Why Go Individual Bedding?

Mix n Match

Mix n Match

Do you like to Mix and Match your bedding?     You like a larger flat sheet because your bed partner is a “sheet hog”?        You like to sleep on cotton but covered with flannel?

At The Trendy Bed you can have it your way!  By having the opportunity to purchase individual bedding can save you money, and gives you the freedom to make your bed any way you like.   I personally like to sleep on cotton sheets, but I like the feel of  flannel covering my arms keeping me warmer at night during the cooler nights.   Pillow cases and bed skirts can also be purchased separately to help you create that Trendy Bed look!

The holidays are coming and some people like to dress up there beds with a red fitted sheet and a green flat sheet.  Decorating your guest room for the holidays can be fun and it doesn’t have to be expensive.   Red and Green sheets and a nice Holiday throw pillow will make any quest feel welcome.

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Need Extra Pillow Cases?

Using your comforter to make a statment.

Bed full of Pillows

Need Extra Pillow cases?

Are you one of those people that love to have a bed full of pillows?  (I’m in this category)     I love the look and I enjoy sitting on my bed and arranging those pillows “just right” to read a good book or watch a different program than the rest of my family.  (I know a lot of you can associate with that last statement)

At The Trendy Bed.com we now give you the choice to order additional 100% Egyptian Cotton pillow cases to go along with your 100% Egyptian cotton sheet sets.  All pillow cases are sold in pairs and we have added for your selection pillow cases from 300 thread count, 550 thread count, 600 thread count, and  1000 thread count.  The selection also carries sateen finish, sateen striped, and solid cotton in up to thirteen different colors.

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Making a Trendy Bed!

Black and White Bed

Black and White Bed

Making a bed has become one of those chores that very few people bother with, but a made bed has a dramatic impact on the way a room looks and feels.

It seems to be so easy to leave your bed a mess when you wake up – my son feels this way!   After all, your only going to mess it up again latter on, right?

Here are a few simple steps to making your bed,  and making your room appear less cluttered.

First, lets start with clean sheets – Take off the used linens and put them in the laundry, you should have at least two (2) complete set of sheets for each bed.

Put the Bottom Sheet On:   Your bottom sheet should be the fitted one, simply slip the corner pockets onto the ends of the bed and adjust the fitted sheet around the perimeter of your mattress giving it a nice, taut appearance.

Add The Top Sheet: The top sheet is also called the flat sheet.  Place the top sheet evenly on the bed, and fold under with hospital corners only at the end of the bed.  I like to tuck my sides in giving it a nice clean look, but that is a personal choice.  If you want to make a good impression on your Mother-In-Law, tuck the sides in.   (What is a hospital corner:  Act like you are wrapping a package with wrapping paper, tuck in the bottom and fold the side over and then tuck under the mattress.)

Add a Blanket, Comforter, or Duvet: Smooth your choice of blanket and/or Solid Color Comforter like the picture above, smoothing the edges evenly other the top of the bed.

Add Pillows: To place pillows under the blanket, fold the top sheet down over the blanket.  Place your pillows flat on the top sheet at the head of the bed.  Fold blanket over the pillows towards the head of the bed, and smooth.  Pillows can also be laid upright against the head of the bed.  Do what makes the bed have that finished “Trendy Bed Look” that you love.

TIP:  Rotate your pillowcases twice a week, and your bottom sheet once a week.  These items get the most wear and tear.

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The Trendy Bed..

The Trendy Bed

Thanks to the people and FRIENDS at Visible.net…  The Trendy Bed now has a logo and I wanted to introduce it on my blog.

So, What is The Trendy Bed?

The Trendy Bed is an online bedding store that truly specializes on the BED!

I started out just selling bed skirts due to my own search for a bed skirt almost a year ago – that’s what gave me the idea.

It has grown to what it is today because of my customers.  They keep asking me to find them good quality merchandise to go along with the bed skirts.

I am very pleased with the Egyptian Cotton Line we carry, I personally have the 1200 thread count sheets on my bed and the Bamboo Cotton sheets are truly the best I have come across.   With living in California the Bamboo Cotton Sheets are going on soon!

I welcome you to let your fingers do the work and take a look at all the products that we have to offer at The Trendy Bed.

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Indulge in Luxurious Bedding..

Luxurious bedding

Luxurious bedding

What is it that makes luxury hotel beds so welcoming?   The Plump Pillows, the cloud like duvets, or the crisp sheets?

Bedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be luxurious, at The Trendy Bed this is our belief.   When buying bedding remember that 100% cotton sheets soften with washing and let the body breath; cotton-polyester blends wrinkle less but they are not as soft and breathable.

