone semi-custom comforters, down comforters, mattress pads, and Stay Tidy bed skirt pins and more…

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Keeping it Warm Inside!

Bedroom 1

I know the Holidays are now behind us but I wanted to share this Beautiful Bed Room…  It may be cold outside, but this room is very warm.

It’s during these long winter months when we find ourselves huddled beneath our layers that we really start looking at our inner surroundings.

Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean it has to be cold inside!     With the use of soft textures and bright colors this can do a lot to warm up any bed room and send your thoughts toward Spring.

At The Trendy Bed we have soft flannels, Egyptian cotton sheet sets, duvet covers, pillow shams, down comforters, and wonderful cotton comforter bedding,  all in more than 20+ colors.

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The Trendy Bed’s Reversible Comforters

t200 2 tone blue and bone

A 2-Tone, Reversible comforter gives you two looks for the price of one.

Flip it over when the mood strikes, dark on one side and light on the other..  The possibilities are almost endless and have fun with them during the seasons.

Orange/Brown for the fall,  Red/Green for Christmas,  Yellow/Green for the summer, make up your own combination to fit your own Trendy decor.

All comforters have matching bed skirts, sheets, pillow shams and window treatment to complete your ensemble.  The bed on the RIGHT reflects the “tailored” style as the bed on the LEFT reflects the “ruffled” style.  (look at pillow shams)

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Cap Comforters at The Trendy Bed

Bunk Bed Cap Comfortes

Do you have bunk beds?   At The Trendy Bed we have Cap Comforters or also known at Bunk Bed Cap Comforters.  What are cap comforters?

They are your standard comforter but they are fitted at the bottom for a nice fitted look, they hug the mattress so there is no extra material to tuck in and it makes making the bed a breeze.   At The Trendy Bed we have them in twin, XL twin, full, queen and king, so they aren’t just for bunk beds anymore!

Your comforter can also be custom made with our more than 20 colors to match you high school colors or your college colors.  These comforters also have the ability to be 2-Tone (color #1 on out side,  color #2 on the inside) so then you fold down the comforter you have both of your school colors showing.   Accessorize it with our matching pillow shams,  throw pillows, or window treatment  to give your bed a Trendy Bed look.

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The Trendy Bed’s Timeless Color Combination

Windson Collection Close up

When investing in quality bedding choose timeless color combination’s that you’ll enjoy for years.

This color combination of white and brown in The Trendy Bed’s Windsor Collection creates a serene mood and suits any decorating style from traditional to contemporary.

Luxury sheets with a decorative top edge are meant to be turned back over the coverlet to display the edging like the picture above.  The pillow shams on the accent pillows repeat the edging, as well as the bed pillows.

Invest in Quality:  You’re much better off in the long run if you invest in quality because you don’t have to replace them as often.

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A Trendy Visual Treat…

A Trendy Visual Treat!

A Trendy Visual Treat!

I have been blogging about the HOT color this year “Orange” and I came across this picture and had to share it with my readers. 

What a delicious pairing of chocolate brown and orange to create this decadent visual treat in this modern bedroom.   In this room the designer stair-stepped the walls to carve out a niche for the bed and separated the sleeping area from the rest of the suite.   

You can create this same look with a Two-Tone cotton blend comforter in Chocolate and Orange along with Chocolate pillow shams from The Trendy Bed.com.  What is a two-tone comforter?  One color on one side and a second color on the reverse side – when you fold down the comforter it shows a different color, calling it a two-tone.

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Comfort in Flannel…

Now that it’s getting colder, and the winter storms are upon us;  even in sunny California the flannel sheets are going on the bed.

At The Trendy Bed.com we have a full selection of Flannel Comforters, Duvet covers, sheets, pillow shams, and even bed skirts in eight wonderful colors to choose from.

We have put together some great ensembles and even a Bed-In-A-Bag to help you put your bed together,  and the best cost effective way to buy bedding today.

You may match our prices, but you’ll never match our service.

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