Color in The Bedroom

Color Makes The Bedroom Go Round…

I was looking at my Better Homes and Garden and I came across this picture and I just had to share…

Frame your Bed

How to make a statement that says “WOW”…   And talk about easy…  Soft lavender paint frames the bed and that is framed with a  deeper shade of Lavender that says “Look at ME”!

The white headboard just pops against that soft lavender and the bedding is made with shades of Lavender, Purple, and Black.    Those black side tables really bring out the black in the duvet cover.

This idea can be done in any color to liven up the dullest of rooms, try shades of Turquoise and Teal,  Pink and Coral,  let your imagination run away and remember:  Have fun, color makes the world go round.

Drama!!!  Do you want a Dash of Drama in the Bedroom?

Trendy with a little Drama

This striking black headboard and chandelier demand attention from one’s eye and brings deliberate drama to this sky blue backdrop.

To add additional spice mix elaborate bedding patterns with feminine touches of red or magenta.

These looks can easily be duplicated and by adding your own flair for design, make them your own.

Hope you enjoyed these two decorating ideas, and please add your comments and idea and share them with other readers.




My Happy Place…

Creating Your Happy Space

I’m not sure if it’s the Holidays, or our busy schedules but it is becoming more important to us to have what I call “My Happy Place”.

I had a customer email me just this week and she is a writer – photographer and had a commercial office space and decided at her age she wanted a home office now.    She called her space her “Scared Space” and she was asking for some advise and my opinion on a Daybed that she had just added to her room.

Another “Happy Place” could be a great place to read a good book,  watch the snow falling, or a good rain storm,  watching the kids play outside without them knowing.  My vision of this space is a great window seat.

And when I was a Child I remember my Mother saying  “Calgon Take Me A Way” this was her way of wishing for her Happy Place – The Bath Tub…

And to one Mother her  “Happy Place”  is on  a Sunday  afternoon,  her 3-year old son has his trains and blocks spread out, and she and her  husband are reading the paper and drinking their favorite cup of coffee.   It’s  “My Happy Place”  because I’m with the ones I love most and this space is who we are as a family.

And my last “My Happy Place” is a beautiful Bedroom.  I have always had a thing for Bedrooms,  I like them to be inviting, and romantic but not over the top!   Here is one of my favorite pictures of Beautiful Bedrooms.

I hope you all have “Your Happy Place” and I welcome you to share them with me and my readers.

Here’s to YOU, and 2010 and wishing only the best for you in 2011;    Make Your Home…

Happy New Year…   and be Safe!