Interior Decorating Tips – The Mud Room

The 21st Century Mud Room

Before we look at today’s mud room, lets look at the history of the Mud Room.   Farm and manor houses had a back room or porch where farmers would deposit their soiled clothes and boots and wash up at a pump before entering the main house.


Farm House Rear Mud Room

This is a perfect example of a farm house with the mud room attached to the back of the home.

In the late 1970′s, the laundry room moved up from the basement and the mud room/laundry room combination became the logical transition from the outside into the home.


Combination Mud Room/Laundry Room

The disadvantage to this arrangement was the obvious conflict between outside dirt and the need for cleanliness with the wash.  Today, the laundry rooms are usually separated from the mudroom and are built closer to the bedrooms.   This ideal has been well received by homeowners especially in two story or split-level  homes, or even in the larger single story home.


Family Mud Room

Ideally, today’s mudroom should serve as an entrance to the house from both the garage (if attached) and the rear of the house.   A well-designed mudroom serves as a great place for backpacks,  sports equipment,  purse,  car keys,  jackets, umbrella’s, brief cases,  boots, sneakers, beach bag, and more.


Mud Room and Family Pet

This keeps the clutter out of the kitchen and helps keep busy families better organized.  This is also a great place to hang a bulletin board with game schedules, or a chalk board to write short reminders to other family members.


Family Mud Room

Mudrooms can accommodate such things as hooks, hangers, storage cabinets, walk in closets, locker size cubbyholes, shoe racks, umbrella stand,  and built in desks.

Use Overhead Space

Keeping Family Organized

Mudrooms may even serve as a dog kennel when the family is away from the home.


Better Homes and Garden Mub Room

The mudroom should be where the FAMILY entrance to the home is, not at your front door where you receive your guest.

Impress Your Guests

Front Entrance

Where mudrooms are for the family and located at the back of the home, it’s a smart idea to have some accommodations at your front entrance as well.   This entry features a cozy recessed niche that offers a place for you or your guest to drop off a bag, purse, or briefcase and ample room for coats.

Mudroom Addition

Mud Room Addition

If your entry space is in short supply and you’re tired of entry turmoil, consider a mudroom addition to accommodate your family’s needs.  Here an addition provides just enough space for a mudroom to serve a full house.  Hooks hold purses, coats, and hats while a storage bench conceals winter-weather accessories. Reliable tile flooring makes cleanup easy.

Let us help you turn your home…


Cathy C


Decorating Ideas For The Home

Decorating Challenges for your Bed, Bath, and Living Room.

Today’s challenge #1: Do you have too much jewelry?  Or is it you just don’t have enough room in your jewelry box, does it look like this?


Today’s solution #1:    Turn your tangled jewelry into artwork.   Use shadow boxes or frames to group pieces of your jewelry together to create great works of art, and when you want to wear it you open up the shadow box and put it on!

Wall Art

Not only will your bed room walls sparkle with color, but you may find out that you actually wear your unique pieces more often because you see them on a regular basis.     Doing this will free up your jewelry box for your  “better” jewelry to be placed in a safe place.

Today’s challenge #2: No Towel Rack

Wine Towel Rack

Today’s solution #2:   In this picture they are using a wine rack to place rolled towels on,  not only are the towels easy to reach, but they are an instant decoration.

basket-2-rt1Another look is a big decorative basket full of colorful towels.

Bath room towel racks 004

What I personally use is a Comforter Rack and I hang our bath towels and our hand towels, makes for a perfect towel rack when you don’t want to drill holes in the wall paper.

Today’s challenge #3: No Focal point in the room.

Boring living room

Today’s Solution #3:    If your room is lacking a built in focal point such as a fireplace,  or built in entertainment center one needs to be created.

Focused Design

In this picture they hung a large size mirror on the wall, and paired it up with two wall mounted swing arm lamps and a table below to create a point of interest on the far wall.    This gives a place  for the eyes to focus on first when you first walk into the room, and it also added height and definition to this room.

Another great decorating tip is in hanging a mirror in a smaller room will always make the room appear larger, and with mounting the two lamps on the wall will give the room light without taking up floor space.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenges having to do with your Bed, Bath, and Home;   I hope I have helped you in making your home….


Cathy C


Living Room Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #3:  Furniture lines every wall!

Today we will be looking at Living Rooms and how to make intimate groupings that encourage conversation.

