Is Your Bedroom Ready For Romance? Part 5

Dream Bedroom 5

Trendy Dream Bedroom #5

Welcome to part 5 and the last of the series on “Is Your Bedroom Ready For Romance?”

I have enjoyed sharing with you these beautiful dream bedrooms and my suggestions and ideas for making your bedroom the retreat it’s truly meant to be.  This Dream Bedroom is one of my favorites.  I am a big fan and I’m also a hopeless romantic of the old-fashioned romance,  and if you are too, then you could make use of the White Eyelet Bed In A Bag with the comforter, bed skirt, Pillow Shams and sheets.  This style of bedding really takes you back to 1800′s with the interesting impression it gives due to its fabric.

Dream bedroom 6

Trendy Dream Bedroom # 6

Adding to the tips, if you would like to cut down the expenses a bit, then be creative i.e. try to design the bed according to your novelty.  Try to mix chic fabrics and create your own style, it could turn out good and impress your partner.  Even if the creation does not turn out as good as one would want, then too your partner should appreciate to the fact that at least you tried to be romantic, innovative just for him/her.


Get Rid of the clutter

Dress your Bed

Create the Mood

Light The Fire (place)


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Is Your Bedroom Ready For Romance? Part 2

Dream Bedroom

Trendy Bed's Dream Bedroom #2

Welcome to Part 2 of my “Is Your Bedroom Ready For Romance?”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’m going to share with you some “Dream Bedrooms” and some ideas so you have plenty of time to create your own dream bedroom.  So let’s take a look at our own bedroom,  in Part 1 the main message was “get rid of the clutter”.

Part 2 is going to be all about the bed again, remember it is the main focal point of the room.

If it helps, think of your bed as a “diva” and just like a diva your bed will have a list of demands:

Make me comfortable. Make sure your bed is out fitted with an excellent mattress, box springs and pillows.

Make me sexy.   Choose sheets that feel good against your skin.  This is a personal choice;   you may enjoy the feel and fun of satin sheets, or the comfort and luxury you get from a great set of Egyptian Cotton Sheets,  it’s still cold outside and those Flannel Sheets are sounding very warm and inviting right about now.  Your body will feel sexy with any one of these suggestions.

Make me decadent.   Dress the bed with the plumpest duvet and pillows you can find and afford. Don’t worry, they won’t stay on the bed for long but what a first impression!

Make me, Please! Yes, it’s easier to hop right in if you never made the bed, but rumpled and used sheets just kill the mood.  Trust Me On This One!

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