A NEW Look at The Trendy Bed!

The Trendy Bed Get’s a face lift…




The Trendy Bed was started in August, 2008 all because I couldn’t find a BLACK bed skirt for my son’s bed and in these three years it has grown from just bed skirts to a full on-line bedding store.   Never to forgot my original idea you can still get bed skirts in over 20 some colors, fabric choices, custom drop lengths, styles, and designs but now with matching comforters, quilts, duvet covers, and shams for a complete Trendy Bed look.

The Trendy Bed has been with Mayfield Manufacturing from the beginning bringing us our custom sizes, 2-Tone comforters, and matching window treatment.

Also new at The Trendy Bed is some new bedding styles from Royal Plaza Textiles, Royal Plaza Textiles brings us our great Egyptian Cotton bedding along with beautiful Duvet Cover Sets and this fall some beautiful Comforter sets in the new Fall colors.

With the Winter months soon approaching it’s time to get those heavy Down Comforters out.   The Trendy Bed has a great selection of Down and Alternative Down comforters and pillows in Light, Medium, and Heavy weight from Royal Plaza and Downright.

At The Trendy Bed we strive to give our customers a complete shopping experience bringing you new products from some old traditions taught to them by their parents in the skill of weaving America’s favorite terry / candlewick and matelasse bedspreads from Maine Heritage Weavers.

Our newest addition to The Trendy Bed is our partnership with Taylor Linens here in Southern California.   We feel we have found a quality of bedding that will last for years, if not generations with their beautiful Quilts,  Duvet Covers, Shams, Sheets, and Bed Skirts.

White Laura's Quilt

Hope you enjoy the new look of The Trendy Bed along with our new products,  keep coming back as I am always working to bring you new products and new ideas.


Cathy Campbell


The Trendy Bed offers Free Shipping


Good Morning,

As of February 1st  The Trendy Bed will be Free Shipping within the Continent of The United States.

In making it easier for the customer to shop, no hidden fees,  no drop ship fees, and no shipping fees.  (Within the Continental USA, UPS Ground only.)

California residents will still have the State Sales Tax (I can’t take that away!)

I have another surprise for you… we have a new product…. and it’s not a SOLID color.   The Trendy Bed has added a printed product,   and here it is….

Taupe and Black

You are invited to experience the comfort, luxury, and softness of our new Luxurious Bloomingdale Bedding.  Silky soft made from 100% Egyptian Cotton, quality linens like this one are available only at selected Five Star Hotels.    The beauty of this 9 piece Bed In A Bag  is that you get one set with two looks.   The back colors of the duvet cover and shams are the opposite print of the front… so by turning the duvet cover and shams over, you will get a new look in 10 seconds.

This 9 piece ensemble includes:  Duvet Cover, Pillow Shams, Euro Shams, Fitted Sheet, Pillow Cases, and a Down Alternative comforter.  The Bloomingdale Bedding comes in five different 2-tone color combinations:  Taupe & Black,  Navy & White,  White & Black,  Chocolate & Blue, and Blush & Chocolate.

I have done other articles on the benefits of these ensembles, check out Trendy Bed In A Bag  as to why these are cost effective and trendy!

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A Trendy Guest Room – Cottage Style

Guest room cottage style

I’ve been posting some great guest room pictures to give you ideas for your own guest room.  Granted some of them have been very nice, like the picture above designed by Betsy Speert,  with those beautiful falling valances BUT you don’t have to go to this extreme.    I hope I have sparked an interest in you to take some time and give your guest room a little  “T.L.C.” especially if you will be receiving guest this holiday season.

Whether it’s your Parents, In-Laws,  family member or friend,  show them the welcome that will make them want to come back for more.   Making them feel welcome could be the one gift that they remember most!

At The Trendy Bed we can help you with all your bedding needs.   Maybe all you need to dress up your guest room is a new bed skirt,  or maybe a nice new crisp sheet set in a new color is what will brighten up your guest room.

Making your guest feel welcome with a comfy bed dressed in a plump duvet and crisp sateen or bamboo sheets that are silky soft to the touch;  or you may like the all-white bedding, it conveys hotel-style luxury.

A tray of treats and fresh flowers from your garden are an especially thoughtful touch.

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A Trendy Guest Retreat…

Guest Bedroom Away from Home

With the Holiday season upon us you may be expecting guest at your home,  at The Trendy Bed I enjoy bringing you great visual pictures and hopefully some good ideas.

This guest retreat  is above a detached garage that enjoys an ocean view and unfettered light.   Blue walls and blue upholstery combine with the white trim and white bedding to invoke a sea-and-sky theme.  The king size bed is dressed in white bedding with a blue duvet cover and the sofa in white denim.

When entertaining guest it is always nice to have clean, crisp bedding on the bed to make them feel welcome.  At The Trendy Bed we have a full range of bedding for you convenience;  whether your looking  for a cotton sheet set,  down comforter,  duvet cover, or that bed skirt to complete that Trendy Bed look.