Trendy Indoor Living Room Decorating

Living Room #1

This is a large beautiful Living room but is the furniture spread too far apart?  Can you reach the coffee table sitting on the sofa or chair?

Living Room Decorating Tips

Living Room #2

In this Large Living room they actually made two intimate groupings,  two identical sofa’s are lined up back to back with a sofa table between them to add height and separation between the two groupings.

Trendy Living Room

Living Room #3

In this living room you get a nice  close and Personal feeling,   nobody likes a wallflower, especially when it comes to furniture.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room #4

Moving the furniture away from the wall and making an intimate grouping will actually make your room seem larger.

Sofas Living Room

Living Room #5

In the United States, sometimes the living room is reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining while a separate recreation room or family room is used for more casual activities.

Decorative Living Room with Fire Place

Living Room #6

In most of these groupings they have something in common, two matching sofa’s facing each other with a coffee table in between to support the beverage and light snacks.

Small Living Room Design

Living Room #7

This last picture is a living room in a  Condominium or Townhouse where the rooms are not as large or defined as in your standard house,  but as you see they have created a very nice, intimate area for two people to enjoy a conversation and the ambiance of the fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge of creating a more personal,  intimate space in the Living Room and have helped you in making your home….

The Trendy Home You've Always Dreamed Of


Build-Ins Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #2: Blank Build-ins

Bland Built In

Bland Built In

To be honest with you this is an example of beautiful workmanship -  I sincerely hope this picture was posted before they were done, but for this blog this is a sample of a bland built in.

Add texture and Color

Add texture and Color

Add punch to a window seat or built in by adding texture and color.   Add your cushion and decorative pillows to give you your texture and comfort and top it off by a colorful throw.

Bedroom Window Seat

Bedroom Window Seat

What color do I choose for my throw?

Window Seat 3

Window Seat

Look for a predominant color on the dust jackets or spines of the books in your shelving and repeat it in your throw.

Window Seat

Window Seat

As attractive as window seats are, only a few older homes with deep dormers seem to have them.

window seat 7

Kitchen Window Seat

As we have seen in these pictures by adding texture and color the space demands attention, and is a beautiful addition to any room in your home.


Show house Window Seat

If you have a beautiful window seat,  built-in,  or just a boring corner in your home add a touch of color to splash it up.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog today and I hope I have helped you in making your home…..


Cathy C


Window Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #1:  Low Ceilings

I can across some really cool tips for almost every room in your home, most of them are very inexpensive decorating tips that can generate a complete new mood to any room.

Thank you Better Homes and Garden for all your great ideals.

You have low ceilings in your home and you would like to generate a little height in your room.

Low Ceilings

Low Ceilings

Solution:  Make a room seem taller by installing the curtain rod ABOVE the window frame.  Draperies should graze the bottom of the window sill OR on the floor like the next picture.

Create elegance with length

Create elegance with length

You can also create Height and Elegance with length – in this picture they hung the decorative curtain rod above the window to take your eyes up,  and then down with the long drapes to the floor giving the room a high ceiling effect.

Cornice Box

Cornice Box

If you do not necessary like that look but you want to create height to your room you can make a Cornice Box to conceal your window hardware and give it a much needed face lift.   These cornice box’s can be made out of plywood and crown molding like the one above, or just plywood and be covered by matching fabric.  This little tip can be used in every room in your home.

Elegant Cornice Top

Elegant Cornice Top

In this Dinning Room they covered the Cornice Box’s with matching drapery fabric and fringe to create a very Formal and Elegant look;   they also installed  chair rail and wainscoting in this room that will also keep your eyes busy giving the room a much larger feel.

Hope this gave you an idea or two for the windows in your home, stay tuned for our Challenge #2

Thank you for taking the time in reading my blog and I hope they help you make your Home…thetrendyhomeBLOG-THUMBNAIL

Cathy C


Bathroom Remodeling – Interior Ideas and Tips

Trendy Bathrooms in Pastel…

When it comes to remodeling your house the Kitchen and the Bathroom are the two most popular rooms in your house.

Soft Aqua Bathroom

So, why is it that one of the smallest rooms in the house—the bathroom— can costs so much to upgrade?      This is the subject of today’s blog.  We have a little secret:   Bathroom overhauls don’t have to put the hurt on your wallet!   In fact, you can have fun adding personality and pretty touches without spending a fortune.   One good idea when remodeling or upgrading a bathroom is using wainscoting, the benefits are numerous, the look is beautiful, and you can do it your self. Here are some great bathrooms all using wainscoting, and a touch of color to brighten up the room.

