Eclectic Trendy Bedroom Designs

The Trendy Home would like to welcome a new guest blogger Lisa Jolan for Shop 4 Furniture.

Bedrooms are the most important area in a home. In most cases, the setting of a bedroom reflects the personality of the occupants. The room’s main purpose is sleeping although a few designs also incorporate study areas within a bedroom. Whichever the case, the appearance of the bedroom has a large effect on the mind-set of the occupants.

Research has even proven that the sleeping environment determines the kinds of dreams people are likely to experience. If the environment is dull, smelly or disorganized there is a higher risk of encountering nightmares. It is therefore essential to have a good bedroom with a nice layout. A much more desirable effect is created in a room that is uniquely designed with trendy ideas.

Desirable, Peaceful Bedroom

Desirable, Peaceful Bedroom

Bedrooms that have incorporated artwork always have a marvellous appearance. The graphic quilts hanged on the walls get rid of the plain look common in traditional wall settings. Walls with wallpapers that feature interesting patterns also have the same effect. Some people choose to complement their bedroom artwork with printed bedding, which also creates a heavy effect. Others even go a step further by complimenting the bedding print with similar styles on other accessories in the bedroom, such as lampshades. Bedrooms with elegant stripes on walls and bedding for some reason always seem to have the proper dimensions. Bedrooms with colorful and vibrant pictures and artwork pieces usually portray element of charm.

Trendy Artwork


Color has the most decorative effect in any bedroom. It also has the ability to arouse various kinds of moods in people. In addition to giving priority to one’s tastes and preferences, most people select the colors that promote ease and create maximum comfort. Most people with fascinating color themes in their rooms would agree selecting the best colors could be a very difficult task with the many interesting options available. Neutral colors like cream, beige, white, and grey are a very popular trend today for their simple yet sophisticated look. Neutral colors are soothing and blend well with all kinds of colors featured on any other material added into the room.

Neutral Colors

Bedrooms with golden tones have a lavish as well as magical appearance; the tone usually blends well with any type of bedroom accessory. Most people would desire a relaxing effect in their bedrooms and therefore featuring blue or green together with their shades. Couples experiencing boredom in their relationship opt for red, being an energizing color. The color plays a major role in stirring up the romance in a room although it may not be favorable for people having trouble with getting sleep. Most people finding it difficult to settle for either of these colors usually combine them to create a crazy color scheme. Rooms with the crazy color scheme usually have varied effects from the different colors featured in the theme. The spontaneity of the scheme creates a vibrant mood; people rarely get bored with this color scheme.

Trendy with a little Drama

Trendy, with a Dash of Drama!

Large full height windows are very popular in the current trends. They give a clear view on the outdoors and allow maximum penetration of sunlight that brightens up the rooms they are featured in. Artificial lighting has more effect in a room than the natural light. All rooms have an overhead general lighting, which is often inadequate for a stylish room. Most of these lighting flatten spaces creating a muddy effect on the colors featured on walls. The designs that replace the plain fixtures with luxury crystal chandeliers would transform the whole setting.

Luxurious and Romantic at it’s BEST!

Spontaneous people use colored bulbs or colored translucent lampshades to create a dramatic effect in the bedroom, although featuring them in rooms with study areas would be absurd. Rooms with pendant lights or a series of pendants with bright shades have a burst of color and sculptural detail that are marvelous. Most bedrooms with study areas have track lighting. Track lighting and recede lighting with very bright bulbs are perfect for the functional purpose of these rooms although they also give a glamorous effect. Fun bedrooms with a modern touch usually have trendy and uniquely designed lighting fixture. Accent lighting makes the most impact in the rooms that portray a classy as well as elegant appeal.

Using Lighting to make a Statement.

Wooden pieces give a room a luxurious and elegant feel. Larger bedrooms that feature wooden bed frames create a feeling of safety. Some bedroom designs place furniture at an angle to create a focal point. All the furniture in the room arranged in order creates a visual balance; therefore both small and large pieces should be placed near each other.

Light Wood Furniture with White and Brass Bed

Accessorizing a bedroom is the best inexpensive way in which most people use to enhance the appearance of bedrooms. It is a very simple process, which can be applied on a low budget. Some people incorporate simple things to create amazing results. Featuring fun pictures with beautiful frames removes the boredom in any room. Since plants give indoor settings an outdoor experience, nature lover opt for the idea. They also add flowers in pots with trendy designs for a fancy natural look. Some people choose to have similar designs on the picture frames as on the pots. Tissue dispensers or dustbins that much with the pillowcases or bed covers give the room an interesting look.

Accessorizing is a personal and beautiful touch to any bedroom

Furniture, colors, accessories, patterns, and all other elements in a room enhance the appearance, make a small room spear larger, and reduce spaces in large rooms. People settle for ideas especially color themes, after having an inner recollection of the effect they would have. Colors for instance, have varied effects on different people. The red color usually has a relaxing effect on the Chinese while the same color would trigger aggressive feelings among British.

