Trendy Bed’s “Made to Order” vs “Custom”


What is the difference between “Made to Order” and “Custom” and what does this mean for you?

The term “Made to order” describes products that are manufactured per request. These products are made with a pre-determined size and style in mind.  Each order is actually cut and produced for that individual customer.  Most companies that create made to order merchandise offer the highest quality products available.

Some consumers can be discouraged or order from a “made to order” on line companies, like The Trendy Bed because of the wait.  In reality, making a product to order not only preserves the quality of the merchandise, it prevents damage to the product, such as fading of fabrics, and ensures that the customer will receive a well made piece of merchandise.  Not to mention that, as a consumer, you can feel good about knowing that your order is especially made and packaged just for you!

The term “custom” refers to a company that will actually make a product to the discretion of the customer’s needs.  Custom work is often more costly and takes longer, but is worth the wait.    Custom work is a great way to recreate a product that has been discontinued, or no longer available retail.    Custom work is also an effective way to create an absolutely unique and original look to your room.  Most companies who offer custom work require that you contact them directly so they can provide a quote based on your individual needs.

I hope this helps in defining the difference between “Made to Order” and “Custom”,  at The Trendy Bed more than 50% of our products are “Made to Order” and most of them ship out within 10 to 15 business days.  We do offer rush shipment which actually means rush production at the textile mill and these orders will ship out within 72 business hours.   (No weekends)

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Trendy Pillow Shams

beautiful bed in goldWhat are the benefits of using a Pillow Sham?   The benefits to using a pillow sham is that is adds decoration to your bed like the picture above, but is more useful than specially purchased decorative pillow.

Often pillow shams are washable, while decorative pillows usually don’t always feature washable covers.

Additionally, unlike a decorative pillow, you can replace the pillow inside when it gets worn out without having to search for another decorative pillow that matches your bed.  The pillow sham cover will remain the same, but a new, more comfortable pillow inside will bring life back to your bed.  This is definitely a convenient feature to the pillow sham.

If you do need to replace a pillow sham, these can be purchased separately at The Trendy  You can ofter find them in simple colors and in a variety of fabrics which will still match or contrast well with other bedding.

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A Trendy American Bed….

Red - White - Blue

Red - White - Blue

The Trendy Bed is Proud To Be An American and wears it’s color’s proudly…

Have fun with those GREAT three colors…  Red, White, and Blue!!

In this picture we have a RED Cotton Blend Ruffled Bed Skirt, a 2-Tone Reversible Cotton Blend Comforter in Red and Blue, and a set of White sheets.  We finished off the bed with Red, White and Blue Cotton Blend Pillow shams.  And you can even get the window treatment to finish off your Trendy Americana Room.  And this great look can all be ordered at The Trendy

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In memory of 9-11-01….


Trendy Eyelet Canopy Bed For Your Princess..

Fairy Tales are still alive and very much part of our children’s lives, even despite the modern times we live in.  Every little girl dreams about her kingdom,  being the lovey princess and waiting for her prince Charming.

Canopy beds actually came from the olden castle days, they were used to keep varmints off the sleeping person during the dark nights, and they also helped to keep the sleeping person warm.   

Granted, your little princess doesn’t need to know where and why they were used, just that they helped to keep the Princess warm and feel secure in her chamber.

At The Trendy Bed we have white and ecru “mock” eyelet ensembles for your little princess and canopy tops are also available by special order.

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