Living Room Decorating Tips – Trendy Home Challenge

Today’s Trendy Home Challenge #3:  Furniture lines every wall!

Today we will be looking at Living Rooms and how to make intimate groupings that encourage conversation.

Trendy Indoor Living Room Decorating

Living Room #1

This is a large beautiful Living room but is the furniture spread too far apart?  Can you reach the coffee table sitting on the sofa or chair?

Living Room Decorating Tips

Living Room #2

In this Large Living room they actually made two intimate groupings,  two identical sofa’s are lined up back to back with a sofa table between them to add height and separation between the two groupings.

Trendy Living Room

Living Room #3

In this living room you get a nice  close and Personal feeling,   nobody likes a wallflower, especially when it comes to furniture.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room #4

Moving the furniture away from the wall and making an intimate grouping will actually make your room seem larger.

Sofas Living Room

Living Room #5

In the United States, sometimes the living room is reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining while a separate recreation room or family room is used for more casual activities.

Decorative Living Room with Fire Place

Living Room #6

In most of these groupings they have something in common, two matching sofa’s facing each other with a coffee table in between to support the beverage and light snacks.

Small Living Room Design

Living Room #7

This last picture is a living room in a  Condominium or Townhouse where the rooms are not as large or defined as in your standard house,  but as you see they have created a very nice, intimate area for two people to enjoy a conversation and the ambiance of the fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed today’s challenge of creating a more personal,  intimate space in the Living Room and have helped you in making your home….

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