Using Color, Lighting, Accessories, and Furniture to create a Beautiful Trendy Bedroom!

This Post is written by Lisa Jolan. Writing is my passion and I have written many articles for Shop 4 Furniture and for different home improvement blogs. Connect with me on Twitter @LisaJolan

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Color in The Bedroom

Color Makes The Bedroom Go Round…

I was looking at my Better Homes and Garden and I came across this picture and I just had to share…

Frame your Bed

How to make a statement that says “WOW”…   And talk about easy…  Soft lavender paint frames the bed and that is framed with a  deeper shade of Lavender that says “Look at ME”!

The white headboard just pops against that soft lavender and the bedding is made with shades of Lavender, Purple, and Black.    Those black side tables really bring out the black in the duvet cover.

This idea can be done in any color to liven up the dullest of rooms, try shades of Turquoise and Teal,  Pink and Coral,  let your imagination run away and remember:  Have fun, color makes the world go round.

Drama!!!  Do you want a Dash of Drama in the Bedroom?

Trendy with a little Drama

This striking black headboard and chandelier demand attention from one’s eye and brings deliberate drama to this sky blue backdrop.

To add additional spice mix elaborate bedding patterns with feminine touches of red or magenta.

These looks can easily be duplicated and by adding your own flair for design, make them your own.

Hope you enjoyed these two decorating ideas, and please add your comments and idea and share them with other readers.




Planning a Nursery?

I just found out I’m going to be a Grandmother so that sparked in interest in Nurseries again!

Planning a Nursery should be fun, just don’t wait till the last month to do it all.

This is not a “how too”,  this is just a great collection of  AWESOME  nurseries to be inspired and get the imagination going!

Baby Gone MOD!

By avoiding pastels you can create a place that can change easily as baby becomes a toddler.

Simple and Elegant

I don’t know about you but I wish I had a room like this when I was a new Mother, this is beautiful.   Nursery with a View, creating a soothing space accommodates both parents and child without sacrificing style.

Lovely Nursery

This crib it beautiful and commands  “Look At Me”,  beautiful floral carpeting harmonizes with the upholstery and valance.

Decor is the star of this Nursery

Beautiful mixture of pale pink, tan, and sage green along with some dark antique furniture for a beautiful blend of New and Old!  This room also is ready for growth going from baby to toddler with ease.

Baby's gone Paisley

I loved the bright colors and that window seat, makes a great Nursery and a beautiful room to grow up in.

Dreamy Nights

Cuddly chenille bedding and a white netting over the crib gives this room a sense of softness.  Notice the beautiful leaded glass design for a beautiful finishing touch to a beautifully done nursery.

Cheerful and heavenly!

Cheerful yellows and heavenly blues beam brightly in this  Beatrix Potter inspired nursery.  With a cloud dusted sky mural covering the ceiling and partway down the walls, this nursery works well for a baby boy or girl.

Storybook Nursery

Another beautiful Nursery using Sage, Mauve, and Cream for a bright cheerful room.

Fill it with TOYS!

I had to pull this picture into my mix because my Son and Daughter-In-Law’s old 1890′s home has walls like these and with using one’s imagination and being creative and most of all having fun I’m sure they will create a Nursery just an wonderful as the one’s I showed today.

I hope you enjoyed my grouping of wonderful Nurseries,  I know not all new parents have the resources to create beautiful rooms like these Nurseries,  but the most important thing is to have fun putting it together and fill it with LOVE!

I would like to thank Better Homes and Gardens for these great pictures and decorating suggestions – these can all be found on

Thank You,



My Happy Place…

Creating Your Happy Space

I’m not sure if it’s the Holidays, or our busy schedules but it is becoming more important to us to have what I call “My Happy Place”.

I had a customer email me just this week and she is a writer – photographer and had a commercial office space and decided at her age she wanted a home office now.    She called her space her “Scared Space” and she was asking for some advise and my opinion on a Daybed that she had just added to her room.

Another “Happy Place” could be a great place to read a good book,  watch the snow falling, or a good rain storm,  watching the kids play outside without them knowing.  My vision of this space is a great window seat.

And when I was a Child I remember my Mother saying  “Calgon Take Me A Way” this was her way of wishing for her Happy Place – The Bath Tub…

And to one Mother her  “Happy Place”  is on  a Sunday  afternoon,  her 3-year old son has his trains and blocks spread out, and she and her  husband are reading the paper and drinking their favorite cup of coffee.   It’s  “My Happy Place”  because I’m with the ones I love most and this space is who we are as a family.

And my last “My Happy Place” is a beautiful Bedroom.  I have always had a thing for Bedrooms,  I like them to be inviting, and romantic but not over the top!   Here is one of my favorite pictures of Beautiful Bedrooms.

I hope you all have “Your Happy Place” and I welcome you to share them with me and my readers.

Here’s to YOU, and 2010 and wishing only the best for you in 2011;    Make Your Home…

Happy New Year…   and be Safe!