Luxury in Lavender

Lavender in Luxury

Another great DIY idea is painting your bathroom,  yes the room is small and it is not the easiest to paint,  but never underestimate the power of paint!

If purple is your royal color, then this lavender bathroom exudes that same royal feeling.   The pale lavender walls,  white wainscoting,  a black sink to create some “drama”,  and a nice set of shelves to show case your bathroom accessories and beautiful towels.

Bubble Baths in Blue

Bubbles in Blue

If Baby Blue is your color, this is the bathroom for you.  Soft blue walls and creamy white wainscoting shimmer against sparkling chrome faucets and sconces.   While your upgrading your bathroom with new paint,   it’s the perfect time to upgrade those fixtures and towel racks.   When it’s all done, sit back and enjoy that bubble bath!

Goodlooking in Green

Grandeur in Green

Set at treetop level, this attic bath set in soft green walls, cool white wainscoting and white “Pegasus Versailles” sink.     Building a fake wall to hide the plumbing was also a great way to make a shelf behind the sink,  just another creative way to use the wainscoting and create a focal point in the room.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

What a beautiful Claw Foot Tub, painting the exterior black makes a beautiful statement along with pulling out the black in the floor design.   Adding the new “vintage” hardware makes it easy for daily cleansing rituals.  This black and white bath gets a shot of color from a soft pink paint color on the walls, along with the white wainscoting to give the bath a true vintage flare.

Yield in Youthful Yellow

Yield in Youthful Yellow

When I saw this yellow bathroom and reminded me of a previous blog when I said “Yellow” is the in color this year,  yellow has been very popular in home decorating this spring.

In this smaller bathroom,  they painted the upper walls in a pale yellow, lower walls in white wainscoting,  and added a new pedestal sink to give it a updated look.

Hope I inspired you to give your bathroom a face lift, or even a new color,  and turn your home into……


Cathy C


Happy Trendy Easter…DIY Decorating

I wanted to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Easter, and share some of these “Trendy” Easter ideas I found on Better Homes and Garden.

Egg Flower Cup

What a way to show your family and friends you care about them with one of these Egg Flower Cups at plate side.

How to make these:  Blown-out raw egg with small hole in top to hold individual tulip,  then prop your egg inside a silver napkin ring.   You can also use a tiny votive holder or an egg cup.

Time to do the Eggs:

Scrapebook eggs

These eggs are decorated with scrapbooking materials;  impress your kids with this idea and you all can be creative.   Pull out your stash of trims, stickers, rub-ons, and gems and let the fun begin.   Dye the eggs first, let them dry before you try to embellish them.

Trendy Easter Eggs

This super easy egg decorating is again with your scrapbooking supplies, you don’t even have to dye the eggs first!   Let the stickers give your white eggs all the flower power.  The deeply cut flower petals are easy to wrap around a egg because they cling to the curves.   These eggs are placed in little clay pots, use the pots later to plant your favorite spices.

Trendy Easter "Eraser" Decorating

This one I really liked.   Dye the eggs first, let them dry again before you start your eraser decorating.    Place some paint onto a disposable plate, dip just the end of the eraser into the paint and dot your egg.   Poke- A- Dot- Eggs, fun and simple for the whole family.  Tip:  you can also use Q-tips to make  small dots on your eggs.

"Trendy" Tootpick Egg Decorating

Here’s another great ideal that maybe the “older”  kids may enjoy.   Pour your paint on a disposable plate, picking your two color choices.   To make the petals of the flower, dip about 1/4 inch of the toothpick into the paint, then lay the toothpick down onto the egg.   Repeat making petals,  leaving a space in the middle for the center.  Using a new toothpick and a different color of paint, dip just the tip on the toothpick in the paint and dot the center two or three times.  Let the egg dry.   This can be done on white eggs or dyed eggs.

Hope you enjoyed these little tips, enjoy egg decorating with your family and have a very enjoyable Easter weekend.

Brought to you with love from Cathy @ The Trendy Home


Let’s Make your Bathroom Trendy

Trendy Tile

If you are a avid reader of my blogs, you know I LOVE color…  This is a great “Trendy” work of tile and color.  Wonder where they found that towel?