A guest retreat like this becomes  a home away from home.  Make sure the bath is well stocked with all the essentials:  towels, wash cloths, soap, and toilet tissue along with small bottles of shampoo and a new tube of toothpaste.  These little extra thoughtful gestures will make any guest feel at home.

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The Trendy Bed thinks VARIETY!

Girl Carring Stack of Sheets

Think Variety – keep three sets of sheets for each bed…

When you’re stocking the linen closet, think variety.  A set of sateen or Egyptian cotton percale sheets in your preferred color scheme will keep the bed cool and comfortable in the summer.

For Winter, a flannel set provides cozy warmth.  At’s also a good idea to have three sets of sheets:  One on the bed, one in the closet, and one in the laundry.  Rotating sheets makes them last longer.

Also invest in at least two duvet covers, one for summer and one for winter.

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Trendy Cottage Style Accents

Trendy Cottage Style Bedroom 1

Neutral bedrooms are very calming, but can become boring.   To keep things updated and lively, chose standout furniture and accents. 

It’s all about accents;  In this bedroom a four poster bed with a white Duvet Cover at the foot of the bed creates drama.  Next to the bed, a dresser with a hand painted floral pattern adds interest and cottage charm.  The antique candelabras on both side of the bed  adds to the vintage feel.

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Trendy Twin Duvet Sets

Trendy Twin Duvet Sets

Trendy Twin Duvet Sets

Your Duvet cover finished the look of your bed – Quality and simplicity meet in the duvet covers from The Trendy Bed.com.

With the cooler months among us, we are now looking for warmer bedding and one way to achieve this is with a Goose Down Comforter covered with a luxurious Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover. Here at The Trendy Bed we have both for your selection and we have them for those hard to find “Twin” Bed.  Your twin bed can also have that classic, stylish look of the Queen or King bed.  Protect your investment of a Goose down comforter with one of our duvet covers and make your life easier.

With incredible quality and absolute luxury, this 450 thread count Egyptian cotton Twin solid duvet cover and king size pillow sham is sure to please anyone.

Your may match our prices, But you’ll never match our service.

Visit The Trendy Bed.com, the one site that truly specializes just on the BEDROOM!


Trendy Care for Down!

How do I care for my new down comforter?

You just made this investment on a Goose Down Comforter and you want to protect your investment.

First, when you unpack your down comforter that you just received from The Trendy Bed,  it may appear wrinkled and flat.  You can restore the natural loft by vigorously shaking or fluffing in your dryer on LOW…

You can air your new comforter OUT of direct sunlight for a day or two before using it for the first time, and every 3 to 6 months thereafter.  (Draping it across a clothes line under my back yard patio, out of the direct sun is the best way I have found to do this.)

With proper care, your down comforter will give you years of comfort.  A comforter cover (Duvet Cover) will extend its life even more.

Comforter Cleaning:  The Trendy Bed recommends to have your down comforter professionally dry cleaned.

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Trendy Spotting!

Orange bedding is cropping up all over lately.  Here’s how to gradually work this brave hue onto your bed.

1.  If you add just one colorful item to your bedding, let it be an orange throw.  You can be brave and add an ethnic textile of some kind, or it could be just a solid throw.

2.  For more color, add a duvet cover or comforter on which orange is the major player.  Keep the rest of your bedding white to play it safe.

3.  Build on the duvet cover with matching shams and throw pillows in an accent color or two.  The white sheets stay in place.

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Duvet Cover Buying Guide, Part II

Satin Duvet Cover

Satin Duvet Cover

The Best Closures:

Duvet covers are usually fastened across the open end with buttons, snaps, ties, hoot-n-loop strips or a zipper.  This makes the covers easy to remove for washing.  Look for duvet covers with a quality zipper, strong snaps, color matched hoot-n-loop strips or buttons that are sewn tightly and reinforced at the stitching.  Make sure that the buttonholes are well stitched so they won’t fray in the laundry.  These are all signs of quality and will add to the life of your duvet cover.

Duvet Cover Fabrics:

Fabric preferences are different for everyone.  Some of the fabrics used in duvets are:

    Cotton:  Cotton is the most common material for duvet covers.  Cotton can be made into limitless patterns and textures.  It is easily dyed, easy to dare for, soft and has great breath ability.

    Blends:  Cotton-polyester combines the best of natural and synthetic fibers.  These blends – durable polyesters with soft, breathable cottons – are ideal for easy care, no iron bedding.

    Satin: Satin is luxurious, soft and ofter washable.  Satin will take vibrant dyes in the most gorgeous colors and is an elegant duvet cover choice.

    Faux suede:  Faux suede is usually a polyester fabric which feels and looks like the real suede.  Being imitation, it is more affordable and easier to clean than real suede, and it comes in hundreds of colors.

    Velvet:  Most velvets are polyester blends and washable.  This heavier look in a duvet cover may be better for the cooler months.

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