The Trendy Bed – Making the Bed!

Sheets Attached or Fitted?

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I’m all about getting a good nights sleep these days… and my husband is a very restless sleeper. I’m one of those people that you put to bed, come back in the morning and “most of the time” it will look like I didn’t even move!   Now, I know I do… but I like sheets that don’t stick to me and sleep wear (PJ’s) that are not binding.

Where am I going with this?

All most EVERY morning I have to make the bed, and I mean “make the bed” on my husbands side due to his restless sleep habits.   I’m sure one day we’ll have separate bed’s, but I’m not there yet!   OK, you are allowed to have a good laugh,   I never thought I would EVER say that…

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The other day while making the bed,  I was wondering  if they actually make  “Fitted”  top sheets?   I never really thought of it, but like most things that are invented,  it’s usually out of necessity.  So I started talking to my suppliers and Oh My Gosh!  They do.   They even make “attached” sheets for conventional mattresses!!   I knew they made attached sheets for water beds, but I learned something new that day.

Then I asked my readers on facebook,  “If they made  “Fitted Top Sheets”  would it be something you would purchase,  AND should I add them to The Trendy Bed?”     And the response was 100% YES!       And yes, they are already on The Trendy Bed for your shopping convenience, click here.

So, needless to say I have two sets of  fitted Top Sheets coming my way,  AND I have added them as an option on our new 300 thread count “Beyond Bliss”  combed cotton sheet sets.    I have also included the option to have them attached at the bottom for those that like that idea.

The attached sheets would be very close to the Inseparable Sheets that we already carry, but those are also attached along one side for bunk beds, or a bed that are up against a wall for easy comfort and making of the bed.

Inseparable Sheets

Inseparable Sheets

I personally am looking forward to the fitted top sheets as I do like to split my sheet sets  for a totally different look to my bed.   I’ll use a gold top sheet and a burgundy fitted sheet because those are the two colors of my 2-Tone Cotton Comforter.     I’m looking forward to a good nights sleep with our new “Beyond Bliss”  sheet set, and waking up in the morning and having my sheets still on the bed.    I’ll keep everyone posted as to how they work.

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I hope you all enjoyed the little “humor” in this blog today.

Have a GREAT day, and a day with out humor is a day with out sun shine!

Cathy C


Trendy, Healthy Bedding!


When shopping for bedding there are other factors to consider other than our personal style.    Something to think about:  Most people spend a third of their lives asleep.  The bed linens you sleep in stay next to your skin for up to eight hours at a time, that is longer than we wear most clothing.   Another fact is when you sleep you perspire and breath about 2 pounds of moisture and microbes that can grow germs, dust mites and molds.

Here are some helpful hints for you to have not only a stylish, but a healthy bed.

The best fabrics that you can use are the natural ones, these will draw the moisture away from your body and will dry quickly.   At The Trendy Bed we carry a great selection in Bamboo/Egyptian Cotton Blend bedding as well as 100% Cotton / Egyptian Cotton bedding.    Cotton is the most popular mostly due to the fact that they are the easiest to care for, very durable, and the most cost effective.   One of the most popular cottons is the  Egyptian Cotton.

The most important part of healthy bedding is the proper care once you get your new bedding home.  New sheets should be washed before putting them on your bed.   It is very important to wash your bedding frequently, your bedding should be washed at least once a week and I like to change my pillow case about every 4 days.   I also use Satin Pillow Cases instead of Cotton. (that’s another blog)     With washing your bedding every week, it is greatly advised to have at least three sets of bedding.  One on your bed, one in the laundry, and one in your linen closet ready for your next changing.   Take advantage of the White Sale currently going at The Trendy Bed, it’s a great time to stock up on your bedding and those satin pillow cases.

By keeping these things in mind while making your bedding choices you can make sure that your bed will not only be stylish, but can also be a place in which you can get a healthy nights sleep.

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Trendy Bed’s having a White Sale!

Girl Carring Stack of Sheets

It’s time to STOCK UP!!!

The Trendy Bed is having it’s annual White Sale during the month of January.

What is a “White Sale”?    January White Sales are sales on linens, including sheeting, blankets, comforters, and towels as well as other bedding items. 

History of January White Sales

The tradition of this practice began back in 1878 in Philadelphia when shop merchant John Wanamaker reduced the white linens in his department.   It wasn’t until the late 1950′s that prints, as well as colored sheets were also included in this practice.

It’s time to take advantage of this old tradition and stock up,  throw out the old, and bring in the new vibrant colors in today’s market place.  

At The Trendy Bed we have a great selection of featured items on sale, check out our Cotton Blend Bed Skirts, Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Daybed Sets, Down Comforters,  and more.

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Flannel Inseparable Sheets at The Trendy Bed

Inseparable Sheet Sets

Inseparable Sheet Sets

The Trendy Bed now has Flannel Inseparable Sheet set for those cold winter nights.

The flannel inseparable sheet set is actually sewn together across the foot and up the entire wall side of the bed so the sheets are held firmly in place while you sleep, with all the comforts of flannel bedding.

Inseparable sheets are great for hard to make beds like:  Bunk Beds, Dorm room beds that are against the wall, Day beds, RV Beds,  Trailer Beds,  Kids twin beds that are against the wall, easy to make.  Even your children can make their beds all by themselves!