This is a great look  and still within your budget,  include a few “hand painted” or “imported” tiles along with the affordable tiles,  make a random pattern to create a very rich, and trendy look to any bathroom.    Pull out the color from those hand painted tiles and carry that color through out your bathroom.   Love the chicken lamp in the bathroom, be creative and have fun!

color my walls

A little Do-It-Your-Self painting and see how you can wake up these walls and actually create a very spa like feel to your bathroom.   Remember, when you do paint a bathroom I would suggest using mold and mildew proof primers and paints.

Vanity idea

I just loved this look,  look at that floor!   Here they took a side hutch cabinet that they were not using,   made a cut out for a drop in sink and took off the back or cut out for the plumbing to create a very beautiful and one of a kind trendy look.

Handheld sprayer

If you have a bath tub I truly feel this is a must!    Not only does it give any bathroom that “Trendy” look, but let’s look at the functionality.   Easy to rinse out your tub, your hair,  your children, and even the family pet!

Hope you enjoyed this blog on some Trendy Bathroom ideas.

Cathy C @ The Trendy Home


Lift up Your Spirits with COLOR!

Too much snow for you?

I live in Southern California and we don’t get snow here where I live (valley),  BUT I can see it all around me in the mountains and I do watch the news.   I must say we have had a lot of rain this year in Southern California and that also keeps us indoors.   That gets us to the reason of this blog – Lift up your spirits with COLOR!

We all know that color can effect your mood, I’m sure some of you have even felt it.

How does a bright, well lite room with a lot of natural light make you feel?

Bright room wit natural light

Now compare that to a dark paneled, heavy furniture,  all artificial lighting make you feel?

library alt

For me the first makes me feel light in the mood, light in the step, full of fun and action;  the second makes me feel very serious,  no laughter in my heart it’s like I’m waiting to hear bad news!

Here’s some tips to brighten up your home with color.


Blank staircase?   Your not into having your family history up the wall, that’s OK!  But make a statement, paint it in a light cheerful color to give it a personality,  it wall say “Look At Me”!

Yellow eat in kitchen

This is a perfect example how to brighten up a room with color.  They have medium to dark wood kitchen cabinets,  hardwood flooring, wood beam ceiling, and wooden blinds. All this wood and there’s nothing masculine about this room with the addition of  yellow walls, blue and white accents on the wall and fabric chairs to brighten up this everyday look.   Now, this is a place I would enjoy sitting  drinking my morning coffee watching is snowing outside.    (I know, it’s the shoveling we all look forward too!)     And by the way:  I’m originally from Pennsylvania – spent the first 24 years of my life in York, PA…

Mix and Match style

One of the easiest ways to add color to any room in your home, and the less expensive is to add colorful pillows! Mix and Match your fabrics, colors, and style.

This is my first blog under our new name  ”The Trendy Home”…  I sincerely hope you enjoy reading my blogs and taking advantage of some of the great decorating tips I bring to you – make your home “The Trendy Home”…

Enjoy, and have a GREAT day!

Cathy Campbell

The Trendy

The Trendy


Let’s go Trendy Gray…

Today’s blog is about decorating with a neutral color,  GRAY..

Do you think neutrals are boring?       When paired up with stylish furnishings and accessories, there is nothing boring about neutrals.

Gray is the ultimate neutral, it go’s along with almost ever color on the color wheel.

Trendy Gray Master Bed Room

Traditional Setting

Adding some cool orange accessories with this black poster bed really makes this room pop, nothing boring here!   Going with cream colored bedding and a gray satin duvet cover along with the cream colored shag rug pulls this room together to make a very nice traditional statement.

Trendy Modern Gray

Contemporary Setting

In this beautiful bedroom using a gray-blue hue on the walls, white molding and dark stained floors and doors are neutral complements to the gray-blue walls.   To go with the contemporary setting in this room they dressed the bed all in white bedding,  using Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover, Pillow Shams, and white sheet set.

Trend Twin Beds

Trendy Twin Beds

In this room gray is used as accents;  with the gray upholstered headboard along with the soft gray sheer curtains.  This room shows how you can really play with color bedding and create a very nice trendy bed room.

Each bed has a black pillow sham against the headboard and blue and white bedding.  At The Trendy Bed this look can easily be created by our wonderful Two-Tone Comforters.  Each bed is a mirror image, but opposite in color and style.  One can even have fun in the styles of the bedding,  one bed can be used for the “female” of the home with “ruffled” style bedding, while the other bed is in the more masculine “tailored”  style, each beautiful in design and adds a flare of character and fun to the room.

Visit The Trendy Bed, the one place for all your Trendy Bedding.

Have a great day,

Cathy Campbell