For top-of-the-line sheets that are durable, mostly lint-free, and luxuriously soft, look for Egyptian, or Supima cotton.  The new Bamboo Cotton sheets also have a soft texture, breathable, and Eco friendly.

Thread counts – the number of threads per square inch indicate quality: 180-320 is the common range, with 200 to 250 typical for a middle-of-the-road sheet.  Luxury sheets may have thread counts of 300 and higher.

At The Trendy Bed we carry a full line of Cotton Blend,  100% Cotton, 100% Egyptian Cotton, Superior Egyptian Percale Cotton, and the new Bamboo Cotton sheets, Comforters, Duvets,  Bed Skirts,  Pillow Shams,  Pillow Cases, and Window Treatment is selected fabrics.

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Creating a Beautiful, Trendy Bedroom..

If white or cream bedding seems to be the best option for your room, this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

Amy Embrod - Soft linen BIAB

There are some beautiful designed luxury bedding sets at The Trendy Bed that feature embroidery and triple braid design embroidery pattens, which will add interest to your room.

Windson Collection Close up


The Windsor Collection and the Ambeince Collection both include a white or cream duvet cover, sheets, pillow cases, and pillow shams.

8 piece Bed in A Bag

8 piece Bed in A Bag

The Eyelet collection in white or cream also adds a flair of romance along with the Victorian look to any room.

It’s also worth considering slightly different looks for different seasons.  Crisp white bed linen can make a room feel cooler in the summer, whereas warmer or more dramatic colors complete with a a cozy throw will make your bed look inviting in the winter months.

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What is the Trendy Magic of Egytian Cotton?

Magic of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton has become very popular for bedding in recent years.  It was though for ages that cotton was cotton and thread count was king when choosing quality sheets.  That is no longer true.  Consumer guidelines for buying bedding suggest that cotton from Egypt is superior to other cotton.  If this is true, what is the big difference?

The long staple of long fiber of Egyptian-grown cotton means that there is more continuous fiber to use when creating threads or yarns.  This yarn is smaller in diameter yet stronger than other cottons.  Smaller yarn means that more threads per square inch can be used to create stronger fabric which is light in weight yet breathes well.

Cotton grown in the Egyptian fields will also produce less lint and therefore will not pill after repeated washings as some materials do.  At one time, the only way to obtain Egyptian fiber cotton bedding was at high-end expensive store.  This is no longer true and most department stores and online bedding stores carry a great selection of Egyptian produced cotton bedding.

A word of caution regarding bedding labels:  If the package says “cotton rich” the actual amount of cotton,  whether Egyptian or other cotton,  can be a very small amount.  To protect one’s investment in bedding it is best to select products that state 100% cotton or ones that state 100% Egyptian Cotton if that is what you are seeking.

Cotton logo

The Trendy Bed has a great selection in 100% Cotton and 100% Egyptian Cotton.  We carry Egyptian cotton sheets from 300 thread count up to 1500 thread count, I truly believe everyone should be able to afford and enjoy a little taste of luxury, and sleeping on good quality sheets is one luxury we all should enjoy.

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Your Trendy Fabric choices!

A Little Taste of Luxury

When you need to purchase bedding, you must consider your fabric choices!

This is important because your bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters, and duvet covers all touch your skin.  It’s a good ideal to go for more natural fibers like linen, cotton, or blends of those. You will find that these fabrics wick away moisture, dry quickly, and are absorbent.

Like the Egyptian Bamboo Cotton sheets that The Trendy Bed carries, they are very absorbent and feel really soft too!   Pure cotton fabric feels cooler to the skin which is great for those warm summer nights.

Some people go for the Cotton Polyester Blends for their bed linens, these are more economical and tend to wrinkle less.  These blends are warmer for those who live in cooler climates or have a tendency to get cold at night.   These blends are generally not as comfortable, they have a tendency to hold onto body oils and sometimes odors, and they tend to “pill” over time.   (this means they fuzz up little balls over time)

For the best durability and softness of natural fabrics for bed linens would be pure Egyptian cotton and Pima or Supima.  What makes this cotton better?  It’s the fact that their fibers are longer than regular run of the mill cheaper, shorter fiber lower thread count cotton.    Why is this important?  If the fibers are longer and stronger, ultimately you’ll end up with stronger fabric for your bed sheets, pillow cases, comforters, and duvet covers.

These linens even get softer and more comfortable as you wash them over time.  You will be thrilled at how soft and luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton sheets can feel!!!   Pure 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets will NOT pile and you will notice almost NO link in the dryer.    Be careful and make absolutely sure you are purchasing 100% Egyptian or Pima, or Supima cotton.   It is very important that if you are spending the money for good quality sheets, you buy them through a reputable source.

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Cathy C