Think of the convenience of those Air Beds.  As easy as the bed inflates, the Inseparable Sheet Set goes on and stays one!  The queen and king sets open up so that 2 can comfortably sleep together.

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The Trendy Bed goes Deep Pocket!

Beautiful Bed in Gold

The Trendy Bed now has 21″ Deep Pocket Egyptian cotton sheet set  for your convenience.

With all the pillow top mattress that are being sold creating a need for super deep pocket fitted sheets it was just a matter of time before they would be available on the Internet.   

The Trendy Bed is pleased to announce we now have them in 100% percent Egyptian Cotton, 600 thread count in ten different solid colors, and they come in Queen, King, and California King. 

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Why Go Individual Bedding?

Mix n Match

Mix n Match

Do you like to Mix and Match your bedding?     You like a larger flat sheet because your bed partner is a “sheet hog”?        You like to sleep on cotton but covered with flannel?

At The Trendy Bed you can have it your way!  By having the opportunity to purchase individual bedding can save you money, and gives you the freedom to make your bed any way you like.   I personally like to sleep on cotton sheets, but I like the feel of  flannel covering my arms keeping me warmer at night during the cooler nights.   Pillow cases and bed skirts can also be purchased separately to help you create that Trendy Bed look!

The holidays are coming and some people like to dress up there beds with a red fitted sheet and a green flat sheet.  Decorating your guest room for the holidays can be fun and it doesn’t have to be expensive.   Red and Green sheets and a nice Holiday throw pillow will make any quest feel welcome.

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Comfort in Flannel…

Now that it’s getting colder, and the winter storms are upon us;  even in sunny California the flannel sheets are going on the bed.

At The Trendy we have a full selection of Flannel Comforters, Duvet covers, sheets, pillow shams, and even bed skirts in eight wonderful colors to choose from.

We have put together some great ensembles and even a Bed-In-A-Bag to help you put your bed together,  and the best cost effective way to buy bedding today.

You may match our prices, but you’ll never match our service.

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Trendy Nights In White Satin

Sagin Sheets

Satin Sheets

Sleeping on satin sheets is a luxurious experience! You will find that sleeping on satin eliminates the pulling and bunching that you will often find with cotton sheets. You can find this type of sheet in all sizes and colors, and the look and feel is unbeatable. Satin sheets look and feel much like silk sheets but are a bit more affordable. In fact, many people will choose satin simply because it is gentle on the hair. Below are some examples of the types of satin sheets you will find.

Bridal Satin – Of all satin qualities, this is the highest. This type of satin sheets is made form 300 denier bridal satin, and will often be embellished with an elegant lace or ribbon trim. As you lie down on your Bridal satin sheets, you will literally feel your body sink down into a bed of smooth softness. If you are interested in sending someone special an amazing gift that will never be forgotten, this would be perfect. Bridal satin is machine washable on a gentle cycle, using cold water and a mild soap such as Woolite. You can tumble dry this silk or if you prefer, hang it to dry.

You can buy them in packages that include a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two standard size pillowcases. The fitted sheets are typically made with 15-inch deep pockets or more. The entire package is gorgeous and comfortable, helping you sleep like a baby.The nice thing about satin sheets is that they are a wonderful option for everyday use. They are soft, smooth, elegant, and conform to your body. Just as satin sheets will keep you cool in the summertime, they also retain warmth, making them the perfect choice for both summer and winter. Keep in mind that if you have a mattress that is thicker than eight inches, you want to buy extra-deep satin sheets. These sheets are designed to add five inches. Additionally, you will find beautiful colors such as ivory, black, red, white, mauve, gold, sky blue, and hunter green among others.

You will fall in love with your satin sheets and before long, you will be interested in a satin duvet cover, satin bed ruffle, satin pillow shams, and a satin comforter.

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Why is Egyptian Cotton More Expensive?

Egyptian Cotton Sheets

100% Egyptian Cotton is far superior to other cotton.  Why you ask?

The long fiber or staple of Egyptian cotton means there is more continuous cotton fiber to use when creating threads of yarn. Egyptian cotton yarn is smaller in diameter but stronger than other cotton.  Smaller yarns equal more threads per square inch, which creates a stronger cotton fabric what is extremely durable in comparison with other cotton.

Egyptian cotton can withstand years of washing.  So when your receive your 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets from The Trendy Bed they may feel a bit harder than other cotton sheets at first.  However, the more your sheets are laundered they will continue to become softer with every wash.  In comparison with other cotton sheets that will begin to break down and pill over a shorter period of time, and so become less soft.   This is why Egyptian cotton sheets can last for many years and is well worth your investment, actually saving you money over the years.

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Trendy Inseparable Sheets?

These Trendy Inseparable Sheet Set is actually sewn together across the foot and up the entire wall side of the bed so the sheets are held firmly in place while you sleep.

Bunk beds are hard to make? Now make your bunk beds in a matter of seconds!  Lay the inseparable sheets on the bed, put the fitted sheet on.  The top and bottom sheets go on at the same time tucking in neatly along the wall side (there is no sheet to come un-tucked and hang down on the wall side of the top bunk).  Get up in the morning, pull the top sheet up, straight across, and the bed is made.  Even your children can made their own beds in the morning!

Let’s address those college students.  Dorm beds are difficult to make.  They are all against a wall!  With our Twin Inseparable Sheets,  students can make their beds in a matter of seconds.  Just pull the sheet up and straighten.  That’s all there is to it.

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